Happy Tails

Please note: If you have adopted one of our dogs and would like to have his/her info included here, please email HappyTails@gsrne.org. Also, if you have already sent in a story and pictures and don’t see it appear here within a few days, please ping me again to be sure I got it.

We all LOVE reading these Happy Tails stories. They make all the hard work and expense worthwhile. This is what rescue is all about!

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The Inside Story
Do you ever wonder about the story behind some of the dogs you see on our website? The ones who go from being adoptable to "Adoption Pending" to "I Went Home!"? If so, read on to find out the "inside story" on King, Ina, and Koa! This year, an email went out to the leaders of a number of dog rescue groups about a sad situation involving German Shepherd Dogs in Connecticut. Could any of us help? The only response from a group saying that they could help came from GSRNE. We were the only hope f[more]
Sport’s story
We were able to evaluate dogs and collaborate with other rescues to save dogs we weren't able to take in. We worked with New England vets and shelters to help out numerous dogs. Sport was one of those dogs we evaluated and another rescue placed. I wanted to send you a story about Sport. I believe you originally had him in Wayland before he was sent to the Blue Dog Shelter in Brockton. His picture is still on your website. I adopted Sport Christmas week of 2003. He was such a great companion [more]
Lex’s Story
A Halloween Tale by Chris Harriman October is a month that we are used to seeing skeletons and witches, and enjoy listening to scary horror stories. This is one horror story involving a living skeleton that we'll never forget & would like to share it with you.                                      The woman knew that something was wrong. Though it was dark, she noticed that there were people in a car with a video camera and that there were two dogs[more]
#94 Sheba
Sheba was turned into GSRNE from an all breed rescue that didn't focus on GSD's. Sheba had suffered horrific abuse and needed someone to trust and teach her about the world. When she arrived, she was full of fear and distrust. Sheba was placed into a special foster home that was used to dealing with behavioral problems and issues. In time, using love and tenderness, Sheba learned about rules and how to "win". She was able to romp with other dogs and take her time learning about humans. S[more]
#94 Maggie
We can't tell you how much we love Maggie (GSRNE "Xena"). We adopted her at 4 months and she is now just over a year and a half and we can't remember what we did without her. Maggie loves to chase about 100 tennis balls in our back yard. She will run from end to end and drop the ball in her mouth at your feet as she flies by chasing after another ball heading in the opposite direction. She plays until she is wiped out and then likes to curl up in front of a fire on her doggie bed to take a nap a[more]
#93 Tai Bo
Tai Bo (now Jayco) was turned into GSRNE because he was abandoned at a grooming shop. The owners dropped him off and just never returned. When they were called to "come and pickup their pet," they told the shop owner that they had no intention of coming back. Tai was a lively adolescent when he arrived and quite a handful. With a delightful sense of humor, he could be trying at times, but his sweet and bouncy nature made him lots of friends. He learned some manners in foster care and eventual[more]
#91 Haley
We adopted Haley about two years ago. She is absolutely one of the best gifts we have ever received. From the night she arrived in our home, she has brought nothing but joy to us. Sometimes we look at her and wonder how we got so lucky. Everywhere we go, people will stop us and tell us how beautiful she is. Recently we were walking with her in the Blue Hill woods and two Park Rangers came along. We immediately thought, oh no they are going to tell us we can not have a dog in this area. Instead t[more]
#390 Phin
Adopted on 3/15/2014 Biography In April of last year, GSRNE took in a 6-year-old male GSD named Phin.  He had lived with a family that included grade-school-age children, and he had some issues that needed work; the family was moving and asked GSRNE to find another home for Phin. We had to board him until a foster home became available, and he lost weight in the kennel and was very stressed, barking incessantly at the other dogs. Once in a foster home, though, he gradually calmed d[more]
#388 Lexi
Update on 01/26/2014 Lexi's mom says "Lexi is healed after her surgery but she still has some residual issues with the surgery.  The plate and screws may need to come out later on.She has been doing really well overall.  It is impossible to keep her quiet. She is a real sweetie!" Adopted on 01/22/2014 Biography Lexi is a beautiful nine- month old, female, spayed GSD.  She came into the program from a shelter with her sister Lady.  Lexi was taken into the shelter with a broken [more]
#387 Junior
