Happy Tails

Please note: If you have adopted one of our dogs and would like to have his/her info included here, please email HappyTails@gsrne.org. Also, if you have already sent in a story and pictures and don’t see it appear here within a few days, please ping me again to be sure I got it.

We all LOVE reading these Happy Tails stories. They make all the hard work and expense worthwhile. This is what rescue is all about!rainbow2

#586 Tucker
Tucker was our best gift of the year! He has filled our lives, hearts and home with so much fun and love. Grateful for everything you and GSRNE have done to make it happen. 🐾💕Happy and Healthy New Year! 🎉     “Happy 5th Birthday to Tucker, the best addition to our family that we ever could’ve hoped for. Thank you to everyone at GSRNE for this very special boy who makes us happy every day.” [more]
#571 Kali
Kali and I have been busy traveling all over from NY to Northern Maine visiting and snowmobiling.  She has come such a long way and listens unbelievably.  Recently with all the snow, she has been able to see the deer we feed during the winter.  I have her set were as soon as she she’s then, I say “ah” to get her attention and she ignores them.  Fortunately the deer can hop the cattle fence but Kali can’t.  I am very proud of her behavior and look forward to introducing more things t [more]
#559 Packer
Brrr….🥶 It doesn’t seem to matter how cold it is outside GSRNE’S Packer loves his long winter hikes with his Mom.  Although it depends on the individual dog, most German Shepherds don’t seem to mind the cold. We just LOVE this boy and think he’s so handsome!   [more]
#557 Mavis
We love when we receive updates on our adopted dogs. Today we received this lovely photo of Mavis and her Mom who told told us that she makes sure Mavis gets plenty of exercise, that she’s very happy and living the life!   That’s all we hope for and want —for all our dogs to be thriving in their forever homes like Mavis…♥️🐾 [more]
#546 Shiloh
“Shiloh is Angel, she spoils us we don’t spoil her. She loves our family as you can see in the pictures.  Here she is with her grandkids.” [more]
#545 Willow
Awe…..Willow!♥️🐾  Living her BEST LIFE! It’s hard to believe Willow has been in her forever (adopted) home for a year.  We are so happy for Willow and her family, and will be forever grateful to all of you who helped her on her journey! “1 year ago this silly, rough, demanding, fun-loving, bossy, stubborn, loving, beauty join our lives... Thank you German Shepherd Rescue of New England!” [more]
#544 Gracie
“We're celebrating Gracie's birthday today!! She's not too sure about the hat! She's doing really well but does experience a difficult mood change at times, especially around other dogs. She loves her daily walks...looks forward to both of them.  We are so happy we found her...thanks again for all your work with her.” [more]
#544 Gracie
Attached is a picture of Gracie's first leisurely boat ride....she did extremely well! She just loves trying things. We're celebrating her first year anniversary of her adoption today! Can't believe it's been a whole year....she's adjusted well in many respects. We feel so grateful for the opportunity to give her a home! She's really a lot of fun. We have a couple of swans that come to visit almost daily...she's good with them...no barking!!  They recently had 6 little cygnets that also come n [more]
#539 Rosco
We wanted to give you an update on Rosco.  He's halfway through his training and is doing great.  We love him sooo much ! When we're out hiking he wears the shoes because he was having a problem with pads on his paws.  Our vet suggested them and told us it was very common with German Shepherds.  He's great with putting them on too, we give him a treat, put them on and we go for a walk so he associates it with going for a walk and likes putting them on. HE'S SUCH A GOOD DOG, I CAN'T [more]
#538 Lola
Lola is doing terrific! We love her!  She is a favorite among the neighborhood kids as well. She goes for a 3 mile hike with me in the woods every morning. In the year since she came to our home, we may have missed 10-15 mornings...that's it. She very rarely leaves my side. These are a couple of pictures of her at the beach on Cape Cod last weekend. [more]
#517 Spirit
It’s hard to believe that this sweet girl was left at a high-kill shelter two years ago.  Lucky for Spirit an all breed rescue saw her just before her time was up and got her out of there.  The all breed rescue were immediately impressed with her friendly nature and decided she would have her best chance to find a forever home if she could be where people would look for a German Shepherd specifically.   Spirit was adopted two years ago today on June 8, 2019 by a young couple who fell [more]
#515 Sasha
