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We love reading these Happy Tails stories! They make all the hard work and expense worth while! This is what rescue is all about!

#388 Lexi

Update on 04/20/2014 Lexi is doing great.  She turned 1 year old on March 27. She needed to have a second surgery in mid-February to remove the implants that were used to fix her front leg in October.  So the bad news is she had to be kept very quiet while recovering from her second surgery in 5 months.  But the good news is that she is healed and her leg is doing fantastic now! She loves to play with her toys and can play fetch with the same toy for hours if you let her. She loves to play...

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#387 Junior

 03/02/2014 Update Junior is doing great in his training class, he graduates next week. Junior's parents also work with him at home and take him daily for 3 mile long walks. He loves to play outdoors and play in the snow. He loves his “playmate, a Pomeranian. They run around together and have a ball. Junior gets along well with other dogs, children, and people. They all adore him! Junior no longer needs the crate and he is very good in the house.            ...

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#386 Hank

Adopted on 12/30/2013 Biography Hank is a handsome, 5-year, 7-month old, black and tan, male GSD.  Hank came into our program as an owner surrender and came in with Chloe.  Unfortunately, his owner could no longer keep him or Chloe due to the time both dogs need from someone and an allergy of one of the humans in the home.  He is currently living in a home with two adults, no children and no other animals.  He is a very happy dog who loves affection. Hank has quickly fallen into his routine...

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#385 Kyra

Update on 02/01/2014- Kyra is doing great Adopted on 12/22/2013 UPDATE 10/04/13 – Kyra had her recheck by the eye specialist and has received a clean bill of health.  Her eye is healed and in great condition.  Her eye will only need to be checked during her annual exams with a regular vet. Biography Kyra came from a situation that she needed to be removed from and was put into our program.  She lives in a foster home with one adult and no other animals.  Krya is an absolute love bug with a...

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#384 Lady

Adopted on 12/16/2013 Biography Lady is a very sweet, pretty, high energy and playful seven-month-old puppy who came to us from a shelter. Lady is in need of training and socialization due to the lack of it she received during her growth with her previous owner. Lady’s foster home is working on her social skills and obedience training to help her gain confidence with meeting new people and being in new environments. She has become more comfortable and relaxed in the foster home, and will do...

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#383 Tonka

Adopted on 11/17/2013 Biography Tonka is a young, handsome, black and tan long coat.  He came from a shelter, as a stray, who contacted us to see if we could help take him into our program. He is a very happy dog with a sweet, sensitive, loving and playful personality.  His energy level is medium to high and all he wants to do is play, play, play.  Indoors, he likes to chew on his Nylabone, Wubba, and tennis balls.  Outdoors, he loves to take walks, chase his foster brother in the yard, and...

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#381 Tia (now Saphira)

Adopted on 10/28/2013 Biography Tia is a beautiful, nine-month old, black and tan GSD.  She is very sweet and friendly with people.  She enjoys being hugged by her foster home people.  She barks at strange dogs, but if properly introduced she is fine.  The foster home is working on her social skills and obedience training as she did not seem to have any, but she was crate trained and house broken before arriving in our program.  She is in a home with two adults, one male GSD and several...

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#379 Duke

Adopted on 9/9/2013 Update on 08/01/2013 Duke was moved to a new foster home to work on continued training as he was taking over in the home.  In his new foster home, he is living with two adults; one male GSD and one male Rottweiler.  He is very sweet and loving in the home.  He will give you kisses and gladly roll over for belly rubs.  He likes to hang out with you in the house and lie at your feet, or on one of the dog beds nearby.  He really enjoys being outside especially if he has a...

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#377 Ebony

Adopted on 07/31/2013 Biography Ebony is a beautiful, black Shepherd who needs a person/people of her own. She is a happy, well-behaved dog with low to medium energy. She is crate trained, but really does not care for her crate. She will howl for a couple of minutes, but settle right down. She likes to play fetch, go for walks, and go for car rides, but her favorite thing to do is to be with you. If you are watching TV, she will lie down at your feet, or on one of the many dog beds in the...

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#375 Logan

Look who is 2 today !!!!!! Logan enjoyed his steak once cooked on the grill and had a bone for dessert.             Adopted on 06/14/2013 Biography Logan is a gorgeous, large, young, neutered, male GSD. He came into our program from a shelter asking for our help. He was given up to the shelter by someone who doesn’t know the breed or knows how to care for a young, very active and confused pup. He is being fostered in a home with two human adults (no children),...

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