German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc.

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

#508 Jasmine

We lost our beloved guide and companion the first week of the New Year. Jasmine was having some mobility issues the past couple of years and medication seemed to help. But at the end of October 2023, we noticed that she was not engaging with us as usual and her back legs were weakening. She collapsed on New Year’s Day and stopped eating. We knew that we had to make a decision soon for her.
Our hearts and home are missing the most wonderful dog. My husband is missing his favorite walking partner and her presence at his feet by his recliner. I am missing my bird feeding assistant who played daily games of pushing her kibble ball around the house. We will miss her sitting on the sofa watching for squirrels among so many endearing habits.

Lastly, we thank her foster parents for all their hard work in making her a great companion for us(and Chloe #389).And thank you to GSRNE for saving these noble and intelligent dogs.