Rainbow Bridge

rainbow-bridgeWith sad hearts and fond memories of our beloved pets who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

ALL the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

YOU have been spotted and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. Happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then together you and your special pet(s) cross the Rainbow Bridge.

#396 Angus
Angus ? - 8/6/2014The GSRNE family is heartbroken that our wonderful gentle boy has left us. We always work hard to find the right match between our dogs and adoptive families. When Angus came to GSRNE in the fall of 2010, we soon found out that staying with his foster mom, Peggy, would be the best place for him to be. She certainly did everything for him as much that any one of us would have done for one of our own dogs nursing him through many eye and ear infections. She loved him unc [more]
#313 Lady
Lady GSRNE #313 2007 - 8/21/14 Greg & Patty, who are parents of Lady #313, tell us that Lady is very loved, has acclimated nicely, has free run of the house and does fine (she no longer uses her crate at all), loves rides in the car, bonded to Patty like glue and also does great with Greg. She is no longer hand-shy and welcomes strangers, does long walks every morning, and she does well with other dogs. She is very healthy, had allergy meds when they got her, but they have subside [more]
#310 Sampson
Sampson GSRNE #310 Adopted on February 21, 2011 Dear Friends at GSRNE,Well, it's been almost five months since I've found my new home. I've been pretty darn busy, but I thought I'd take a few minutes break from my duties of squirrel watching and keeping track of my people to let all my friends out there know how I'm doing.I went to my new home on February 21, 2011. I have to admit, I'm much more relaxed now and settled in, but those first few days I was pretty darn anxious. My [more]
#240 Fila
Fila GSRNE #240 Adopted in September 2007 We have been members of German Shepherd Rescue for some years now in spite of the fact that we did not own a dog. We had a cat named Max who suffered from Diabetes and didn’t like dogs so we had to wait.In September of 2007 the time was right and we submitted our application to adopt a senior GSD from GSRNE. We hoped that they would have a dog that we were right for, and who would be a good match for our family. We needed a dog with a l [more]
#234 Kess
Kess Evans-Maynor GSRNE #234 2/5/1998 - 9/30/2010Kess, our beautiful white shepherd was put to rest on Thursday, September 30 after her fight with cancer. Kess was diagnosed on Memorial Day with lung cancer after a routine veterinary checkup.Kess was diagnosed on Memorial Day with lung cancer after a routine veterinary checkup. The vet was not optimistic, but we began chemotherapy immediately with our long time oncologist. Kess gathered her strength and rallied to the point th [more]
#233 Raven
Raven GSRNE #233 2003 - 10/13/14 It is with great sadness that I write these words. I had to put my beautiful, gentle Raven #233 to sleep this morning. She was 11.5 years old. I adopted her when she was 5 years old and was fortunate to have her for 6.5 years. Not nearly long enough, but I guess it never is. Thank you GSRNE for allowing her in my life.Laurie Wormwood  Background by GSRNE: Back in March 2008, we got a call asking for help for Raven, a 5-year-ol [more]
#230 Reno
Reno GSRNE #230 Adopted in March 2008 Reno was found wandering with a female dog in a state forest and was picked up by the animal control officer. Both appeared to be purebred GSDs, approximately 2 years old. He was kept by the ACO for a few months during which time they were unable to locate his owner. It was felt that they may have come from a breeding facility where they had escaped or just "let go" as dogs they didn't want to breed further. The ACO named the male, Colonel and th [more]
#225 Lex
A Halloween Taleby Chris HarrimanOctober is a month that we are used to seeing skeletons and witches, and enjoy listening to scary horror stories.This is one horror story involving a living skeleton that we'll never forget & would like to share it with you.                                    The woman knew that something was wrong. Though it was dark, she noticed that there were people in a car with a video camera and that there were two dogs [more]
#224 Delilah
