If you’ve adopted a GSRNE rescue dog and would like to have their information included here, please email us at happytails@gsrne.org! If you’ve already sent in a story and pictures, but don’t see it appear here within a few days, please email us again to be sure we received it!

We love reading these Happy Tails stories! They make all the hard work and expense worth while! This is what rescue is all about!

#374 Ricca (now Angus)

Update on 06/27/2015 Here is what Angus's mom has to say about Angus- "We adore him and he has filled out and become quite the handsome dude.  His confidence has grown and recently at a graduation party he allowed strange men to say hello, and pet him.  :o)  sweet boy."           Update on 03/16/2014 Angus's mom says "Angus is doing awesome!!  He is a great dog and loves his family-very attached to us! He enjoys playing with Eva and going on hikes in the woods with...

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#373 Dixie

Adopted on 6/13/2013 Biography Dixie is 11-12 weeks old puppy.  She is a pretty girl but has a shorter tail as something happened to her before we got her.  Possibly the mother chewed off part of her tail thinking it was the umbilical cord.  She is very sweet and friendly.  She currently has hookworms and is being treated for them.  She also has a hernia, which will be taken care of when she is spayed at 6 mos.   She has been in 2 other homes before we took her in and placed her with the...

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#372 Kelsa

Kelsa celebrated her first birthday on 2/12/2014 at at Hanover, MA Petco Adopted on 06/13/2013 Biography The first thing most people notice about Kelsa are her eyes; she looks right at you with a direct and confident gaze.  She’s a happy dog and wants to investigate and explore everything in her surroundings.  This  could get her into trouble, though, so you have to be vigilant and quick to remove anything from her mouth that could be harmful if she were to swallow it.  Kelsa will pick up a...

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#370 Gemma

  Update on 06/15/2015 This is what Gemma's mom has to say about Gemma- "It has been a busy but great year for Gemma girl! Despite the cold and long winter, Gemma had fun taking walks across the frozen lake-exploring new areas and even managing to set the pace during some very deep snow shoe adventures! Not unlike the rest of us, Gemma came to life with the first signs of spring. Frolicking the trails and chasing whatever wildlife she could sniff out. She loves spending time outdoors...

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#369 Madison (Maddie)

Adopted on 4/27/2013 Biography Madison is a super sweet and friendly girl. Her first reaction to new dogs is bark and hackles up, but she warms right up and is friendly wanting to play with the dogs. She knows how to sit, is crate trained (previous owner said), but needs a lot of training as she pulls on the leash and jumps on people. I wanted to take her home. She has a nice, prancey gait, left ear flops, and her front paws look like they turn out a bit, but she is...

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#368 Addie

Adopted on 04/27/2013 Biography Addie loves to play and chewing on toys is one of her favorite activities. She enjoys being outside and running around in the yard. She’s learning fetch and every day is a new adventure. At first she wasn’t sure about going for car rides but has slowly come to like them, sitting and watching the world go by. Her house manners still need some work but she’s a quick learner. She’s a typical puppy and has been known to chew papers and steal the occasional shoe....

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#367 Touser

Adopted on 4/12/2013 Biography This handsome boy was turned into a shelter after his family felt too overwhelmed to care for him along with their young children. Realizing what a wonderful dog Touser was, the shelter called GSRNE for help. At only 5 years old Touser is still energetic and loves to play fetch. His ideal play date would involve someone throwing a ball for him for hours on end! He rides great in the car, likes going on errands, and enjoys going to the dog park. Wherever he...

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#366 West

Adopted on 2/24/2013 Biography West has the typical rescue story of an abandoned starving dog who was picked up by animal control and then quietly passed over at the shelter. On top of the malnutrition, he needed to be shaved while undergoing treatment for flea dermatitis, survived acute bloat and neutering surgery, and developed a very painful ear infection all in a very short period of time. One would think this poor guy would be a little mad by now, but in fact, he’s quite the opposite....

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#365 Zeus

Adopted on 2/8/2012. Biography Zeus is a 10-month old black and tan male. He is a super sweet, friendly guy and likes to play. He needs “all” training—pulls on leash, when excited and wants to get to something, likes to counter surf, jump on people and furniture---new to a crate. He likes new people, interest in new dogs, kids…Sorry Jill, not sure about cats. He came from a shelter as an owner-surrender dog. He is going to be a super GSD for someone, especially once he is trained...

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#356 Maddie

Update on 01/01/2014 Maddie is doing very well. She is taking several items to improve digestion. She has put on weight and is now down to two meals per day versus three. She has no other medical problems at this time. She is very well trained. She is good with children and adults when properly introduced and warms up to them. She has very good manners and does not need to be in a training class, they think she must have been already trained as they are very pleased with her. Their 11 year...

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