If you’ve adopted a GSRNE rescue dog and would like to have their information included here, please email us at happytails@gsrne.org! If you’ve already sent in a story and pictures, but don’t see it appear here within a few days, please email us again to be sure we received it!

We love reading these Happy Tails stories! They make all the hard work and expense worth while! This is what rescue is all about!

Willow, GSRNE #545

Awe…..Willow!♥️🐾  Living her BEST LIFE! It’s hard to believe Willow has been in her forever (adopted) home for a year.  We are so happy for Willow and her family, and will be forever grateful to all of you who helped her on her journey! “1 year ago this silly, rough, demanding, fun-loving, bossy, stubborn, loving, beauty join our lives... Thank you German Shepherd Rescue of New...

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Spirit, GSRNE # 517

It’s hard to believe that this sweet girl was left at a high-kill shelter two years ago.  Lucky for Spirit an all breed rescue saw her just before her time was up and got her out of there.  The all breed rescue were immediately impressed with her friendly nature and decided she would have her best chance to find a forever home if she could be where people would look for a German Shepherd specifically.   Spirit was adopted two years ago today on June 8, 2019 by a young couple who fell in...

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Shiloh (GSRNE #546)

“Shiloh is Angel, she spoils us we don’t spoil her. She loves our family as you can see in the pictures.  Here she is with her...

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Sasha (GSRNE #515)

Today we received this update about Sasha, who was adopted 2 years ago at age 10.  We love seeing this happy, loved 12 year old living her BEST life! ♥️🐾.  It was exactly two years ago when we received the call from a shelter about a 10 year old senior female named Sasha, we were torn between wanting to help her and knowing how hard it is to find an adopter who will give an older dog another chance at life.  When we heard her story, though, we couldn’t pass her by,...

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Rosco (GSRNE # 539)

We wanted to give you an update on Rosco.  He's halfway through his training and is doing great.  We love him sooo much ! When we're out hiking he wears the shoes because he was having a problem with pads on his paws.  Our vet suggested them and told us it was very common with German Shepherds.  He's great with putting them on too, we give him a treat, put them on and we go for a walk so he associates it with going for a walk and likes putting them on. HE'S SUCH A GOOD DOG, I CAN'T THANK...

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Oilver (GSRNE #493)

Oliver was adopted by Ranu and Lindsey and their family in 2018 when he was about two years old.  When their last dog died, they thought about taking a break from dogs for a while---that lasted about a month when they decided their house really was too empty without a dog. Ranu had had a German Shepherd mix earlier in life, and he loved that loyal and loving nature of German Shepherds, so he began searching the web to look for another.  Oliver was the second dog he saw and luck was on his...

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Mavis, GSRNE #557

We love when we receive updates on our adopted dogs. Today we received this lovely photo of Mavis and her Mom who told told us that she makes sure Mavis gets plenty of exercise, that she’s very happy and living the life! That’s all we hope for and want —for all our dogs to be thriving in their forever homes like...

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Lola (GSRNE #538)

Lola is doing terrific! We love her!  She is a favorite among the neighborhood kids as well. She goes for a 3 mile hike with me in the woods every morning. In the year since she came to our home, we may have missed 10-15 mornings...that's it. She very rarely leaves my side. These are a couple of pictures of her at the beach on Cape Cod last...

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Hans (GSRNE #485)

I should have contacted you folks earlier than this . Time does have a way of going bye doesn’t it. I hope your all doing well and keeping up the good works that you do. So many good dogs and people out there still need to connect. Is it me or are a lot of people looking for that great companionship that only a good dog can bring. I hear a lot of friends and family up here looking for a dog to bring into their home. Their finally seeing what we’ve known all along. And of course nothing...

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GSRNE #509 – Jackson

“Here is a photo of Jackson, with his housemate Jolene. Jackson did a cross country RV trip with us last year, and this was at a friend’s home in Oregon.  The friend took this photo of the dogs and submitted it to their local news station and the dogs made the news!”

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