If you’ve adopted a GSRNE rescue dog and would like to have their information included here, please email us at happytails@gsrne.org! If you’ve already sent in a story and pictures, but don’t see it appear here within a few days, please email us again to be sure we received it!

We love reading these Happy Tails stories! They make all the hard work and expense worth while! This is what rescue is all about!

Gretchen, GSRNE #422

We adopted her at 8 weeks old in August of 2015.  She has been the love of our lives ever since.  Her favorite things are her jolly ball, she could play all day, sitting on her front porch watching the world go by, playing search looking for treats, and camping.  She is a great camper.  She makes us laugh each and every day with the amount of “talking” she does.  She is great with commands like “speak”, “whisper”, “search”.     She is a very smart, quirky, loyal girl.  We couldn’t ask for a...

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Gracie GSRNE #544

Attached is a picture of Gracie's first leisurely boat ride....she did extremely well! She just loves trying things. We're celebrating her first year anniversary of her adoption today! Can't believe it's been a whole year....she's adjusted well in many respects. We feel so grateful for the opportunity to give her a home! She's really a lot of fun. We have a couple of swans that come to visit almost daily...she's good with them...no barking!!  They recently had 6 little cygnets that also...

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Gracie (GSRNE #544)

“We're celebrating Gracie's birthday today!! She's not too sure about the hat! She's doing really well but does experience a difficult mood change at times, especially around other dogs. She loves her daily walks...looks forward to both of them.  We are so happy we found her...thanks again for all your work with...

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#591 Oscar

Oscar is doing well.  His Mom told us he’s the super star of his agility classes.  He also loves chasing tennis balls!

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#586 Tucker

Tucker was our best gift of the year! He has filled our lives, hearts and home with so much fun and love. Grateful for everything you and GSRNE have done to make it happen. 🐾💕Happy and Healthy New Year! 🎉     “Happy 5th Birthday to Tucker, the best addition to our family that we ever could’ve hoped for. Thank you to everyone at GSRNE for this very special boy who makes us happy every day.” Wishing you and your family a Happy 4th of July !...

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#571 Kali

Kali and I have been busy traveling all over from NY to Northern Maine visiting and snowmobiling. She has come such a long way and listens unbelievably.  Recently with all the snow, she has been able to see the deer we feed during the winter.  I have her set were as soon as she sees them, I say “ah” to get her attention and she ignores them.  Fortunately the deer can hop the cattle fence but Kali can’t. I am very proud of her behavior and look forward to introducing more things to...

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#559 Packer

Brrr….🥶 It doesn’t seem to matter how cold it is outside GSRNE’S Packer loves his long winter hikes with his Mom. Although it depends on the individual dog, most German Shepherds don’t seem to mind the cold. We just LOVE this boy and think he’s so handsome!

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#557 Mavis

We love when we receive updates on our adopted dogs. Today we received this lovely photo of Mavis and her Mom who told told us that she makes sure Mavis gets plenty of exercise, that she’s very happy and living the life!   That’s all we hope for and want —for all our dogs to be thriving in their forever homes like...

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#507 Duke

Update 16 July 2019 Duke is a healthy, happy and large dog. His weight has settled in at 118 lbs.He eats 4 cups of food twice a day. Daily walks and lots of time in the yard playing with his favorite balls. Helen has always been alpha and our dogs through the years have all seemed attached to her. Duke decided to make me his alpha and is attached to my hip. Since Helen works from home and will be retiring next year much of Duke's time is spent with me since I'm retired. He is very loving to...

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#501 Elsa

“She passed with flying colors! She is so cute, isn't she?” You’re never too old to learn and achieve great things. Just ask GSRNE'S Elsa who just passed the CGC test and has received her Canine a good Citizen certificate at 7.5 years old.  (YAY !!) Congratulations to Elsa and her mom, Nancy!!

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