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#408 Greta

Update on 02/16/2016

Greta (GSRNE #408) and Titan (GSRNE# 434) have become best buddies

and they love to snuggle with each other. Titan & Greta

Adopted on 2/12/2015


Greta is a smart, spunky, sassy, super playful and active puppy who loves exploring new things with her family. She came into our program when she was only 10 weeks old and had been left at a shelter.

GretaJ-X2 Greta-B-XL Greta5-XL (1) She is currently living in a foster home that has an adult male and an adult female German Shepherd who are helping her learn the ropes. She is learning some puppy manners and commands and has become a real star at “sit” and “come when called.” She will bark at other dogs while on leash, but that’s from being enthusiastic and wanting to meet them. If allowed to get close, Greta is submissive and will lick the other dog’s face. She goes to doggie daycare while her foster Mom is working and loves playing with the other dogs. She also loves meeting people while she’s out for a walk and when visitors come to the home and is a very affectionate girl.

If you are committed to going to dog training and can handle an energetic, inquisitive German Shepherd pup, Greta might be the new family member you’ve been looking for!