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#485 Hans

I should have contacted you folks earlier than this . Time does have a way of going bye doesn’t it.

I hope your all doing well and keeping up the good works that you do. So many good dogs and people out there still need to connect. Is it me or are a lot of people looking for that great companionship that only a good dog can bring. I hear a lot of friends and family up here looking for a dog to bring into their home. Their finally seeing what we’ve known all along. And of course nothing beats the bonding closeness that a German Shepherd brings…..


I hope it is the same for you down there. People looking to connect. Coming to you.  All your hard work pays off doesn’t it ?


Hans is my best friend. He’s my big boy! 

Stay vigilant and know that you do make a difference.


12/7/21 update –
Mr. Hans is doing very well .We just came back from the Vets last week. He is the same weight as the last visit ( 96 lbs. )  and they were very impressed with him. We walk every evening after work. And weekends keep him active as well.
The young lady that came to  get him from my truck has a German Shepard too.  She connected with him instantly. Talked about how handsome he is. I get that a lot from people I meet.  Truth is, their right !  He really is. And his mannerism is much more laid back than before. Like most of them, it takes time before they chill out and relax a little.
I really feel very fortunate to have him. He goes where I go (except Deer hunting) the law frowns on that.
He’s my best friend and I wouldn’t trade him for the anything in this world. Like I said before, Love em while you can. He’s showing some white in the whiskers now, but hey so am I . Doesn’t matter as long as you keep active right. Covid has been a good thing for me and Hans. ( such as it is )  I work from home now, so he has me more than he used to. He gets all my attention. Spoiled Rotten !  He’s great!