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GSRNE #149
? – 1/14/2006

Eire came into my life in the summer of 03. Jenna, my former GSD, had passed away in the spring of liver cancer. We had 10 years together. It hurt bad to lose her. Eire was left tied to the fence of a GSD breeder, with a note asking for someone to take care of her. She was well cared for, so you have to wonder why someone would do that.

Janice Ritter brought her to me for foster care. Within a week, we both knew it was for keeps. Eire fit in like an old pair of Levis, and made fast friends with Taz the orange tiger cat.

Arie0011There is a steep hill in my backyard. Eire would walk up to the top and roll over on her back and slide down all summer and fall. Winter came with snow and ice. The weekend after the first storm Eire climbed the hill, rolled over and shot down like a train! The look on her face was worth a million bucks! She did wait until spring to do any more hill sliding.

In the winter of 2005, Eire began having trouble walking. A trip to the vet and 6 x-rays later, we found arthritis and severe Spondylitis in the spine. She was put on Rimadyl and Glyco-flex III. The drugs helped for a while, but she became less mobile as time passed. Saturday 1-14-06, she could no longer walk. Another trip to the vet and I knew it would be for good.

As I held her head and looked in her eyes the last words she heard was “I love you, I love you,” and she was gone.

erieTazArrangements were made for cremation. I had a private viewing and said a final goodbye and watched her being placed in the crematory. Two and a half years is not a lot of time: I wish we had more. The hurt is no less for a shorter time together. This summer I buried her remains in the yard next to Jenna.

Birthday-unknown to passing 1-14-06 Foster sister to Rommel and Rocky. Buddy to Taz (Eire would groom and wash him like a puppy). Best Friend to me.

Blue Skies
To Eire

Danny Thompson 1-20-2006






GSRNE #131
1992? – 6/01/2006

When I first saw Eva’s picture on the GSRNE website, it was love at first sight. There was something in her eyes that said we were meant to be together. That was in the summer of 2002 when she was about 9 or 10. As I got to know her, I began to understand more of her past; her agility when tethered and her heavily callused elbows told me that she had spent most of her life tied up outside with asphalt for a yard. It was such a delight to watch her run freely and enjoy the freedom of her yard and roll around in the grass. She protected the neighborhood from noisy motorcycles was always on guard looking for them – and successfully chased them all away by running back and forth along her fence.

the girlsShe adored kitties, took care of her 3 kitty siblings and helped me with fosters for Siamese Rescue of Virginia. I always wondered if she had had puppies; she enjoyed collecting squeak toy-babies and keeping them safe – several times a day she would check on them to make sure they were all safely tucked in their bed. She stole an old blanket from the laundry and dragged it to where her babies were – and that was their bed thereafter. Her goal was to give them each nibble-kisses without making them squeak, if one squeaked she was upset that she hurt it and licked it to make it better. I think this was the first time she had toys, as she valued each and every thing that was hers, and ‘knew’ each time I came home with a new toy for her, waiting with expectant eyes like a child on Christmas morning.

She all ready to goenriched my life in so many ways with her smiles and antics; she was a great friend. I am so glad that I decided to rescue a senior girl, and am thankful that we had such special time together.



1998? – 8/16/2006

GSRNE is sad to announce that Olivia, GSRNE #84 has passed on. She was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and within just a few weeks she was gone. Fortunately, she was sick only a short time, but everything happened so fast that her owners, Lisa and Bob, can’t believe she is gone. They were at her side and held her until the end.OliviaLisaMedalOlivia2andMak

Foster #F-39

1997? – 1/16/2006

We all learned so much from getting to know Trixie; the way she gradually came out of her depression (from living alone in her former owner’s house for months after he died); the way she allowed herself to trust and love her foster Mom after months of patient and gentle care; her dignity and poise in dealing with her health issues, pain, and loss of mobility.  We were privileged to have the time that we had with her.
Karen McCall, GSRNE Board

The Story of a True Princess by her foster mom, Laurie Keating

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess German Shepherd named Trixie. She had a lovely face, black and silver hair and the sweetest temperament. She lived alone with an elderly man and took such good care of him for seven years.  She stayed close and learned to move gently and never get in his way.  She brought joy to his life and she thrived in his love for her.

