If you’ve adopted a GSRNE rescue dog and would like to have their information included here, please email us at happytails@gsrne.org! If you’ve already sent in a story and pictures, but don’t see it appear here within a few days, please email us again to be sure we received it!

We love reading these Happy Tails stories! They make all the hard work and expense worth while! This is what rescue is all about!

#501 Elsa

“She passed with flying colors! She is so cute, isn't she?” You’re never too old to learn and achieve great things. Just ask GSRNE'S Elsa who just passed the CGC test and has received her Canine a good Citizen certificate at 7.5 years old.  (YAY !!) Congratulations to Elsa and her mom, Nancy!!

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#494 Riley-b

Update on 05/01/2018 Riley passed her puppy AKC test, and is starting a 6 week course for her manners training this week. Adopted on 3/25/2018 Bio Riley came to GSRNE after her first family realized that, given their already very busy lives, caring for a young puppy was too much work. Four-month old Riley, however, immediately found a home with her foster family and her brother, Ramble, another GSRNE rescue. Riley is energetic, playful, and ready for anything—a game of fetch, a car ride,...

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#478 Chance

Update on 8/29/2017: I think we just passed the 3 month mark with Chance and he's become such an integral part of our lives, we can't remember what things were like without him.  He has gotten better being around men and boys and he is devoted to our boys, who cherish him.  Our younger son, Sam, has even taught him new trick - High 5. We have settled into a routine with a couple daily walks, play time outside with his beloved Jolly Ball, and hang out time with us.  We've gone to the local...

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#475 Wolfgang

Update on 8/18/2017: Wolfgang's Mom says- "It is hard to put into words how much Wolfgang has affected my family.  He is the star of our show.  His energy keeps us moving, whether it's playing fetch, taking walks or discovering new things in the backyard with us, where he prefers to be.  We still can't get him in the pool, though.  He'll venture to the first step and that's it.  But to keep him cool outside, the hose always serves its purpose.  We are endlessly amused watching Wolfgang...

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#463 Lionel (Lion)

Update on 12/28/2016: Looks like Lion is getting spoiled at his forever home. 🙂 Lion's Mom says "He's a ham but hard to get any active pictures of him as he just looks like a black blur on the screen. So his best shots are at bedtime."                                 Adopted on 1/29/2017: Bio: We met Lion when he was 8 months old, after he had been left at a shelter.  Someone had bred his parents and found they...

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#455 Crystal

Merry Christmas from Crystal and myself! It has been over five years now and Crystal is almost twelve years old. Time does go by fast. Chrystal is slowing down and a little lame but we are still moving. She has been a great dog and never leaves my side 24/7.  I hope things are good for all of you. Thanks for the great you all do with the...

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#450 Chloe

Update on 11/4/2018 We just heard from Chloe’s adopters and we’re thrilled to hear that her life has been one big adventure! “We cannot thank GSRNE enough for bringing Chloe into our lives.  She is just the most wonderful dog anyone could ever want.  She goes everywhere with us.  We recently took her on a very long road trip - 7,000 miles !!!   Our main destination was Best Friends Animal Sanctuary where Chloe was a participant in the Strut Your Mutt fund raiser.  We explored all over...

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#448 Ryker

  Adopted: May 22, 2016 Age: 10 months DOB 7/7/15 Click for more photos Password:Ryker   Update: July 1, 2016 Ryker is doing very well, although it seems like he’s been with us for a lot longer than the 6 weeks he’s actually lived with us.  He loves to play with us and with Kensey, and he enjoys going to the park where he often gets to meet and play with other dogs off-leash.  He has wonderful manners when meeting other dogs and always wags his tail and approaches the other dog...

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#446 Noble

Adopted: May 12,2016 at Age: 6 years Click for more photos Password: Noble   Update on 12/24/2016 Happy Holidays from Noble's forever family "Some people like balsam during the holidays, but at our house, we prefer to decorate with Noble Fur"               Noble's original write-up: Sometimes a dog comes to us with a name that really suits him/her, and that’s the case with Noble.  He approaches a new person or dog with a calm dignity and likes to be...

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#445 Suki

Adopted: April 16, 2016 AGE: 2 years Click for more photos Password: Suki   Suki's original write up: If intelligence is on the top of your list when you think of the qualities you want in a GSD, then Suki may be the dog for you. Her keen intelligence will help her excel in obedience or agility and her serious hunt drive would make Nose Work fun for both of you, especially if the reward is a toss of the ball! Suki came into GSRNE in January 2015, when she was under one year old. She...

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