Update on 02/01/2014 Junior's forever parents love love love him. They had their first obedience class today and Junior was the star of the class, so smart and everyone loved him and thought he was beautiful.  They then took him shopping and he was great with all the people and other dogs he met, and he got a bunch of new toys.  His dad takes him on about a 4 mile walk each day. Junior loves playing in his yard. Junior's mom says he bounces around the yard like a rabbit. Junior is a dad[more]
#386 Hank
Adopted on 12/30/2013 Biography Hank is a handsome, 5-year, 7-month old, black and tan, male GSD.  Hank came into our program as an owner surrender and came in with Chloe.  Unfortunately, his owner could no longer keep him or Chloe due to the time both dogs need from someone and an allergy of one of the humans in the home.  He is currently living in a home with two adults, no children and no other animals.  He is a very happy dog who loves affection. Hank has quickly fallen into his[more]
#384 Lady
Adopted on 12/16/2013 Biography Lady is a very sweet, pretty, high energy and playful seven-month-old puppy who came to us from a shelter. Lady is in need of training and socialization due to the lack of it she received during her growth with her previous owner. Lady’s foster home is working on her social skills and obedience training to help her gain confidence with meeting new people and being in new environments. She has become more comfortable and relaxed in the foster home, a[more]
#383 Tonka
Adopted on 11/17/2013 Biography Tonka is a young, handsome, black and tan long coat.  He came from a shelter, as a stray, who contacted us to see if we could help take him into our program. He is a very happy dog with a sweet, sensitive, loving and playful personality.  His energy level is medium to high and all he wants to do is play, play, play.  Indoors, he likes to chew on his Nylabone, Wubba, and tennis balls.  Outdoors, he loves to take walks, chase his foster brother in the y[more]
#382 Simba
Update on 12/13/2013 Simba is doing great! His foster parents have switched him over to an allergy free kibble and canned food and he is itching much less. They have also been brushing him and applying conditioner (obtained from the vet) on his skin every day and the fur on his back is beginning to fill in. He has peach fuzz hair up and down his back now! The rest of his coat is much fuller and silkier as well and he has so much more of it that he's beginning to shed! His parents also s[more]
#381 Tia (now Saphira)
Adopted on 10/28/2013 Biography Tia is a beautiful, nine-month old, black and tan GSD.  She is very sweet and friendly with people.  She enjoys being hugged by her foster home people.  She barks at strange dogs, but if properly introduced she is fine.  The foster home is working on her social skills and obedience training as she did not seem to have any, but she was crate trained and house broken before arriving in our program.  She is in a home with two adults, one male GSD and sever[more]
#380 Alfie
Adopted on 10/28/2013 Biography He was 9 years old when he came into our rescue in February 2013.  Alfie had been a stud dog and spent a lot of time living outside at the end of a chain.  One day, he tried to run after something, hit the end of his chain full force and caused so much damage to his neck that he was left paralyzed from the neck down.  He was taken to an animal hospital and signed over to their custody.  As he began to regain some movement in his front legs, GSRNE was conta[more]
#379 Duke
Adopted on 9/9/2013 Update on 08/01/2013 Duke was moved to a new foster home to work on continued training as he was taking over in the home.  In his new foster home, he is living with two adults; one male GSD and one male Rottweiler.  He is very sweet and loving in the home.  He will give you kisses and gladly roll over for belly rubs.  He likes to hang out with you in the house and lie at your feet, or on one of the dog beds nearby.  He really enjoys being outside especially if he has[more]
#378 Major
Adopted on 9/3/2013 Biography Major is a gorgeous, large, young, neutered, male GSD.  He came into our program from a shelter asking for our help. He is very active, strong, and energetic, but settles down after physical and mental exercise.  He is very smart and takes direction well, but he will test you.  In his foster home, he goes on walks, jogs next to a bike, plays fetch and is learning to release the ball, and is trained daily to learn obedience commands with a professional tr[more]
#377 Ebony
Adopted on 07/31/2013 Biography Ebony is a beautiful, black Shepherd who needs a person/people of her own. She is a happy, well-behaved dog with low to medium energy. She is crate trained, but really does not care for her crate. She will howl for a couple of minutes, but settle right down. She likes to play fetch, go for walks, and go for car rides, but her favorite thing to do is to be with you. If you are watching TV, she will lie down at your feet, or on one of the many dog beds in t[more]
#376 Nitro
Biography NITRO is a 10 year old sable male who worked for the US Military as a Explosive Detection K9 and served our country proudly with 2 tours of duty in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan. Sadly he was diagnosed with cancer and sent home to be retired last year. When he was ready for the retirment, GSRNE was contacted and asked to find him a forever home.  There was a large lump on his neck, which was removed during a vet appointment and found to be non-cancerous.  During the surgery, however, a [more]