Delilah GSRNE #224 Adopted on February 2, 2008It is true what they say about "love at first sight." My husband David and I have now experienced it and we know it exists. Love at first sight was what we felt that Saturday morning when we first laid eyes on Delilah at the home of her foster father Danny Thompson. Watching her skip around Danny's kitchen, nudging and chasing her foster brother Rocky, it was obvious that she was smart and curious and playful, but that she was also shy and [more]
#197 Island Jessie
Island Jessie GSRNE #197 1997? - 3/28/2008We know little of Jessie’s life with her first owners. We have heard she lived with an elderly lady and her son for her first 9 years. The son drove a truck and left Jessie in the care of his Mother for the most part. Things turned bad for this elderly lady as she was placed in a nursing home, and Jessie was left to the kindness of a neighbor’s care when her owner went on 5 day driving assignments. Her owner soon realized that it was best t [more]
#195 Takoda
Takoda GSRNE #195 Adopted in June 2007 Takoda was found as a stray wandering the streets of Swansea, MA and ended up in the local shelter, who contacted GSRNE in November 2005 after efforts to find his owners proved fruitless. As with all of us who do foster or adopt, I would so very much love to know what his history had been prior to that. I choose to believe that he was loved by a woman somewhere, but got lost on a trip, or perhaps the husband didn’t care for him. His behavior wi [more]
#174 Diamond
Diamond GSRNE #174 Adopted in February 2005We adopted Diamond when she was approximately 2 - 2.5 years old. She came from an abuse situation, where the husband was abusing the wife and terrorizing Diamond. When she first arrived at our house, she would not let her new Dad (me) pet her, although her Mom could. She ducked in terror at the whirring of the ceiling fan, when she heard tree branches stirring in the wind, or even if I opened up a newspaper too quickly. Thankfully, the one thi [more]
#166 Koa
Koa GSRNE #166 Adopted on August 30, 2004Update on January 2007:Koa and his family were being held after being confiscated for an abuse/neglect case and had spent most of his first 7 months in a shelter while awaiting judgment. Shortly after the shelter was awarded custody, they called GSRNE for help.Koa and I met for the first time when I picked him up in Connecticut for German Shepherd Rescue of New England. He was a very insecure boy that did not ride well in the car as he h [more]
#161 King
King GSRNE #161 2/19/1995 - 11/29/2005You had to endure a hard life until the angels from GSRNE eventually were able to rescue you. You were leashed outside to a tree, flies were biting your ears off and you were afraid of thunder and lightning. You had to wait seven months in a shelter until you found the way to us 02/27/04. And then we had to rush you to Tufts hospital and you barely survived Babesia Canis. It was a big expense for GSRNE but worth every penny of it. I don't know how yo [more]
#158 Phoenix
Phoenix GSRNE #158 Adopted on January 8, 2004I have loved and owned German Shepherd Dogs for many years, and when the last of my lines died before Christmas, I was heartbroken and devastated. Then GSRNE gave me a beautiful 10 yr. old male “fuzzy bear” with the name, Phoenix.Phoenix is truly my gift. He loves and enjoys every minute of the day, from chasing squirrels & chipmunks in the yard, getting belly scratches, vacuuming crumbs off the floor, playing keep away, to going [more]
#155 Akaysha
Akaysha GSRNE #155 3/10/2000 - 7/18/2010My heart is broken. My beloved Akaysha (GSRNE #155) went to the rainbow bridge on Sunday, 7/18/2010.Akaysha was a God-send to me. I had lost my precious GSD, Nikki, the year before and things were plain lonesome around here. I found GSRNE and went through the adoption process. I met Akaysha at her foster home with Lynda and Warren at the end of 2003. She loved them and their Clinty. I almost felt guilty driving away with her, because she was [more]
#154 Tess
Tess (was Angel) GSRNE #154 Adopted in November 2003 Just a quick note about Angel (GSRNE #154), who we adopted in mid-November. She's great! She's growing into those enormous ears -- 70 pounds already, and she's so long & leggy that she'll be a big girl when she fills out. We renamed her Tess -- she's a sweetheart, but angel is pushing it a bit. She's getting along fine with Toby, her older Lab brother, who's starting to enjoy her despite her ignorance of a proper nap sch [more]
#150 Bailey
Bailey came to GSRNE from a shelter. Although she is a sweet dog, she had some issues that needed to be resolved. You see, Bailey was tied out for most of her life and in lieu of toys, she learned to play with her tail. As time went on, her tail became not only her obsession, but a coping device. Whenever she couldn't handle something, she would turn inward and spin around chasing her tail for hours on end.GSRNE worked with Bailey for a very, very long time. Eventually, we were able to bui [more]
