If you’ve adopted a GSRNE rescue dog and would like to have their information included here, please email us at happytails@gsrne.org! If you’ve already sent in a story and pictures, but don’t see it appear here within a few days, please email us again to be sure we received it!

We love reading these Happy Tails stories! They make all the hard work and expense worth while! This is what rescue is all about!

#355 Maxwell

Update: December 24, 2012 We decided to go with Max's original name of Maxwell and have been calling him that.  Maxwell is doing so good and we couldn’t have asked for a better dog.  He fits in perfect in our home and is so well behaved.  He just passed his obedience class this past Saturday and is doing wonderful.  We have signed up for another group class and plan to further his training.  Bob White of B&B training is wonderful and Maxwell loves him. Happy Holidays Lauren, Kodie and...

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#323 Eli

Eli GSRNE #323 Adopted on January 13, 2012 My family (husband, 12 year-old son and 9.5 year-old daughter) and I, adopted Eli one year ago. During this time he has become an integral part of our family. But let me back up and tell you a bit of our story. At the time we first met Eli he was nearly 7 months old. We were all struck with his beauty and size of his enormous ears. After spending some time with him, it was clear how intelligent he was and how eager to play and to please his foster...

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#260 Dadamine

Dadamine GSRNE #260 Adopted on May 8, 2009 Dadamine came to us as an owner surrender, along with two other males, Cyrus and Blitz. Although the owner loved the dogs, especially Dadamine, and provided a huge fenced-in yard for them, he was overwhelmed with taking care of them. He wanted to insure that they would be well cared for and so GSRNE took "Dad" (and the others) into foster care where they did very well. Those of you who made it to the auction, met "Dad" when he made an appearance to...

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#235 Max

Max GSRNE #235 Adopted on June 8, 2008 When we applied to adopt from GSRNE rescue three years ago, little did we realize it would change our lives. After passing the "tests" for adoption (my sister said it was easier to adopt a child), we waited for our perfect match to come along. I was constantly on the web site looking for new adoptees and hoping one of them would be ours. Finally the call we waited for: Laurie Keating called with an offer, but he just didn't sound like the right dog for...

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#223 Kaizur

Kaizur (was Niklas) GSRNE #223 Adopted on January 26, 2008 We were devastated after the death of our six month old Shepard Sheba. We were a bit apprehensive about getting another dog as our hearts were broken and we were not sure if we should perhaps wait. Our daughter Becca came across GSRNE while searching the internet. We spoke about it as a family and decided we were ready to try again. We soon heard from Laurie Keating and she started the process. We were very excited to learn about...

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#220 Riley II

Riley II GSRNE #220 Adopted   Riley is a grand guy....He settled in quite fast, met friends and a few of their dogs without any real problems. He has his bed in our bedroom and a blanket in the living room...seems he loves the warmth from the wood stove last winter. Riley stays with me in the yard, but does sneak off now and then through the wood about 150 feet to the neighbors house to play with Jack their black lab, then they both come back ....wanting cookies! His first camping trip was...

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#172 Leo

Leo (was Micah) GSRNE #172 Adopted in February 2005 In 2002 we lost our 7-year old Shepherd, Keisar, to Bloat which affects many large breed dogs. I remember crying for months and thinking I could never have a dog again. After about a year we started thinking about getting another Shepherd. I talked to my husband, and we both agreed to get another dog. My friend told me to check out the German Shepherd Rescue website and I did. I called them and was informed that we could not adopt a dog...

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#159 Ina

Ina GSRNE #159 Adopted    We are so grateful that we have had this opportunity to rescue Ina. We walk her 6 miles a day in beautiful woods, cook her three fresh organic meals a day, give her birthday parties, wonderful vacations, and sit on the couch with her snuggled up to us with her head on our lap. Thank you so much for your blessing; it is our blessing to have Ina in our lives.   Here are some more pics of our wonderful, sweet, happy girl, Tai and...

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#136 Tiki

Tiki GSRNE #136 Adopted on January 17, 2003   My husband and I have recently adopted a wonderful dog named Tiki. We had looked into adoption from GSRNE after losing the second of our two beloved dogs (one a German Shepherd mix and the other a German Shepherd) last summer. We both love the breed but also really liked the idea of adopting a dog that needed a home so GSRNE was the perfect answer! We were very excited when the call came and arrangements were made to visit a dog that was a...

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#130 Wren

Wren GSRNE #130 Adopted on July 29, 2002 I adopted Wren in August and it was HOT! Wren decided she liked her air conditioned rooms and would only go out quickly and then wanted back into the lovely cool air. She loves the air-conditioned rooms and I love to spoil her. Wren and I go out for our walks every night, play in doors with her toys and we go for coffee at night. She just loves to go for rides. Wren and my dad are getting along so well! Dad loves to have her around...he calls her his...

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