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Update on 06/15/2015

This is what Gemma’s mom has to say about Gemma- “It has been a busy but great year for Gemma girl! Despite the cold and long winter, Gemma had fun taking walks across the frozen lake-exploring new areas and even managing to set the pace during some very deep snow shoe adventures! Not unlike the rest of us, Gemma came to life with the first signs of spring. Frolicking the trails and chasing whatever wildlife she could sniff out. She loves spending time outdoors on our property swimming in the lake, basking in the sun and chasing her newly discovered passion..the frisbee! She is incredibly agile and is constantly impressing us and any guests we have with her frisbee skills. Hoping to get her into some agility training over the summer!

Update on 7/14/2014


It’s been just over a year since Gemma joined our family and she is such a perfect fit that it is hard to imagine what life was like without her. Gemma brings so much happiness to our lives and we hope to repay that gift by giving her the best forever home a dog could imagine. Gemma is in her element when we are on the protected nature trails located less then 5 minutes from our front door step– walking, running or trotting along side a bicycle– she always has her tail wagging. She has met a few doggy friends along the trails and has continued to impress us with her incredible recall… for which she is always rewarded for in one way or another. She loves hanging around our house and land with the waters edge as a favorite spot. She will play fetch with a stick for as long as someone is willing to throw it for her. She does great on the boat and canoe too!! She has made a good bunch of doggy friends who she enjoys chasing and playing with. Our entire family and friend group adore her and we are constantly singing the praises of GSRNE to anyone who will listen! As the saying goes “Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.” We thank you GSRNE again for all the hard work you put into getting Gemma up to health and trained. She is the shining gem of our lives!!!












Update on 3/19/2014

Looks like Gemma is having a good time. This is what Gemma’s parents have to say about Gemma-“This winter sure has been a cold one so far! Gemma continues to bring us incredible joy and happiness-and from her constant tail wagging and kisses I’d like to believe its mutual. She is a very special, loving, social girl and truly a Gem! She really enjoys running the acres of trails within a 5 minute walk from the house. She doesn’t love the snow like Roxy did but she manages to find her sticks regardless and has been a trooper on the really cold days not getting much outdoor time. It doesn’t take long for new people or pets to become part of the pack which is nice since we are such active and social people. Warm wishes!”

Update on 10/31/2013

Here is the first update from Gemma’s parents. “Hello and happy fall!! We have had a very busy summer into fall. We have moved and are thrilled to share that Gemma is loving her new home we are on a dead end street right on a picturesque pond!! Gemma is an unbelievable swimmer and loves having endless trails to run in our backyard!”

Adopted on 5/1/2013

Gemma is true to her name – a real gem with a sparkling personality! Gemma-1Originally found as an underweight stray (at 40 pounds) that had recently given birth to a litter and with no other known history, 2 year-old Gemma became a member of the GSRNE family when she was released to us from a local shelter.

Sweetness and light describe this active GSD that loves being with her people and is good with cats (she will even try to initiate play with the kitties in her foster home). Initial shyness is present when Gemma first meets new people, but that quickly wears off once a friendship has been established through a pat and a treat! Back and belly rubs are favorites for this love bug, who is always happy to be in the company of her humans around the house, on daily walks, and car rides.

It’s obvious that Gemma had some training in her former life, as initially, she recognized some basic commands and is responding to obedience training in her foster home. When she thinks that no one is looking she’ll try to sneak up on the bed or sofa and then give you an imploring, tug-at-your-heart look when told “no” – but is always compliant.

This beautiful soft-eyed girl didn’t seem to know much about toys when she first came into foster care, but now she’s learning that they can be fun. She does know how to play with other dogs and loves to do so regularly with her foster sibling. When meeting an unfamiliar canine, though, Gemma still needs some training and work; she can be a bit reactive and too much “in your face.”

Gemma is trained to sleep in her crate at night and is willing do so. She does grumble about having to spend time there during the day when she would rather be with “her people;” but it’s the safest place for her to be when they have to go to work or be away from home. When she was left uncrated for a trial period, Gemma helped herself to the training treats and a box of cereal that were on the back of the counter. Being crated will protect her from getting into something that could hurt her.

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