Today we received this update about Sasha, who was adopted 2 years ago at age 10.  We love seeing this happy, loved 12 year old living her BEST life! ♥️🐾.  It was exactly two years ago when we received the call from a shelter about a 10 year old senior female named Sasha, we were torn between wanting to help her and knowing how hard it is to find an adopter who will give an older dog another chance at life.  When we heard her story, though, we couldn’t pass her b [more]
#509 Jackson
“Here is a photo of Jackson, with his housemate Jolene.  Jackson did a cross country RV trip with us last year, and this was at a friend’s home in Oregon.  The friend took this photo of the dogs and submitted it to their local news station and the dogs made the news!” [more]
#507 Duke
Update 16 July 2019 Duke is a healthy, happy and large dog. His weight has settled in at 118 lbs.He eats 4 cups of food twice a day. Daily walks and lots of time in the yard playing with his favorite balls. Helen has always been alpha and our dogs through the years have all seemed attached to her. Duke decided to make me his alpha and is attached to my hip. Since Helen works from home and will be retiring next year much of Duke's time is spent with me since I'm retired. He is very loving to b [more]
#501 Elsa
“She passed with flying colors! She is so cute, isn't she?” You’re never too old to learn and achieve great things. Just ask GSRNE'S Elsa who just passed the CGC test and has received her Canine a good Citizen certificate at 7.5 years old.  (YAY !!) Congratulations to Elsa and her mom, Nancy!! [more]
#494 Riley-b
Update on 05/01/2018 Riley passed her puppy AKC test, and is starting a 6 week course for her manners training this week. Adopted on 3/25/2018 Bio Riley came to GSRNE after her first family realized that, given their already very busy lives, caring for a young puppy was too much work. Four-month old Riley, however, immediately found a home with her foster family and her brother, Ramble, another GSRNE rescue. Riley is energetic, playful, and ready for anything—a game of fetch [more]
#493 Oilver (GSRNE
Oliver was adopted by Ranu and Lindsey and their family in 2018 when he was about two years old.  When their last dog died, they thought about taking a break from dogs for a while---that lasted about a month when they decided their house really was too empty without a dog. Ranu had had a German Shepherd mix earlier in life, and he loved that loyal and loving nature of German Shepherds, so he began searching the web to look for another.  Oliver was the second dog he saw and luck was on h [more]
#485 Hans
I should have contacted you folks earlier than this . Time does have a way of going bye doesn’t it. I hope your all doing well and keeping up the good works that you do. So many good dogs and people out there still need to connect. Is it me or are a lot of people looking for that great companionship that only a good dog can bring. I hear a lot of friends and family up here looking for a dog to bring into their home. Their finally seeing what we’ve known all along. And of course nothing [more]
#478 Chance
Update on 8/29/2017: I think we just passed the 3 month mark with Chance and he's become such an integral part of our lives, we can't remember what things were like without him.  He has gotten better being around men and boys and he is devoted to our boys, who cherish him.  Our younger son, Sam, has even taught him new trick - High 5. We have settled into a routine with a couple daily walks, play time outside with his beloved Jolly Ball, and hang out time with us.  We've gone to th [more]
#475 Wolfgang
Update on 8/18/2017: Wolfgang's Mom says- "It is hard to put into words how much Wolfgang has affected my family.  He is the star of our show.  His energy keeps us moving, whether it's playing fetch, taking walks or discovering new things in the backyard with us, where he prefers to be.  We still can't get him in the pool, though.  He'll venture to the first step and that's it.  But to keep him cool outside, the hose always serves its purpose.  We are endlessly amused watching Wolfgang b [more]
#463 Lionel (Lion)
Update on 12/28/2016: Looks like Lion is getting spoiled at his forever home. :) Lion's Mom says "He's a ham but hard to get any active pictures of him as he just looks like a black blur on the screen. So his best shots are at bedtime."                                 Adopted on 1/29/2017: Bio: We met Lion when he was 8 months old, after he had been l [more]
#455 Crystal
Merry Christmas from Crystal and myself! It has been over five years now and Crystal is almost twelve years old. Time does go by fast. Chrystal is slowing down and a little lame but we are still moving. She has been a great dog and never leaves my side 24/7.  I hope things are good for all of you. Thanks for the great you all do with the dogs! [more]
#450 Chloe