#375 Logan
Adopted on 06/14/2013 Biography Logan is a gorgeous, large, young, neutered, male GSD. He came into our program from a shelter asking for our help. He was given up to the shelter by someone who doesn’t know the breed or knows how to care for a young, very active and confused pup. He is being fostered in a home with two human adults (no children), two older male Rottweilers, and one male GSD. He is very smart and takes direction well, but he will test you. He has a lot of energy and[more]
#374 Ricca (now Angus)
Update on 03/16/2014 Angus's mom says "Angus is doing awesome!!  He is a great dog and loves his family-very attached to us! He enjoys playing with Eva and going on hikes in the woods with her, and chasing the tennis ball.  He loves running and leaping and is also a snuggle muffin. He gets along with other dogs and is a calm content dude.  He is eating well unlike at his foster home, and also gets homemade hi carb balls but is gaining weight slowly." Adopted on 6/8/2013 Biography [more]
#373 Dixie
Adopted on 6/13/2013 Biography Dixie is 11-12 weeks old puppy.  She is a pretty girl but has a shorter tail as something happened to her before we got her.  Possibly the mother chewed off part of her tail thinking it was the umbilical cord.  She is very sweet and friendly.  She currently has hookworms and is being treated for them.  She also has a hernia, which will be taken care of when she is spayed at 6 mos.   She has been in 2 other homes before we took her in and placed her with [more]
#372 Kelsa
Kelsa celebrated her first birthday on 2/12/2014 at at Hanover, MA Petco Adopted on 06/13/2013 Biography The first thing most people notice about Kelsa are her eyes; she looks right at you with a direct and confident gaze.  She’s a happy dog and wants to investigate and explore everything in her surroundings.  This  could get her into trouble, though, so you have to be vigilant and quick to remove anything from her mouth that could be harmful if she were to swallow it.  Kelsa will[more]
#371 Haley
Adopted on 2/24/2014 Biography Haley is an active young female (turned 5 years old in January) who lived with her owner from the time she was just 8 weeks old. They went through some difficult times together, and then her owner lost her home and had to move in with relatives; sadly, Haley was not welcome there. Her owner contacted GSRNE and was relieved to learn that we would be able to place her in a foster home and help her make the adjustment. Haley is reserved when meeting someone for[more]
#370 Gemma
Update on 3/19/2014 Looks like Gemma is having a good time. This is what Gemma's parents have to say about Gemma-“This winter sure has been a cold one so far! Gemma continues to bring us incredible joy and happiness-and from her constant tail wagging and kisses I'd like to believe its mutual. She is a very special, loving, social girl and truly a Gem! She really enjoys running the acres of trails within a 5 minute walk from the house. She doesn't love the snow like Roxy did but she manages [more]
#369 Madison (Maddie)
Adopted on 4/27/2013 Biography Madison is a super sweet and friendly girl. Her first reaction to new dogs is bark and hackles up, but she warms right up and is friendly wanting to play with the dogs. She knows how to sit, is crate trained (previous owner said), but needs a lot of training as she pulls on the leash and jumps on people. I wanted to take her home. She has a nice, prancey gait, left ear flops, and her front paws look like they turn out a bit, but she is wonderful![more]
#368 Addie
Adopted on 04/27/2013 Biography Addie loves to play and chewing on toys is one of her favorite activities. She enjoys being outside and running around in the yard. She’s learning fetch and every day is a new adventure. At first she wasn’t sure about going for car rides but has slowly come to like them, sitting and watching the world go by. Her house manners still need some work but she’s a quick learner. She’s a typical puppy and has been known to chew papers and steal the occas[more]
#367 Touser
Adopted on 4/12/2013 Biography This handsome boy was turned into a shelter after his family felt too overwhelmed to care for him along with their young children. Realizing what a wonderful dog Touser was, the shelter called GSRNE for help. At only 5 years old Touser is still energetic and loves to play fetch. His ideal play date would involve someone throwing a ball for him for hours on end! He rides great in the car, likes going on errands, and enjoys going to the dog park. Wherever he g[more]
#366 West
Adopted on 2/24/2013 Biography West has the typical rescue story of an abandoned starving dog who was picked up by animal control and then quietly passed over at the shelter. On top of the malnutrition, he needed to be shaved while undergoing treatment for flea dermatitis, survived acute bloat and neutering surgery, and developed a very painful ear infection all in a very short period of time. One would think this poor guy would be a little mad by now, but in fact, he’s quite the oppo[more]
#365 Zeus