#149 Eire
Eire GSRNE #149 ? - 1/14/2006Eire came into my life in the summer of 03. Jenna, my former GSD, had passed away in the spring of liver cancer. We had 10 years together. It hurt bad to lose her. Eire was left tied to the fence of a GSD breeder, with a note asking for someone to take care of her. She was well cared for, so you have to wonder why someone would do that.Janice Ritter brought her to me for foster care. Within a week, we both knew it was for keeps. Eire fit in like an old pa [more]
#148 Roman
Roman GSRNE #148 Adopted in 2003Roman was found wandering in Boston several years ago-he was in poor condition as the result of living on the streets for some time. He was cared for at the Boston Animal Rescue League before being fostered by GSRNE. Since he was discovered to have separation anxiety, he was medicated for that condition. He also disliked being touched or spoken to sharply.My sister's family had been looking for a companion for their young GSD, Rhea, who was desponden [more]
#145 Lucy
Lucy GSRNE #145 Adopted in May 2003 [more]
#143 Heidi
Heidi GSRNE #143 Adopted in May 2003Heidi lived her first 10 years with her former mom, who adored her. But she became ill and kept Heidi kenneled outside for the last couple of years. That evidently included some time out in the bitter cold - her ear tips looked like they were recovering from some frostbite when we first saw her.Heidi was the only dog we interviewed through GSRNE and it was clear to us at our first visit that she was an exact fit for us. We sought a dog with a ca [more]
#139 Tara
Tara GSRNE #139 Adopted on 3-22-03  On January 23rd, 2003 our hearts were broken when we said our good-byes to our GSD Heidi as she crossed over the bridge. On March 22nd our family was complete once more when we adopted our Tara, GSRNE #139. One only has to look into Tara's eyes and see her smile to feel her gift of love.One of Tara's favorite things to do is to play with her toys. Her favorite toy is her large bone/pillow that her FPIC gave her while she was in foster c [more]
#138 Chance
Chance GSRNE #138 Adopted in January 2003Chance is doing AWESOME ! She's really blossomed, very sure of herself now, loves to play...her favorite is 'tug of war" with her squeak toys, she's a real snow dog and loves running through the drifts, rolling around in the snow, and sticking her face in it.She's also turned into a great traveler. We took her with us for Thanksgiving at my brother in law's home in the White Mountains...they had a dozen or so people over, she behaved as a r [more]
#133 Questa
Questa GSRNE #133 Adopted in 2002  Questa continues to worm her way into our hearts. She is enjoying living at "Doggie Heaven on Earth." She enjoys our daily walk, ski or snowshoe in our woods, along with Tara, her best Buddy.Questa has finished her first session of obedience training, and we plan to continue it in the spring and to do agility training this summer. She loves the training sessions, seeing all of the other dogs and people. She met our grandchildren (6 & [more]
#132 Hope
Hope GSRNE #132 Adopted in August, 2001  We adopted Fritz (the one with the orange toy) in August of 2001 and felt that he would benefit from having a sister, specially to work on his socialization skills and "doggie language". That is how we started the search for another GSD. As many people had said before seeing Hope was love at first sight. Her look was one of a very sweet, gentle soul, which is exactly how her foster moms described her on the website. She appeared a bit [more]
#131 Eva
Eva GSRNE #131 1992? - 6/01/2006When I first saw Eva’s picture on the GSRNE website, it was love at first sight. There was something in her eyes that said we were meant to be together. That was in the summer of 2002 when she was about 9 or 10. As I got to know her, I began to understand more of her past; her agility when tethered and her heavily callused elbows told me that she had spent most of her life tied up outside with asphalt for a yard. It was such a delight to watch her run fr [more]
#123 Makwa
Makwa GSRNE #123 Adopted in March 2002  Makwa (Mack), GSRNE #123, is the latest addition to our GSRNE family. He turned 6 in October. He joins his 4 year old sister Olivia, GSRNE #84.Makwa’s story is simple, he was not friendly to cats and had to find a new home. He was brought to a Maine area shelter when GSRNE stepped in to help. We had been thinking of adopting a male GSD and were waiting for the right companion for Olivia.Her happiness meant everything to us, sh [more]
