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#260 Dadamine
Dadamine GSRNE #260 Adopted   Dadamine came to us as an owner surrender, along with two other males, Cyrus and Blitz. Although the owner loved the dogs, especially Dadamine, and provided a huge fenced-in yard for them, he was overwhelmed with taking care of them. He wanted to insure that they would be well cared for and so GSRNE took "Dad" (and the others) into [read more]
#255 Dozer
Dozer (was Blitz) GSRNE #255 Adopted  We adopted our first dog, a female German Shepherd, in the spring of 2006. We found her on the website of a local animal shelter. She was a beautiful sable GSD, despite being far too thin. The shelter told us she was "very shy but warmed up quickly." The best they could tell us about her former home life [read more]
#211 Abby
Abby GSRNE #211 Adopted in October 2001  Abby's story, like many of GSRNE's dogs, has a sad beginning. Abby lived her first seven years in a loving home, with four children and a male dog. When her owners got a divorce, her world was split in half; the two dogs stayed with the husband, and the children went with the wife. Abby had loved "her [read more]
#233 Raven
Raven GSRNE #233 Adopted on June 20, 2008  Background by GSRNE: Back in March 2008, we got a call asking for help for Raven, a 5-year-old black female GSD. The current owner had her for only two weeks, but never meant to keep her. Raven had been given to another woman, who changed her mind and didn’t want the dog. Raven originally came from a breeder [read more]
#240 Fila
Fila GSRNE #240 Adopted in September 2007  We have been members of German Shepherd Rescue for some years now in spite of the fact that we did not own a dog. We had a cat named Max who suffered from Diabetes and didn’t like dogs so we had to wait. In September of 2007 the time was right and we submitted our application to adopt a [read more]
#230 Reno
Reno GSRNE #230 Adopted in March 2008  Reno was found wandering with a female dog in a state forest and was picked up by the animal control officer. Both appeared to be purebred GSDs, approximately 2 years old. He was kept by the ACO for a few months during which time they were unable to locate his owner. It was felt that they may have come [read more]
2014 Calendar Raffle
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GSRNE Cruise 2014
 Join German Shepherd Rescue of New England on August 23, 2014 for a harbor cruise [more]
German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc. (GSRNE) is looking for new foster homes.  Th [more]
* GSRNE foster homes must be located in one of the six New England states (Connecticut, M [more]
Little Piece of My Heart
So often I hear, "I don't know how you do it. I couldn't give up a dog that I'd fostered." [more]
Thank you for your interest in the GSRNE Foster Program!  We need foster homes as we can [more]
GSRNE Buddy Program
Everybody Needs a Buddy Sometime!So many people love our dogs and would like to fost [more]
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