#374 Ricca (now Angus)

Update on 06/27/2015

Ricca (Angus) 2

Angus with Eva (Angus on left)

Here is what Angus’s mom has to say about Angus- “We adore him and he has filled out and become quite the handsome dude.  His confidence has grown and recently at a graduation party he allowed strange men to say hello, and pet him.  :o)  sweet boy.”

Ricca (Angus) 1

Angus with Eva (Angus in foreground)






Update on 03/16/2014

Angus’s mom says “Angus is doing awesome!!  He is a great dog and loves his family-very attached to us! He enjoys playing with Eva and going on hikes in the woods with her, and chasing the tennis ball.  He loves running and leaping and is also a snuggle muffin.
He gets along with other dogs and is a calm content dude.  He is eating well unlike at his foster home, and also gets homemade hi carb balls but is gaining weight slowly.”

Adopted on 6/8/2013


Ricca is a beautiful, large, sable, neutered, 18 month – 2 year-old GSD.  He came into GSRNE’s program as a stray. Ricca [5] He is still very much a puppy and needs continued training and exercise to help with his typical GSD puppy antics–like his energy and mouthiness.  He currently lives with one adult and a female GSD. 

 He and his foster sister get along well. They like to chase each other around the yard.  He likes to pick up a tennis ball or Frisbee, trot away from her and look back like he’s saying, come get me! He has a met a couple of other dogs and has acted like he wants to play with them, but have not interacted with them.

 Ricca [4]He has a lot of energy and it seems that all he needs is a good run and/or play with his foster sister outside for about an hour to keep him from being energetic in the house.  His nightly routine has been to go outside for a few minutes for a potty break, then inside for dinner, and then his foster dad will sit on the floor with Ricca (sometimes with his foster sister) and get belly rubs and play with toys. When they’re done, his foster dad sits on the couch and Ricca lies on the rug chewing on his bone while rolling around on his back. Sometimes Ricca tries to get on his foster dad’s lap to cuddle, so he is learning “off”.  Also he hasn’t been a licker but the past few days he has been very tentative about licking his foster dad’s hand and face.

 He is mouthy, but has lessened since being in the foster home as they have been working on it.  Ricca [2]When petting Ricca and he’s excited, he motions like he wants to put his mouth on his foster dad’s hand, but once told “no”, he stops. He will need someone to continue working on this behavior.

 He is a very intelligent pup, but seems to have a stubborn streak.  His stubbornness will eventually end if there is a food reward in it, consistency in his training and commands. He gets excited whenever his leash comes out, loves to go for car rides, walks, and runs. He is also a friendly dog and likes to meet new people.

 All in all he’s a great boy!

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