Update on 11/4/2018 We just heard from Chloe’s adopters and we’re thrilled to hear that her life has been one big adventure! “We cannot thank GSRNE enough for bringing Chloe into our lives.  She is just the most wonderful dog anyone could ever want.  She goes everywhere with us.  We recently took her on a very long road trip - 7,000 miles !!!   Our main destination was Best Friends Animal Sanctuary where Chloe was a participant in the Strut Your Mutt fund raiser.  We explored al [more]
#448 Ryker
  Adopted: May 22, 2016 Age: 10 months DOB 7/7/15 Click for more photos Password:Ryker   Update: July 1, 2016 Ryker is doing very well, although it seems like he’s been with us for a lot longer than the 6 weeks he’s actually lived with us.  He loves to play with us and with Kensey, and he enjoys going to the park where he often gets to meet and play with other dogs off-leash.  He has wonderful manners when meeting other dogs and always wags his tail a [more]
#446 Noble
Adopted: May 12,2016 at Age: 6 years Click for more photos Password: Noble   Update on 12/24/2016 Happy Holidays from Noble's forever family "Some people like balsam during the holidays, but at our house, we prefer to decorate with Noble Fur"               Noble's original write-up: Sometimes a dog comes to us with a name that really suits him/her, and that’s the case with Noble.  He approach [more]
#445 Suki
It looks like someone got spoiled with some really nice new toys today!     Happy Birthday Suki! ♥️ Adopted: April 16, 2016 AGE: 2 years Click for more photos Password: Suki   Suki's original write up: If intelligence is on the top of your list when you think of the qualities you want in a GSD, then Suki may be the dog for you. Her keen intelligence will help her excel in obedience or agility and her serious hunt [more]
#437 Baby / Ava
Adopted: Jan. 1, 2016 Age: 1 yr.4 months (DOB 8/15/14) Click to View More Images. Password: Ava   Update April 16, 2016: Ava has discovered that balls are fun to chase, and that a leash is good, because when it gets attached she goes on adventures! Ava also loves to learn new things because she has discovered she likes getting rewarded with treats too! Her favorite trick is to ring a bell by the door when she wants to go out, and sh [more]
#435 Kayla
Adopted: Nov. 1, 2015 age at adoption: 1 yr 8 months (DOB 2/1/14) Click to View More Photos Password: Kayla   Update: May 19, 2016 Thank you for all the great work you organization does and most of all for bringing Kayla into our life. Have a great summer.               Kayla's original write-up:  Life was pretty good for this young female for her first 15 months; her owner spent tim [more]
#434 Titan
    Adopted: Sept 21, 2015 AGE: 1 yr. 5 month Click for more photos Password: Titan   UPDATE 02/21/2016 Titan and Greta are best friends and love to snuggle together!!         UPDATE 8/30/2015:   Titan has been checked from stem to stern.  Tests showed that he may need enzymes and a special diet in the future.  He’s holding his own in all other areas.  We are grateful to our supporters for donating the means t [more]
#431Holly  and #432 Mushroom/Wylie
Holly Adopted: Oct. 21, 2015 at age 7 Mushroom  / Wylie Adopted: Oct. 21, 2015 at 4 yrs (DOB 4/25/11) click to view more photos Password: Mushy Update on 6/24/2016: Here is Holly's and Wylie's update from their mom- Wylie has continued to show improvement (baby steps) with his fear of my being part of the family. He jumps up on the bed each morning, kisses me, lets me rub his ears and pet him. Of course, he still prefers Todd, but at least I’m not getting such a panicked react [more]
#422 Magic/Gretchen
Update on 12/23/2016 Gretchen mom says: "We have had a wonderful year with her.  She has had lots of fun from enjoying doggie ice cream, going to the beach, camping and climbing on rocks in the river. She also loves to snuggle with our cat.  They get along wonderfully.  She amazes us every day with her very vocal and quirky personality.  She loves walk, rides in the car.  Say the word "ride" and she is waiting by the door talking to us.  I actually said to my husband this morn [more]
#422 Gretchen
We adopted her at 8 weeks old in August of 2015.  She has been the love of our lives ever since.  Her favorite things are her jolly ball, she could play all day, sitting on her front porch watching the world go by, playing search looking for treats, and camping.  She is a great camper.  She makes us laugh each and every day with the amount of “talking” she does.  She is great with commands like “speak”, “whisper”, “search”.     She is a very smart, quirky, loyal gir [more]
#420 Tucker
Adoption: DEC 15, 2015 Age at adoption: 1 year 7 months (DOB 5/15/14) Click for more photos of Tucker Password: Tucker   Update on 08/04/2019: Tucker is doing great. He even has a new baby sister kitty. He sometimes gets a little jealous but never tries to hurt her. We acclimated them slowly & in stages. (Petey kitty passed a few yrs back, 19 + yrs old ): Tucker did put on a few pounds, but w/ some reduced calories he's looking pretty good. Even Dr [more]
