German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc.

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

#514 Dawson

GSRNE #514
1/18/2017 – 1/12/2020   

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Password: Dawson

Dawson was a quiet boy. He would go about his day either chewing his bone or carrying his squeaky toy long ball.

He was slow to trust, but then bonded very deeply with those in his circle.

He liked to sit with you close by and kept an eye on you, in case you should get up and move into another room. He would pick up his toy and follow to settle in again.

He liked his blanket over a dog bed at night. He would fold the bed to the side and use it as a platform for his bone.

He liked to walk through water, as opposed to swimming in it. And he would have spurts of puppy pleasure runs with his doggy friends.

He liked his daily brushing and never skipped a meal.

Rest in peace, dear Dawson, we’ll see you at the Bridge.



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