Adopted on 2/8/2012. Biography Zeus is a 10-month old black and tan male. He is a super sweet, friendly guy and likes to play. He needs “all” training—pulls on leash, when excited and wants to get to something, likes to counter surf, jump on people and furniture---new to a crate. He likes new people, interest in new dogs, kids…Sorry Jill, not sure about cats. He came from a shelter as an owner-surrender dog. He is going to be a super GSD for someone, especially once he is trained mo[more]
#356 Maddie
Update on 01/01/2014 Maddie is doing very well. She is taking several items to improve digestion. She has put on weight and is now down to two meals per day versus three. She has no other medical problems at this time. She is very well trained. She is good with children and adults when properly introduced and warms up to them. She has very good manners and does not need to be in a training class, they think she must have been already trained as they are very pleased with her. Their 11 year ol[more]
#150 Bailey
Bailey came to GSRNE from a shelter. Although she is a sweet dog, she had some issues that needed to be resolved. You see, Bailey was tied out for most of her life and in lieu of toys, she learned to play with her tail. As time went on, her tail became not only her obsession, but a coping device. Whenever she couldn't handle something, she would turn inward and spin around chasing her tail for hours on end. GSRNE worked with Bailey for a very, very long time. Eventually, we were able to bui[more]
#120 Minka
Minka is a great dog; she has adapted very well to her new life and family. Minka starts her day at the beach, then back to the house where she can play freely with her brother Blaze, our male shepherd, who is the same age. Minka plays with all the children in the neighborhood, she has participated in walks for the MSPCA and enjoys following the deer tracks in our back yard. We are so happy Janice told us about her and got her out of the shelter. I can't believe someone did not want her. Too bad[more]
#117 Maverick
  Maverick was a lonely boy for awhile; he sat awaiting his Forever Home for a year and a half while in the care of GSRNE foster homes. He is a special needs kind of guy that has some serious allergies and required some special care. Poor Mav waited and waited and not one person went to see him -- until I saw his face on the web page. I knew it was love at first sight and there was just something about this boy that drew him to me. The more I looked, the more I knew it was meant[more]
#115 Christy
The moment I saw Christy I knew we were meant to be together! I could see that she was very interested in coming to meet me but just couldn't make herself do it. She is a very shy, beautiful girl. It didn't take long before she approached me though and then, well our fates were sealed. I truly believe that I am supposed to be with her and she with me. Together we are healing and every day is a new opportunity to learn from each other about that wonderful bond between canine and human. She is the[more]
#112 Ivory
Yes, German Shepherd Dogs do come in white! Ivory is what they meant to make all German Shepherds be like. She is trusting and loving and just loves to tag along and play any game you can come up with.[more]
#111 Fina
Update: Hey! HEY! Don't scroll by so fast! This is an update to my story. That's right, I'm Fina. I bet you're tired of reading that old story (below) about how silly I looked learning to walk on a leash. Trust me, five years later (has it really been that long?), I've figured out how to do it. I'd still rather run free, but that's what got me in trouble way back when I was barely out of my puppyhood. The dog-catcher (okay, Animal Control Officer) caught me running the streets of a small eas[more]
#109 Dargo
Dargo is wonderful. He is very outgoing and friendly with every dog and person he meets. Everyone is a potential friend. He loves day care so we try to make it there once a week. I knew Dargo was meant to be with us -- the first night he was with us he put his back up against me and gave me his belly to rub. We are incredibly grateful to Jack Himmelsbach, who fostered Dargo for 8 months and gave him a wonderful foundation and lots of love, too! Dargo is so sociable that I try to give him as much[more]
#107 Zoe
The best of all possible dogs is doing just fine. Zoe is such a joy! Last summer we went to camp in Maine for a week and she thought that was pretty special, although she didn't want to swim she did walk in the water to cool her under belly. It was 95 degrees every day the week that we were there and it was great to be in Maine on the water. Other years it has been too cold to swim-not so this year. (Here it was even over 100o that week.) She did love to go with me in the row boat for a 5:30AM r[more]
#102 Kelly
 Kelly GSRNE #102 Kelly was purchased by her previous owner as a puppy and then tied outside for 3 years. The owner bred her, then left her to have her puppies outside, alone in the winter elements. The puppies all died of exposure. Eight weeks later, the owner dumped Kelly at a shelter and told them to have her put to sleep. The shelter workers walked her down the hall to have her PTS but she was such a happy girl that wagged her tail and gave everyone kisses that they just couldn't eut[more]
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