#416 Campy / Champ
Adopted: March 5, 2016 at age Age at adoption: 4 yrs 10 months   DOB 5/12/12 Click for more photos of Champ Password: Campy Update on 07/23/2016: Champ has adjusted well and fast.He has an outside ball he grabs the second he goes out and drops it at back door when coming in. He follows his dad and sister every where and loves playing bally. I had my first party with him here on July 4th and he was great. There were about 30-35 people. He would go up and get a pat on h [more]
#413 Max
Update on 09/02/2015: Max goes to his Mom's work place with his four-legged buddy, Brownie, on Thursdays and usually the 2 other dogs (besides the french bulldog) are there for them to play with.  He is still about 70 lbs.  He hasn’t gained much since after he has gone to his forever home because he is so active that anything he eats he burns off. Biography Max has a social personality and an energetic and happy disposition; but when he first arrived in his foster home, he se [more]
#408 Greta
Update on 02/16/2016 Greta (GSRNE #408) and Titan (GSRNE# 434) have become best buddies and they love to snuggle with each other.  Adopted on 2/12/2015 Biography Greta is a smart, spunky, sassy, super playful and active puppy who loves exploring new things with her family. She came into our program when she was only 10 weeks old and had been left at a shelter. She is currently living in a foster home that has an adult male and an adult female German Shepherd who are helping [more]
#407 Koda
Adopted: Jan. 12, 2015  Age: 4 years old Click for more photos password: Koda   Update on 06/07/2015 Koda has settled right in here with his "sister" Morgan and myself. We walk daily in the park, play ball in the afternoons   He loves to go on little road trips.  He has gained some weight. Koda was recently diagnosed with Metatarsal fistula of both back feet, an uncommon disorder,  he has been on antibiotics and Vit E.  Thankfully, it seems to be under contro [more]
#406 Nova
Adopted: December 22, 2014 Biography: This handsome young male, about 3 years old, was seen being dumped out of a pick-up truck. The local Animal Control Officer was called, and it took 9 hours before she could get him into her care. Needless to say, he was scared and confused and looking for someone or something familiar. He was given a name and moved to a GSRNE foster home to start a new life, and he gradually began to relax. He didn’t eat much for the first 5 days in spite of needing [more]
#405 Sophie
Adopted: November 29, 2014 Biography: Sophie is a very pretty, small-medium sized, 2 year old spayed female GSD who is looking for her forever home. She is doing well in her foster home living with a male GSD and a cat along with her foster dad. Sophie came to us from a home that also had another dog and three cats. The home owner had rescued Sophie from a neglect situation. Sophie was approximately one year old at the time and was emaciated, had little fur, and she had not experienced [more]
#404 Winston
adopted: November 1, 2014 Biography: 9/8/2014 Update: Happy news for Winston! He is now heartworm free and the surgery to remove his damaged eye went very well. Winston was neutered at the same time. He is recovered and ready for adoption. Winston is a loving boy who is looking for his forever home. Winston is a large, handsome, 4-5 year old (maybe younger) male GSD. He came into our program from another rescue that works with a different breed of dog and knew that GSRNE was the per [more]
#404 Winston
My family adopted Winston #404 in 2014 and I want to say he is the best dog in the world and is very playful with our new dog. Winston is loving and happy. Thank you for bringing us together.   German Shepherd Rescue of New England, I… [more]
#403 Daisy
Adopted: October 7, 2014 Biography: UPDATE 07/10/14 - Daisy gets more beautiful every day and is a very sweet and gentle girl. She has been going to obedience training each week which helps her become more confident. She also goes on three-mile walks, sometime with her foster brothers or with other visitors and their dogs. She has even gone on hikes and is enjoying the outdoors. Daisy has been with us for several months while her EPI, Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, was being confirmed [more]
#402 Leigh
adopted: November 22, 2014 re-named ‘Leigha’ Biography: The first thing you notice when you meet Leigh is that she is absolutely gorgeous! Her shiny coat is a rich black with a little tan on her legs. Her eyes are beautiful and when she looks at you, she will capture your heart. Leigh came to us from a shelter where she was turned in as a stray. Seeing how unhappy she was in a shelter environment (it can be noisy), they called GSRNE to see if we could find her the perfect home. [more]