#120 Minka
When my husband and I first contacted Janice Ritter, we told her we were interested in fostering and that we had a one year old male GSD at home and thought a companion would be nice. Janice immediately said she had a female dog in mind. We signed our paperwork September 9, 2001 and welcomed our new member of our family.Although it was not love at first sight, Minka turned out to be the perfect match. The best thing we could have done was to get two dogs. Minka has always been a pleasure [more]
#119 Abby
Abby GSRNE #119 1999? - 6/12/2013 We are very sad to announce the passing of Abby to the rainbow bridge. Our dwarf German Shepherd Dog, Abby, aka "The Abster" is so much fun! She is a small dog with a very BIG personality. After several weeks of heartache following the loss of our first dwarf GSD and best friend, Brandon, at the age of 7, we came across the GSRNE website and saw Abby's picture. Another dwarf! We had been hoping for 7 years to meet another dwarf and there [more]
#117 Maverick
Maverick GSRNE #117 ? - 10/10/2005Mavy crossed the bridge. Maverick gave his all to us for as long as he could and didn't quit despite how tired he really was. We made a very difficult decision for us, that was the best thing we could have done for Mav, we gave him peace. A rest from his allergies and itchies and chronic ear infections. Our boy was never anything less than a PERFECT gentleman and always gave so much more than was ever expected of him. Loyal and loving to a fault, Mav wa [more]
#117 Maverick
 Maverick was a lonely boy for awhile; he sat awaiting his Forever Home for a year and a half while in the care of GSRNE foster homes. He is a special needs kind of guy that has some serious allergies and required some special care. Poor Mav waited and waited and not one person went to see him -- until I saw his face on the web page.I knew it was love at first sight and there was just something about this boy that drew him to me. The more I looked, the more I knew it was meant [more]
#115 Christy
Christy GSRNE #115 ? - 01/2004I truly believe that Christy chose me as much as I chose her.  She was a very gentle soul.  Extremely shy but very proud and dignified.  She loved to play, loved going to work with me, and never said no to a walk.  In the short time we were together she was a wonderful surrogate mom to an eight week old foster pup, a loving companion to a very sick older visiting dog, and joyful playmate to a young male foster dog.  Instinctively she became a kind pati [more]
#111 Fina
Update: Hey! HEY! Don't scroll by so fast! This is an update to my story. That's right, I'm Fina.I bet you're tired of reading that old story (below) about how silly I looked learning to walk on a leash. Trust me, five years later (has it really been that long?), I've figured out how to do it. I'd still rather run free, but that's what got me in trouble way back when I was barely out of my puppyhood. The dog-catcher (okay, Animal Control Officer) caught me running the streets of a small eas [more]
#109 Dargo
Dargo is wonderful. He is very outgoing and friendly with every dog and person he meets. Everyone is a potential friend. He loves day care so we try to make it there once a week. I knew Dargo was meant to be with us -- the first night he was with us he put his back up against me and gave me his belly to rub. We are incredibly grateful to Jack Himmelsbach, who fostered Dargo for 8 months and gave him a wonderful foundation and lots of love, too! Dargo is so sociable that I try to give him as much [more]
#107 Zoe
The best of all possible dogs is doing just fine. Zoe is such a joy! Last summer we went to camp in Maine for a week and she thought that was pretty special, although she didn't want to swim she did walk in the water to cool her under belly. It was 95 degrees every day the week that we were there and it was great to be in Maine on the water. Other years it has been too cold to swim-not so this year. (Here it was even over 100o that week.) She did love to go with me in the row boat for a 5:30AM r [more]
#102 Kelly
 Kelly GSRNE #102Kelly was purchased by her previous owner as a puppy and then tied outside for 3 years. The owner bred her, then left her to have her puppies outside, alone in the winter elements. The puppies all died of exposure. Eight weeks later, the owner dumped Kelly at a shelter and told them to have her put to sleep. The shelter workers walked her down the hall to have her PTS but she was such a happy girl that wagged her tail and gave everyone kisses that they just couldn't eut [more]