But for reasons unknown, she did not receive her heartworm medication and an evil mosquito bit her and brought that harmful disease.  No one noticed and she never complained.  She lived each day, as a good German Shepherd should, loving her person and guarding his house.TrixieSmallFace

One day, her person died and now she was alone.  His family loved the little princess but could not take her home, nor bear to place her in a shelter.

Because she had severe hip dysplasia, they knew she would be put to sleep. So for 9 months, the family left her in the house alone, coming to feed and let her outside. She grieved alone and gradually withdrew into herself.  The family called GSRNE and they agreed to help her.

The rescue person’s who went to get her had never seen such a sweet but sad little dog.  There was no life in those dark eyes, no joy,  no wagging tail.

Those wonderful ladies gave her love and comforted her.

Then she came to her foster home where an older lady with a cane and an older German Shepherd gentleman lived.  They were so sad when they saw her and worked to show her that the world could be a wonderful place again.  Gradually she started to eat and found a tennis ball.  It was fun to chase it in the house. 

She could even take toys away from her fur pal. Gradually the light came back into her eyes, the bounce in her step and she began to talk. She woofed, and barked and howled and yowled and her foster mom talked back.  Soon they were lip licking and yawning together (dog calming signals) Every morning when they got up, there would be a morning “talking” session to start the day and one before retiring at night, along with constant chats during the day.  When the 10 month old grandson came over each week, she tried her calming techniques on him when he cried to no avail. But wet kisses to the face always worked. Children in the neighborhood came over to visit her and pat her gentle head.

Trixie was sore getting around and they suspected it was her hips. GSRNE decided to help her with her hip problems and off they went to Angell Memorial Hospital to see the bone doctor.  Not such good news.  She would need an operation to replace one of those hips. But one night after climbing the stairs, our little princess fainted and fell to the ground.  More episodes followed.  So GSRNE took her to Tufts to see what was happening to her.  After many tests, Trixie was found to have heartworm, pulmonary hypertension and heart problems caused by the heartworm. The doctors treated her for the heartworm and kept telling us that she was one of the sweetest dogs that they had ever treated.

TrixiesBallThe day she had to go in for her second treatment, she started holding up her hind leg and whining in pain.  Back at the hospital, they found that she had clots in her lungs and maybe something wrong in her spine.

Her foster mom brought her home with pain medication but she wouldn’t eat, not even homemade soup or steak tips.  She had to be lifted up and helped to walk. She became a sad little dog again.  No fairy godmother, nor foster mom’s love could make her better.  Because we loved her so much, we let her cross the Rainbow Bridge. Now she runs with the Angels. Fly, Trixie, fly!

Please continue to page two to read more about Trixie’s history



GSRNE #117
? – 10/10/2005

Mavy crossed the bridge.
Maverick gave his all to us for as long as he could and didn’t quit despite how tired he really was. We made a very difficult decision for us, that was the best thing we could have done for Mav, we gave him peace. A rest from his allergies and itchies and chronic ear infections. Our boy was never anything less than a PERFECT gentleman and always gave so much more than was ever expected of him. Loyal and loving to a fault, Mav was my very first male dog and he was a shining star. We miss you everyday and wish you peace as you join Cocoa and play with the doggie angels. Thank you, Mav, for everything.600_P3200013OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