#401 Diesel
Update on 02/04/2017: Diesel is doing good!                   Adopted: October 5, 2014 Biography: Diesel is a gentle giant whose greatest joy is being with his person and doing everything that he can to please you. Diesel came to GSRNE through an Animal Control Officer (ACO). This handsome boy had been brought to a town pound, dragging a chain. When the local ACO contacted the owner, he learned that the own [more]
#400 Magnum
01/03/2015 Update: Here is Magnum's update from his Dad-  "Our boy has had his first Christmas with us and merrily enjoyed opening his presents. He readily took to the tradition of tearing open his presents (with a little help from Mom). He’s enjoying having both his Mom and Pop around more during vacation – I’m afraid he’s getting spoiled. Speaking of spoiled, he’s definitely that… and well-deserving of lots of attention and scruffles. He enjoys his long walks and especially [more]
#392 Georgie
Adopted on 5/22/2014 UPDATE 09/05/13 – In Georgie’s new foster home, she has bonded with both adults and the resident GSD. She is a dog that craves affection and her sweet eyes just melt your heart.  She is a dog that wants to please you. Georgie is great with other dogs, but slow to initiate play.  She even likes cats, and if the cat is dog friendly, she will hang out with the cat.  She enjoys having a foster brother who she attends doggie day care with two to three times a week.  [more]
#391 Sailor
Adopted on 3/24/2014 Biography Sailor is a beautiful, joyful, loving and almost two-year-old female GSD that is looking for a wonderful forever home.  She came into our program from an owner that could no longer afford her care or give her the time she needed.  Sailor is currently living with one human adult and no other animals. She loves to play, take walks and learning new things.  She is well behaved, comes when called, is great on the leash, and is very excited to learn new comm [more]
#388 Lexi
Update on 04/20/2014 Lexi is doing great.  She turned 1 year old on March 27. She needed to have a second surgery in mid-February to remove the implants that were used to fix her front leg in October.  So the bad news is she had to be kept very quiet while recovering from her second surgery in 5 months.  But the good news is that she is healed and her leg is doing fantastic now! She loves to play with her toys and can play fetch with the same toy for hours if you let her. She loves to [more]
#387 Junior
 03/02/2014 Update Junior is doing great in his training class, he graduates next week. Junior's parents also work with him at home and take him daily for 3 mile long walks. He loves to play outdoors and play in the snow. He loves his “playmate, a Pomeranian. They run around together and have a ball. Junior gets along well with other dogs, children, and people. They all adore him! Junior no longer needs the crate and he is very good in the house.       &nbs [more]
#386 Hank
Adopted on 12/30/2013 Biography Hank is a handsome, 5-year, 7-month old, black and tan, male GSD.  Hank came into our program as an owner surrender and came in with Chloe.  Unfortunately, his owner could no longer keep him or Chloe due to the time both dogs need from someone and an allergy of one of the humans in the home.  He is currently living in a home with two adults, no children and no other animals.  He is a very happy dog who loves affection. Hank has quickly fallen into his [more]
#384 Lady
Adopted on 12/16/2013 Biography Lady is a very sweet, pretty, high energy and playful seven-month-old puppy who came to us from a shelter. Lady is in need of training and socialization due to the lack of it she received during her growth with her previous owner. Lady’s foster home is working on her social skills and obedience training to help her gain confidence with meeting new people and being in new environments. She has become more comfortable and relaxed in the foster home, a [more]
#383 Tonka
Adopted on 11/17/2013 Biography Tonka is a young, handsome, black and tan long coat.  He came from a shelter, as a stray, who contacted us to see if we could help take him into our program. He is a very happy dog with a sweet, sensitive, loving and playful personality.  His energy level is medium to high and all he wants to do is play, play, play.  Indoors, he likes to chew on his Nylabone, Wubba, and tennis balls.  Outdoors, he loves to take walks, chase his foster brother in the y [more]
#381 Tia (now Saphira)