#097 Bonnie
Bonnie GSRNE #97 1996? - 7/27/2002It is with the heaviest of hearts and the greatest sadness that we must tell you that Bonnie has gone to the Bridge.We all have had dogs whom we've loved dearly and then lost. You love some in one way, and others in other ways, each one worming his or her special way into your heart for different reasons. You love them, care for them, worry about them, enjoy their company, and eventually sadly, you bury them.While we love them all, once in awhile [more]
#095 Gunner
Gunner GSRNE #095 1991? - July 22, 2002From Marie: Gunner was my foster dog for 4 months until he was adopted by Sue and Jim, who fell in love with him immediately upon meeting him!  Gunner came to GSRNE from a shelter, where he had landed because his owners' neighbors all had Golden Retrievers, and these owners decided that they wanted a Golden too.  So Gunner was taken to a shelter, left to an uncertain fate, because he wasn't a Golden Retriever.  Lucky for him, GSRNE was able to t [more]
#094 Maggie
We can't tell you how much we love Maggie (GSRNE "Xena"). We adopted her at 4 months and she is now just over a year and a half and we can't remember what we did without her. Maggie loves to chase about 100 tennis balls in our back yard. She will run from end to end and drop the ball in her mouth at your feet as she flies by chasing after another ball heading in the opposite direction. She plays until she is wiped out and then likes to curl up in front of a fire on her doggie bed to take a nap a [more]
#093 Tai Bo
Tai Bo (now Jayco) was turned into GSRNE because he was abandoned at a grooming shop. The owners dropped him off and just never returned. When they were called to "come and pickup their pet," they told the shop owner that they had no intention of coming back.Tai was a lively adolescent when he arrived and quite a handful. With a delightful sense of humor, he could be trying at times, but his sweet and bouncy nature made him lots of friends. He learned some manners in foster care and eventual [more]
#091 Haley
Haley GSRNE #091 ? - 01/2005It is with deep regret and sadness that we have had to put our beloved Haley, GSRNE #91 to sleep. It was a very painful decision for Elaine and myself to make. Two years ago we had her x-rayed and our vet informed us that her hips, spine and two front legs were deteriorating very badly. We tried very hard to make life easier for her, putting her on pain medicine and building a ramp for her to enter the house. The last two weeks were very difficult for her. We [more]
#091 Haley
We adopted Haley about two years ago. She is absolutely one of the best gifts we have ever received. From the night she arrived in our home, she has brought nothing but joy to us. Sometimes we look at her and wonder how we got so lucky. Everywhere we go, people will stop us and tell us how beautiful she is. Recently we were walking with her in the Blue Hill woods and two Park Rangers came along. We immediately thought, oh no they are going to tell us we can not have a dog in this area. Instead t [more]
#084 Olivia
Olivia GSRNE #084 1998? - 8/16/2006GSRNE is sad to announce that Olivia, GSRNE #84 has passed on. She was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and within just a few weeks she was gone. Fortunately, she was sick only a short time, but everything happened so fast that her owners, Lisa and Bob, can't believe she is gone. They were at her side and held her until the end. [more]
#080 Abby
Abby GSRNE #080 8/08/1996 - 9/05/2008Sadly, my parents' beloved white German Shepherd Abby passed away on Friday afternoon. Her 12th birthday would have been this coming October 8th. All of the Steins miss her very much. Thank you to German Shepard Rescue New England for all of the wonderful years we had with her.Abby was a very special dog, she was always ready with a tail wag and a greeting. An ambassador for the household, always greeting people and wanting pats (as well as barkin [more]
#070 Hank
Hank GSRNE #070 1996 - 2008I was researching German Shepherd Rescue in the US since there were no groups in Canada at that time and found the very best in New England – that’s where I saw Hank.   Somehow that boy knew he was destined to be with Rob.  I’m not quite sure how he did it, but after a few weeks and many many email messages and phone calls, and a 24-hour drive from Toronto to New England and back, the adoption was complete.From the minute Hank laid eyes on Rob, no [more]
