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We love reading these Happy Tails stories! They make all the hard work and expense worth while! This is what rescue is all about!

#437 Baby / Ava

Adopted: Jan. 1, 2016 Age: 1 yr.4 months (DOB 8/15/14) Click to View More Images. Password: Ava   Update April 16, 2016: Ava has discovered that balls are fun to chase, and that a leash is good, because when it gets attached she goes on adventures! Ava also loves to learn new things because she has discovered she likes getting rewarded with treats too! Her favorite trick is to ring a bell by the door when she wants to go out, and she does not hesitate to use it if she thinks we aren’t...

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#435 Kayla

Adopted: Nov. 1, 2015 age at adoption: 1 yr 8 months (DOB 2/1/14) Click to View More Photos Password: Kayla   Update: May 19, 2016 Thank you for all the great work you organization does and most of all for bringing Kayla into our life. Have a great summer.               Kayla's original write-up:  Life was pretty good for this young female for her first 15 months; her owner spent time with her and arranged for sessions at doggie day care while he was...

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#434 Titan

    Adopted: Sept 21, 2015 AGE: 1 yr. 5 month Click for more photos Password: Titan   UPDATE 02/21/2016 Titan and Greta are best friends and love to snuggle together!!         UPDATE 8/30/2015:   Titan has been checked from stem to stern.  Tests showed that he may need enzymes and a special diet in the future.  He’s holding his own in all other areas.  We are grateful to our supporters for donating the means to take care of him. Also thank you to his foster...

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#431Holly and #432 Mushroom/Wylie

Holly Adopted: Oct. 21, 2015 at age 7 Mushroom  / Wylie Adopted: Oct. 21, 2015 at 4 yrs (DOB 4/25/11) click to view more photos Password: Mushy Update on 6/24/2016: Here is Holly's and Wylie's update from their mom- Wylie has continued to show improvement (baby steps) with his fear of my being part of the family. He jumps up on the bed each morning, kisses me, lets me rub his ears and pet him. Of course, he still prefers Todd, but at least I’m not getting such a panicked reaction. We signed...

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#422 Magic/Gretchen

Update on 12/23/2016 Gretchen mom says: "We have had a wonderful year with her.  She has had lots of fun from enjoying doggie ice cream, going to the beach, camping and climbing on rocks in the river. She also loves to snuggle with our cat.  They get along wonderfully.  She amazes us every day with her very vocal and quirky personality.  She loves walk, rides in the car.  Say the word "ride" and she is waiting by the door talking to us.  I actually said to my husband this morning, I can not...

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#420 Tucker

Adoption: DEC 15, 2015 Age at adoption: 1 year 7 months (DOB 5/15/14) Click for more photos of Tucker Password: Tucker   Update on 08/04/2019: Tucker is doing great. He even has a new baby sister kitty. He sometimes gets a little jealous but never tries to hurt her. We acclimated them slowly & in stages. (Petey kitty passed a few yrs back, 19 + yrs old ): Tucker did put on a few pounds, but w/ some reduced calories he's looking pretty good. Even Dr Norelli is happy. Tucker takes good...

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#416 Campy / Champ

Adopted: March 5, 2016 at age Age at adoption: 4 yrs 10 months   DOB 5/12/12 Click for more photos of Champ Password: Campy Update on 07/23/2016: Champ has adjusted well and fast.He has an outside ball he grabs the second he goes out and drops it at back door when coming in. He follows his dad and sister every where and loves playing bally. I had my first party with him here on July 4th and he was great. There were about 30-35 people. He would go up and get a pat on head then try and get...

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#413 Max

Update on 09/02/2015: Max goes to his Mom's work place with his four-legged buddy, Brownie, on Thursdays and usually the 2 other dogs (besides the french bulldog) are there for them to play with.  He is still about 70 lbs.  He hasn’t gained much since after he has gone to his forever home because he is so active that anything he eats he burns off. Biography Max has a social personality and an energetic and happy disposition; but when he first arrived in his foster home, he seemed to be...

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#408 Greta

Update on 02/16/2016 Greta (GSRNE #408) and Titan (GSRNE# 434) have become best buddies and they love to snuggle with each other.  Adopted on 2/12/2015 Biography Greta is a smart, spunky, sassy, super playful and active puppy who loves exploring new things with her family. She came into our program when she was only 10 weeks old and had been left at a shelter. She is currently living in a foster home that has an adult male and an adult female German Shepherd who are helping her learn the...

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#407 Koda

Adopted: Jan. 12, 2015  Age: 4 years old Click for more photos password: Koda   Update on 06/07/2015 Koda has settled right in here with his "sister" Morgan and myself. We walk daily in the park, play ball in the afternoons   He loves to go on little road trips.  He has gained some weight. Koda was recently diagnosed with Metatarsal fistula of both back feet, an uncommon disorder,  he has been on antibiotics and Vit E.  Thankfully, it seems to be under control at this time..  It...

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