Adopted on 10/28/2013 Biography Tia is a beautiful, nine-month old, black and tan GSD.  She is very sweet and friendly with people.  She enjoys being hugged by her foster home people.  She barks at strange dogs, but if properly introduced she is fine.  The foster home is working on her social skills and obedience training as she did not seem to have any, but she was crate trained and house broken before arriving in our program.  She is in a home with two adults, one male GSD and sever [more]
#379 Duke
Adopted on 9/9/2013 Update on 08/01/2013 Duke was moved to a new foster home to work on continued training as he was taking over in the home.  In his new foster home, he is living with two adults; one male GSD and one male Rottweiler.  He is very sweet and loving in the home.  He will give you kisses and gladly roll over for belly rubs.  He likes to hang out with you in the house and lie at your feet, or on one of the dog beds nearby.  He really enjoys being outside especially if he has [more]
#377 Ebony
Adopted on 07/31/2013 Biography Ebony is a beautiful, black Shepherd who needs a person/people of her own. She is a happy, well-behaved dog with low to medium energy. She is crate trained, but really does not care for her crate. She will howl for a couple of minutes, but settle right down. She likes to play fetch, go for walks, and go for car rides, but her favorite thing to do is to be with you. If you are watching TV, she will lie down at your feet, or on one of the many dog beds in t [more]
#375 Logan
Look who is 2 today !!!!!! Logan enjoyed his steak once cooked on the grill and had a bone for dessert.             Adopted on 06/14/2013 Biography Logan is a gorgeous, large, young, neutered, male GSD. He came into our program from a shelter asking for our help. He was given up to the shelter by someone who doesn’t know the breed or knows how to care for a young, very active and confused pup. He is being fostered in a home with t [more]
#374 Ricca (now Angus)
Update on 06/27/2015 Here is what Angus's mom has to say about Angus- "We adore him and he has filled out and become quite the handsome dude.  His confidence has grown and recently at a graduation party he allowed strange men to say hello, and pet him.  :o)  sweet boy."           Update on 03/16/2014 Angus's mom says "Angus is doing awesome!!  He is a great dog and loves his family-very attached to us! He enjoys playing with Eva and go [more]
#373 Dixie
Adopted on 6/13/2013 Biography Dixie is 11-12 weeks old puppy.  She is a pretty girl but has a shorter tail as something happened to her before we got her.  Possibly the mother chewed off part of her tail thinking it was the umbilical cord.  She is very sweet and friendly.  She currently has hookworms and is being treated for them.  She also has a hernia, which will be taken care of when she is spayed at 6 mos.   She has been in 2 other homes before we took her in and placed her with [more]
#372 Kelsa
Kelsa celebrated her first birthday on 2/12/2014 at at Hanover, MA Petco Adopted on 06/13/2013 Biography The first thing most people notice about Kelsa are her eyes; she looks right at you with a direct and confident gaze.  She’s a happy dog and wants to investigate and explore everything in her surroundings.  This  could get her into trouble, though, so you have to be vigilant and quick to remove anything from her mouth that could be harmful if she were to swallow it.  Kelsa will [more]
#370 Gemma
  Update on 06/15/2015 This is what Gemma's mom has to say about Gemma- "It has been a busy but great year for Gemma girl! Despite the cold and long winter, Gemma had fun taking walks across the frozen lake-exploring new areas and even managing to set the pace during some very deep snow shoe adventures! Not unlike the rest of us, Gemma came to life with the first signs of spring. Frolicking the trails and chasing whatever wildlife she could sniff out. She loves spending time o [more]
#369 Madison (Maddie)
Adopted on 4/27/2013 Biography Madison is a super sweet and friendly girl. Her first reaction to new dogs is bark and hackles up, but she warms right up and is friendly wanting to play with the dogs. She knows how to sit, is crate trained (previous owner said), but needs a lot of training as she pulls on the leash and jumps on people. I wanted to take her home. She has a nice, prancey gait, left ear flops, and her front paws look like they turn out a bit, but she is wonderful! [more]
#368 Addie
Adopted on 04/27/2013 Biography Addie loves to play and chewing on toys is one of her favorite activities. She enjoys being outside and running around in the yard. She’s learning fetch and every day is a new adventure. At first she wasn’t sure about going for car rides but has slowly come to like them, sitting and watching the world go by. Her house manners still need some work but she’s a quick learner. She’s a typical puppy and has been known to chew papers and steal the occas [more]
#367 Touser