GSRNE #161
2/19/1995 – 11/29/2005

You had to endure a hard life until the angels from GSRNE eventually were able to rescue you. You were leashed outside to a tree, flies were biting your ears off and you were afraid of thunder and lightning. You had to wait seven months in a shelter until you found the way to us 02/27/04. And then we had to rush you to Tufts hospital and you barely survived Babesia Canis. It was a big expense for GSRNE but worth every penny of it. webKingFamilyI don’t know how you managed to keep your gentle, calm, friendly and loving character. You were a fast learner and such a good boy so we returned the crates and you could roam freely in the house. I never saw you aggressive – yes, sometimes you growled a little at the kitty when she got too close to your piece of hard bread – your iron reserve. Otherwise you just enjoyed meeting all humans, especially kids and other animals. I remember the satisfaction you had when I let you run free in the backyard. We were almost afraid you would fall off the stone wall but you always managed to turn in time. Patiently you waited when we were working in the yard and you helped us take a nap after work. We enjoyed countless walks together in the surrounding parks. You loved to come with us on short and long trips. What an adventure is was to climb Mt. Watatuc and play with the other dogs from the Swiss society. Even the long ride to Florida did not bother you. You were with us and all was fine. End of October you were diagnosed with terminally ill lung cancer. We were afraid you would not make it to Florida to our new home. But you stayed with us and had a spoiled retirement. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou went peacefully to the rainbow bridge on 11/29/05. Thank you for your time, patience and love. Edith and I miss you and will always remember you until we meet again at the bridge. Rony.



1992 – 10/05/2005

After 6 very rewarding years, Saturday brought the final moments for our handsome sweet boy, still standing, with dignity. His hips and hind legs wouldn’t hold him up very well at all anymore, and he collapsed often, was getting stuck in his doorless crate (he loved that crate-his own personal wolf den-nice!!) quite a bit, and even the 3 steps out on the deck were getting to be a real problem. It wasn’t just the arthritis, but also spondolosis, the same ailment (with a worsening heart condition) that felled our last Shepherd, Casey-1986-99. Xander was partly blind and deaf, but you would hardly have known it. Our friend Alison, a vet, also suspected he may have been suffering from a tumor on his spinal column, as he had an odd way of dragging his right rear paw suddenly, and then recovering, but we never officially had it diagnosed. But it was definitely getting worse. He was just wearing down and out; so tired, so painful to watch. But 13 years is often more than we expect with these big fur balls, and it’s a blessing that he had some quality of life until very recently.

Thanks always for introducing us to this very special guy. He wasn’t necessarily a dog for everyone, but he certainly was for us.



8/08/1996 – 9/05/2008

Sadly, my parents’ beloved white German Shepherd Abby passed away on Friday afternoon. Her 12th birthday would have been this coming October 8th. All of the Steins miss her very much. Thank you to German Shepard Rescue New England for all of the wonderful years we had with her.

Abby was a very special dog, she was always ready with a tail wag and a greeting. An ambassador for the household, always greeting people and wanting pats (as well as barking to say goodbye). She refused to walk in the rain unless she was wearing her yellow raincoat and you could always see her wagging her tail when passing people who admired it. Even the grumpiest of strangers at Fresh Pond and in the neighborhood couldn’t help but smile at the tail wagging white dog in the bright yellow rain-coat. She loved to play with toys and knew all of her toys by name including her “kosher” bone, her bear, her lamb and many others.

As a younger dog, Abby was always wanting more, however in her last years her inner sweetness shone very brightly.  She had a special sparkle in her eyes – which you could see most clearly when she was engaging in her favorite activities such as chasing snow balls, playing in the snow or in the ocean.  When her “dad” Maury was bedridden for six months, she spent hours every day on the bed with him, bringing comfort.

Abby had joined the Steins when she was 3 years young and was the longest lived GSD we have had, spending 9 years with us. Always a white dog- dirt just didn’t stick to her coat- in her last weeks Abby somehow became more white even luminous, perhaps her angel nature showing through.Abby2

When Abby received her companion dog title, Phyllis brought this cake with Abby’s picture on it to dog class. Apparently Abby’s brother Saber thought the cake was tasty too.  The writing on the cake reads “Abby-GS Rescue and CD” (companion dog). Saber was German Shepard Rescue New England dog number 08, Abby was GSRNE dog number 80 and Sammy is GSRNE 160.



