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#515 Sasha

Today we received this update about Sasha, who was adopted 2 years ago at age 10.  We love seeing this happy, loved 12 year old living her BEST life! ♥️🐾

It was exactly two years ago when we received the call from a shelter about a 10 year old senior female named Sasha, we were torn between wanting to help her and knowing how hard it is to find an adopter who will give an older dog another chance at life.  When we heard her story, though, we couldn’t pass her by, like so many people do at the shelter.  They told us that Sasha had been surrendered by owners who had her for a limited time; she had been left with them by previous owners who had “lied about her age.”  They had no vet records for her and did not know what vaccines she had had or not had. Her skin was dry and flaking, and the people at the shelter had given her two skin baths which had her looking and feeling better.  She was friendly with everyone, liked other dogs and ignored the cats in the shelter.