Adopted on 4/12/2013 Biography This handsome boy was turned into a shelter after his family felt too overwhelmed to care for him along with their young children. Realizing what a wonderful dog Touser was, the shelter called GSRNE for help. At only 5 years old Touser is still energetic and loves to play fetch. His ideal play date would involve someone throwing a ball for him for hours on end! He rides great in the car, likes going on errands, and enjoys going to the dog park. Wherever he g [more]
#366 West
Adopted on 2/24/2013 Biography West has the typical rescue story of an abandoned starving dog who was picked up by animal control and then quietly passed over at the shelter. On top of the malnutrition, he needed to be shaved while undergoing treatment for flea dermatitis, survived acute bloat and neutering surgery, and developed a very painful ear infection all in a very short period of time. One would think this poor guy would be a little mad by now, but in fact, he’s quite the oppo [more]
#365 Zeus
Adopted on 2/8/2012. Biography Zeus is a 10-month old black and tan male. He is a super sweet, friendly guy and likes to play. He needs “all” training—pulls on leash, when excited and wants to get to something, likes to counter surf, jump on people and furniture---new to a crate. He likes new people, interest in new dogs, kids…Sorry Jill, not sure about cats. He came from a shelter as an owner-surrender dog. He is going to be a super GSD for someone, especially once he is trained mo [more]
#356 Maddie
Update on 01/01/2014 Maddie is doing very well. She is taking several items to improve digestion. She has put on weight and is now down to two meals per day versus three. She has no other medical problems at this time. She is very well trained. She is good with children and adults when properly introduced and warms up to them. She has very good manners and does not need to be in a training class, they think she must have been already trained as they are very pleased with her. Their 11 year ol [more]
#355 Maxwell
Update: December 24, 2012 We decided to go with Max's original name of Maxwell and have been calling him that.  Maxwell is doing so good and we couldn’t have asked for a better dog.  He fits in perfect in our home and is so well behaved.  He just passed his obedience class this past Saturday and is doing wonderful.  We have signed up for another group class and plan to further his training.  Bob White of B&B training is wonderful and Maxwell loves him. Happy Holidays Lauren, [more]
#323 Eli
Eli GSRNE #323 Adopted on January 13, 2012 My family (husband, 12 year-old son and 9.5 year-old daughter) and I, adopted Eli one year ago. During this time he has become an integral part of our family. But let me back up and tell you a bit of our story. At the time we first met Eli he was nearly 7 months old. We were all struck with his beauty and size of his enormous ears. After spending some time with him, it was clear how intelligent he was and how eager to play and to please his fos [more]
#260 Dadamine
Dadamine GSRNE #260 Adopted on May 8, 2009 Dadamine came to us as an owner surrender, along with two other males, Cyrus and Blitz. Although the owner loved the dogs, especially Dadamine, and provided a huge fenced-in yard for them, he was overwhelmed with taking care of them. He wanted to insure that they would be well cared for and so GSRNE took "Dad" (and the others) into foster care where they did very well. Those of you who made it to the auction, met "Dad" when he made an appearanc [more]
#235 Max
Max GSRNE #235 Adopted on June 8, 2008 When we applied to adopt from GSRNE rescue three years ago, little did we realize it would change our lives. After passing the "tests" for adoption (my sister said it was easier to adopt a child), we waited for our perfect match to come along. I was constantly on the web site looking for new adoptees and hoping one of them would be ours. Finally the call we waited for: Laurie Keating called with an offer, but he just didn't sound like the right dog [more]
#223 Kaizur
Kaizur (was Niklas) GSRNE #223 Adopted on January 26, 2008 We were devastated after the death of our six month old Shepard Sheba. We were a bit apprehensive about getting another dog as our hearts were broken and we were not sure if we should perhaps wait. Our daughter Becca came across GSRNE while searching the internet. We spoke about it as a family and decided we were ready to try again. We soon heard from Laurie Keating and she started the process. We were very excited to learn abou [more]
#220 Riley II
Riley II GSRNE #220 Adopted   Riley is a grand guy....He settled in quite fast, met friends and a few of their dogs without any real problems. He has his bed in our bedroom and a blanket in the living room...seems he loves the warmth from the wood stove last winter. Riley stays with me in the yard, but does sneak off now and then through the wood about 150 feet to the neighbors house to play with Jack their black lab, then they both come back ....wanting cookies! His first campin [more]
