How can I support GSRNE?

GSRNE is always looking for people to help support our cause in any way that they can! We understand that not everyone can support in one particular way, which is why we have SIX different ways you can support us!


  • DONATE – Donating any amount you can goes directly do the rescue dogs we help. The donation you make is not only tax-deductible to the extent allowed by IRS regulations, but also helps fund a rescue dog’s medical bills, care, and much more!
  • BECOME A MEMBER – Becoming a member is a tax-deductible donation you can do once a year that give you benefits, such as an open invitation to all GSRNE social & fundraising events, a subscription to our newsletter, and more. The biggest benefit is knowing that your donation is helping a German Shepherd in need!
  • FOSTER – The number of dogs that we can save depends on the number of foster homes we have. Becoming a foster home for one of our rescue dogs can be one of the most rewarding activities to be involved in!
  • BUDDY PROGRAM – Fallen in love with one of our dogs, but are unable to adopt them yourself? Becoming a Buddy to one of our rescue dogs means you’re providing them support by donating money, food, and/or supplies that they can enjoy! It’s one step closer for them to get the fresh start that they deserve!
  • VOLUNTEER – Like most animal rescues, we’re an all-volunteer runned rescue and that’s how we’re able to operate successfully! Volunteering a little bit of your time can go a long way to help our rescue dogs in need!
  • EVENTS – Do you know of an event that GSRNE should be represented at? Do you want to learn more about GSRNE and want to physically talk to someone? We have virtual and physical events all year and would love to have you!

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