1992? – 02/27/2003

Saber was my very special boy- I loved him from the moment I first saw him in the window of his GSRNE foster home.  We had a wonderful, too short, six years together; he was about six when he came to live with us.  We could have called him Velcro, had we been naming him ourselves. When he first was adopted by us, he wouldn’t leave my side, even when I was in the bathtub!  He was FAT when we first got him (maybe thirty-five pounds over normal weight) and awkward as anything.  After a year or so, he was sleek and beautiful and always ready to please.  We were seldom separated; he stayed with my friend Sue a few times,  for special things like my daughter’s college graduation.  Otherwise, he came with us everywhere.

At Janice Ritter’s suggestion, we took him to obedience training at New England dog training club for a six week session.  Saber and I loved it, and we went almost every Thursday night for those six years.SaberWeb

We had told Janice we wanted a quiet dog who would be content with our inactive life style for 10 hours a day, and ready to run on the 11th hour, and she found us Saber, who was the perfect match. 

SaberWeb3He had many loves – travel in the car, coming on errands with me, walking down the aisles at Staples while I pushed the cart, playing with tennis balls, eating, obedience training, other dogs, special time on the bed with us at night, our daughter Ninian, riding in elevators, meeting my clients, having company when he could stay with us, night time treats, etc.  I was never sure how much he loved his adopted sister Abby (GSRNE# 80);  as she was the boss over him, little white tomboy that she is, and she certainly changed his life.  For one thing, she ran faster than he would left to his own devices, but he loped along after her.  She charged at squirrels, where Saber’s style would be to stalk them.  Abby put some pizzaz into his life; he was happily turning very sedate as he hit seven years old.  Her energy pulled him along with her.  (Abby was very sad when he died and took months to recover.)

He was devoted to me in a way I never had before in all my dogs, constantly at my side or at least checking to see where I was when he was running ahead, when he could still run.  He was pretty terrific in the obedience ring, and earned a number of ribbons to show for it.  He had both his CD and his CGC but had to quit going for his next title when his arthritis got too bad to jump.  My favorite show was a German Shepherd show in Central New England in a beautiful country setting, where all the shepherds were lined up in a down stay, and one by one, they got up and broke it, all ten or so of them, until Saber was the only one left in the down stay.  For this, he got his big blue ribbon.

A wonderful, much beloved dog, my “love-bug.”



? – 01/2005

It is with deep regret and sadness that we have had to put our beloved Haley, GSRNE #91 to sleep. It was a very painful decision for Elaine and myself to make. Two years ago we had her x-rayed and our vet informed us that her hips, spine and two front legs were deteriorating very badly. We tried very hard to make life easier for her, putting her on pain medicine and building a ramp for her to enter the house. The last two weeks were very difficult for her. We consulted with our vet., all three of us came to the conclusion, that Haley deserved to be relieved of her suffering.

Haley was adopted by us on July 19, 2000, my birthday. It was the best gift I have ever received. She was a well-traveled dog, spending time at Prince Edward Island, Maine, Vermont and Chatham Mass. Everywhere she went people fell in love with her. Our granddaughters when they were first learning to speak, their first words were not Peppy and Grammy, but was Haley.

Three times a day she was walked in Cunningham Park, Milton and everyone knew her, including all the caretakers of the park. During the summer months she attended all the band concerts at our Town Hall. She even managed to get her picture in the local paper a few times.

We considered ourselves blessed in having this beautiful girl in our lives. She brought joy and happiness to us and it is hard to part with her.

Haley is to be buried at Pine Ridge Pet Cemetery in Dedham Mass. We are going to place a tennis ball with her, because that was her favorite thing, playing with tennis balls.

We want to thank Janice, Karen, Lisa A. and all the members of the GSRNE who were instrumental in giving us the wonderful opportunity in allowing us the privilege of adopting our beautiful girl.

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