#068 Xander
Xander GSRNE #068 1992 - 10/05/2005After 6 very rewarding years, Saturday brought the final moments for our handsome sweet boy, still standing, with dignity. His hips and hind legs wouldn't hold him up very well at all anymore, and he collapsed often, was getting stuck in his doorless crate (he loved that crate-his own personal wolf den-nice!!) quite a bit, and even the 3 steps out on the deck were getting to be a real problem. It wasn't just the arthritis, but also spondolosis, the same [more]
#060 Sierra
Sierra (was Yetta) GSRNE #060 Adopted in June 1999 Sierra was found on the streets of Boston when she was only a few months old. After using up her time at the shelter, GSRNE stepped in and saved her. She came to live with us and sister-dogs Parlay, Cindi and Jasmine in 1999 when she was about 6 months old. She was "adopted" by Cindi when we brought her home, who thought we'd gotten her specifically to be "her puppy". She is best friends with Jasmine, and they love to do thing [more]
#014 Ginger
Ginger GSRNE #014 1996? - 2/25/2009Ginger is having her last night tonight (Feb 25, 2009). We adopted her in May of 1997 from the German Shepherd Rescue of New England. She was 9 months old. From the moment she entered our home, she was part of the family. From a skinny, pointed-nosed puppy, she grew to be a beautiful, loving, sweet "pretty girl."A lovely disposition, friendly to all but cats, skunks and squirrels, and she loved to chase her tail with the command "Tail!"Gin [more]
#008 Saber
Saber GSRNE #008 1992? - 02/27/2003Saber was my very special boy- I loved him from the moment I first saw him in the window of his GSRNE foster home.  We had a wonderful, too short, six years together; he was about six when he came to live with us.  We could have called him Velcro, had we been naming him ourselves. When he first was adopted by us, he wouldn't leave my side, even when I was in the bathtub!  He was FAT when we first got him (maybe thirty-five pounds over normal weight [more]
#001 Becky
Becky GSRNE #001 ? - ?We adopted Becky almost seven years ago (8/4/96). I've enclosed a photo taken this past winter while we were enjoying the snow. I cross country skied and Becky romped in the snow.I want to say thank you for letting us adopt Becky. She is truly the best German Shepherd we've ever had, and the first rescue dog we've had. Becky has such personality. She is very vocal, excitable and truly enjoys life. She plays catch and swims with Bryan our son, now 18. She [more]
#000 Wayde
Although all the dogs are loved who come into our rescue, Wayde is special in all that he has endured in the time he has been with us. Wayde needs a buddy and after reading this story, perhaps you will want it to be you.Months ago, GSRNE was called about a dog being held at a vet's office. This boy had been there for some time, and he had no chance of being adopted out from there as they are a holding facility and not a shelter. The white Shepherd, who was known as Stray 06-22 had been t [more]
#000 Trixie
Trixie Foster #F-39 1997? - 1/16/2006We all learned so much from getting to know Trixie; the way she gradually came out of her depression (from living alone in her former owner's house for months after he died); the way she allowed herself to trust and love her foster Mom after months of patient and gentle care; her dignity and poise in dealing with her health issues, pain, and loss of mobility.  We were privileged to have the time that we had with her. Karen McCall, GSRNE BoardThe S [more]
#000 Orik
Orik Anglo-Saxon word for Ancient Oak Tree chosen for his strength of character & for showing us the strength of a dog's love. 1998-99? - 04/17/2002 History: Orik was abandoned on a country road by his previous owner. Finding himself lost and confused, Orik wandered until he found a familiar sight, a truck. The truck belonged to a man who was out fishing. He was very surprised when he returned to find a German Shepherd happily sitting in the back! The man spent days searching for [more]
#000 Lacy
Lacy One of GSRNE's wonderful foster dogs died of bloat before adoption 1996? - 9/21/2004I have some very sad news about our Lacy. We lost her to bloat this week. Lacy's Foster Mom came home from work only to find that Lacy had died during the day. Bloat strikes quickly and mercilessly. There is no chance of saving the dog unless you are right there when the symptoms appear. Without immediate intervention and surgery, bloated dogs just don't make it. Often times, the dogs are gone befo [more]