#172 Leo
Leo (was Micah) GSRNE #172 Adopted in February 2005 In 2002 we lost our 7-year old Shepherd, Keisar, to Bloat which affects many large breed dogs. I remember crying for months and thinking I could never have a dog again. After about a year we started thinking about getting another Shepherd. I talked to my husband, and we both agreed to get another dog. My friend told me to check out the German Shepherd Rescue website and I did. I called them and was informed that we could not adopt a do [more]
#159 Ina
Ina GSRNE #159 Adopted    We are so grateful that we have had this opportunity to rescue Ina. We walk her 6 miles a day in beautiful woods, cook her three fresh organic meals a day, give her birthday parties, wonderful vacations, and sit on the couch with her snuggled up to us with her head on our lap. Thank you so much for your blessing; it is our blessing to have Ina in our lives.   Here are some more pics of our wonderful, sweet, happy girl, Tai and Michael [more]
#136 Tiki
Tiki GSRNE #136 Adopted on January 17, 2003   My husband and I have recently adopted a wonderful dog named Tiki. We had looked into adoption from GSRNE after losing the second of our two beloved dogs (one a German Shepherd mix and the other a German Shepherd) last summer. We both love the breed but also really liked the idea of adopting a dog that needed a home so GSRNE was the perfect answer! We were very excited when the call came and arrangements were made to visit a dog that [more]
#130 Wren
Wren GSRNE #130 Adopted on July 29, 2002 I adopted Wren in August and it was HOT! Wren decided she liked her air conditioned rooms and would only go out quickly and then wanted back into the lovely cool air. She loves the air-conditioned rooms and I love to spoil her. Wren and I go out for our walks every night, play in doors with her toys and we go for coffee at night. She just loves to go for rides. Wren and my dad are getting along so well! Dad loves to have her around...he calls [more]
#118 Buddy
Buddy GSRNE #118 Adopted in January 2002 Buddy is generally doing well. He is slowing down a bit (he’s 11-12 yrs. old), and has some arthritis in his hips. We are giving him Glyco-flex III (glucosamine) and it seems to help. We also take him for at least 4 walks a day.. Buddy loves his toys and will play for hours with us. We don’t toss things as far as we used to, but he will chase his “squeaky” toys and bring them back to us to throw again. Buddy sleeps with us on our queen [more]
#116 Nyla-Jean
Nyla-Jean GSRNE #116 Adopted in October, 2001    When we met Nyla, we were looking for a white Shepherd to fill a huge void, left when we lost our beloved Cain, a White GSD my husband had found in a pound. When we adopted him, 2 year old Cain was only hours away from being euthanized. He was with us for 9 years, and we lost him when he was 11. Nyla had spent most of her life in a backyard, suffering from constant ear infections and flea allergies, and she was pathetically un [more]
#112 Ivory
Yes, German Shepherd Dogs do come in white! Ivory is what they meant to make all German Shepherds be like. She is trusting and loving and just loves to tag along and play any game you can come up with. [more]
#108 Kizzy
Kizzy (was Inca) GSRNE #108 Adopted    This is the story of one of our placements, Inca (renamed Kizzy), with her handler/owner Cil! Inca was found at a local pound. As a dark-colored dog, many people who might have adopted Kizzy were intimated by her and therefore weren't interested. It's kind of funny, because she's incredibly friendly and playful, but this happens sometimes. The shelter manager knows a good dog when she sees one, and we were thrilled to take this dog in. [more]
#090 Sheba
Sheba was turned into GSRNE from an all breed rescue that didn't focus on GSD's. Sheba had suffered horrific abuse and needed someone to trust and teach her about the world. When she arrived, she was full of fear and distrust. Sheba was placed into a special foster home that was used to dealing with behavioral problems and issues. In time, using love and tenderness, Sheba learned about rules and how to "win". She was able to romp with other dogs and take her time learning about humans. S [more]
#000 Sport
We were able to evaluate dogs and collaborate with other rescues to save dogs we weren't able to take in. We worked with New England vets and shelters to help out numerous dogs. Sport was one of those dogs we evaluated and another rescue placed. I wanted to send you a story about Sport. I believe you originally had him in Wayland before he was sent to the Blue Dog Shelter in Brockton. His picture is still on your website. I adopted Sport Christmas week of 2003. He was such a great companion [more]