GSRNE sometimes gets asked to help a German Shepherd, that we can’t bring into our rescue. It could be that GSRNE is full and has no foster homes available or we have not been able to see the dog yet to evaluate it. So, we try to help the shelters and the dogs by telling people, like you, about them. If a dog is at a shelter and you want more information about it, please call the appropriate shelter that’s provided.

We have not temperament tested or evaluated the dogs on this page. Some of these dogs have a very short time to live, due to overcrowding at shelters or the dog falling apart mentally/emotionally. If you are interested in one, please call about these dogs right away, and please mention that you saw info about the dog on the GSRNE website. Thanks!

Note: ALWAYS call first and ask if a shelter dog is still available. Shelters often do not update us when dogs are adopted or euthanized so listings here can be out of date until we find out. Please let the shelter know that you saw the dog on GSRNE’s website.

And if you adopt a dog that you saw here, we’d love to hear from you! These are dogs we wish we could help and it would be wonderful to know how they are doing. Let us know if it’s okay to put your story of adopting the dog here on the site and on our Facebook page as everyone loves a happy ending! Email to share your story with us!


Miss Flower has been busy learning new tricks and cues to impress her future family. She has a natural aptitude for learning new behaviors and it helps her bond with staff and any volunteers visiting her. Here she is quickly aceing “through” the training hoop and is having a blast with Animal Care Associate Jackie.

Flower is a 6-month-old, beautiful shepherd mix who could do well in a home with an existing adult dog. She loves to play ball, take walks, and enjoys enrichment puzzles. If you’re looking for a devoted companion to have some fun teaching new tricks and agility, Flower has a lot of potential!

Call 508-825-2287 EXT 1 for more information about her or apply online��


Niko is a wonderful gentleman searching for a family. This boy is almost 5 years old, so he knows a lot of tricks! He’s got the basics down of course (going potty, walking on leash, playing fetch) but he also knows fun tricks like sit, speak, paw, and down! And Niko loves to show you his tricks (for the price of a yummy treat).

This boy would be happiest in a home with adults only. We’re not sure how he would feel about sharing his home with another dog at this time. 

All Niko wants is a family to call his own. He is so loyal and smart and makes the best companion. He enjoys spending time playing chase/fetch (especially with his favorite soccer ball). After he gets his energy out, he loves to kick back and relax with his humans.  Due to his breed, Niko is looking for a home that has German Shepard experience. He needs an owner who loves training as much as he does. 

If you think Niko could be for you, please reach out to Baypath Humane Society today at




This is Omen. Omen needs someone very special and very specific. We’re not sure what sort of situation this boy came from as he was found as a stray, but he’s terrified of the world. Loud noises, sudden movements, other dogs, cats, it doesn’t matter; he is petrified. He needs someone confident and steady and stable with breed experience to help him cope and learn that the world isn’t as terrifying as he thinks it is.

We’re looking for a home with no other animals and no small children. He is nervous and easily overwhelmed which translates into cowering and shaking and hackles going up and the less triggers we can have in his new home, the better.

He has shown some minor food aggression (not with treats or toys), but only when it involves taking the food away. He’s also easily distracted and doesn’t hold a grudge. As far as treats and toys go, he’s gentle and willing to share and LOVES to play. Once he knows you, he loves you and will nudge you and beg for attention.

Omen is about two years old and a little over 75lbs. He’s a pretty big guy but deep down, he’s just a scared baby. He doesn’t understand what’s going on or how he ended up here. There’s so much in this world that he needs to learn about, but he needs someone patient and confident by his side to show him that he isn’t alone.

Visit and click adopt to download our application. Once complete, you can email it to us at or fax it to us at 508-677-9175.

We would also be willing to work with a rescue, breed specific or otherwise, that thinks they may be able to help him.



Introducing the one, the only, the royal sensation himself – King of Canine Charm!

Name: King (but don’t worry, he won’t demand you call him “Your Majesty”!)

Age: 3 years young (a prime age for adventures and cuddles)

Breed: The dashing and delightful German Shepherd

King is on the lookout for his forever castle, and he’s not settling for just any old moat-protected fortress. He’s seeking a breed-experienced household that can appreciate his majestic qualities and keep up with his inquisitive spirit.

But that’s not all, folks! King isn’t just a pretty face with a wagging tail; he’s got brains and charisma to match. This regal pup already knows the commands of “sit,” “paw,” “down,” and even “speak.” Who knew a dog could be so eloquent?

Speaking of companionship, King is the benevolent ruler of coexistence and can easily share his kingdom with dog-savvy cats, older dog savvy kids and possibly other dogs. He believes in harmony among his subjects, and he’s ready to prove that unity makes for a happier kingdom.

King’s enthusiasm for learning is boundless. He’s a smarty-paws who’s always eager to please, making him the perfect student for any training adventures you have in mind. With a heart as big as his kingdom, he’s ready to become your loyal and loving companion.

So, if you’re looking for a furry friend who will treat you like royalty and keep you entertained with his antics, King is your guy. Hurry, before someone else snatches up this precious gem of a doggy royalty!

Bow to the King and adopt him today!

Our shelter is open every day except Monday from 12-4. If you are interested in this pet, please call us at 978-452-7781, email, or stop by the shelter to request an adoption application.