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#388 Lexi

Update on 04/20/2014

Lexi is doing great.  She turned 1 year old on March 27. She needed to have a second surgery in mid-February Lexi [4] to remove the implants that were used to fix her front leg in October.  So the bad news is she had to be kept very quiet while recovering from her second surgery in 5 months.  But the good news is that she is healed and her leg is doing fantastic now!

She loves to play with her toys and can play fetch with the same toy for hours if you let her. She loves to play “find it” and will not give up until she finds her toy. She loves to swim and jump into the pool with a lot of enthusiasm. She is a little behind in learning some basic obedience due to her being out of commission for practically 4 out of the last 6 months.


Update on 01/26/2014 Lexi 012614

Lexi’s mom says “Lexi is healed after her surgery but she still has some residual issues with the surgery.  The plate and screws may need to come out later on.She has been doing really well overall.  It is impossible to keep her quiet. She is a real sweetie!”

Adopted on 01/22/2014


Lexi is a beautiful nine- month old, female, spayed GSD.  She came into the program from a shelter with her sister Lady.  Lexi was taken into the shelter with a broken leg that had regrown out of place.  GSRNE brought her to Tufts for an evaluation and then surgery to repair her leg.

She is being fostered in a home with two adults and two other female dogs.  The foster home worked with Lexi tirelessly during her healing process.

She is a very happy girl with lots of energy.  When she first arrived in the foster home, she wasn’t allowed to play much because she was recovering from orthopedic surgery on her front leg and it took about eight weeks to heal.  Lexi She had to learn some games like playing with puzzles since she had limited mobility.

She loves toys and her tennis ball is the most favorite toy.  She likes to carry her ball in her mouth most of the time even when she is going to the bathroom.  She will also play with her stuffed animals too.  She also likes to get into the car and go for rides.  She loves to run and frolic now that her leg has healed and the vet’s said she can be a puppy/dog; go on walks and run in the yard.

She is crate trained and potty trained.  She still needs some work on her leash walking, but is making good progress.

She definitely wants to please the foster parents and is very focused on them.

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