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2014 Live Auction Items 7
  L061              Santa’s German Shepherd Figurine                                                  $75.00 Christmas and German Shepherds- what a combination! Approximately 9” in height, this collectible Danbury Mint figurine depicts Santa offering 2 lucky German shepherds a Christmas treat. Donated by:    Tai & Michael Summers-McGuinness     L062            43” X 27.5” Cuddler Dog Bed                                                         $74.00 This is the perfect bed for the dog who loves to cuddle up against something soft. [read more]
2014 Live Auction Items 6
L051            German Shepherd Life-Size 3D Puzzle Sculpture                               $360.00 This is truly a piece of art that not many people have seen. Made of the finest solid birch wood, this life-size puzzle sculpture can be stained, varnished, or kept in its natural look. Sure to be a wonderful conversation piece. Donated by:    Danny Thompson     L052            German Shepherd Stained Glass Panel                                              $80.00 This 16” portrait [read more]
2014 Live Auction Items 5
    L041              German Shepherd Car Mats                                                           $38.00 Cruise in style with these two dapper fellows! These all-weather car mats with German Shepherd portraits are non-skid, durable, soil resistant, and measure 26"x17". Donated by:    Anonymous     L042            Heart Dog Hope Chest                                                                   $75.00 Store dog toys, collars, leashes, and other cherished items in this very unique treasure chest for dogs. Can be personalized with your [read more]
2014 Live Auction Items 4
  L031            Rayban Sunglasses                                                                      $125.00 Ray-Ban is the global leader in premium eyewear market and by far the best-selling sunglasses. Protect your eyes while out walking your dogs. With this pair of Rayban sunglasses, you’ll look glamorous doing it. Donated by:    Amy Rogers     L032            German Shepherd Pine Serving Tray                                                $65.00 This wooden serving tray's stain-resistant ceramic tile surface features artist Mary Badenhop's outstanding [read more]
2014 Live Auction Items 3
  L021              Dog Goodie Basket                                                                       $50.00 This Goodie Basket has everything your canine friend will desire. There's a soft dog bed for your friend to sleep on after he or she has played with all the toys in this basket. Oh, and let’s not forget every dogs favorite: plenty of cookies! Donated by:    Deborah Maciorowski     L022            Confetti Quilt                                                                            $295.00 This queen/king size quilt [read more]
2014 Live Auction Items 2
    L011              Two Tickets to a Red Sox Game                                                     $280.00 These tickets are for fantastic seats behind 3rd base! You might even catch a fly ball. Not for use with a Yankees game, but these seats will give you access to the Royal Rooters Club, a very cool location in the park for fans of the team who appreciate the history of the park [read more]
2014 Calendar Raffle
Did you win?  Check here daily!  With the 2014 Calendar Raffle you have 31 chances to w [more]
GSRNE Cruise 2014
 Join German Shepherd Rescue of New England on August 23, 2014 for a harbor cruise [more]
German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc. (GSRNE) is looking for new foster homes.  Th [more]
* GSRNE foster homes must be located in one of the six New England states (Connecticut, M [more]
Little Piece of My Heart
So often I hear, "I don't know how you do it. I couldn't give up a dog that I'd fostered." [more]
Thank you for your interest in the GSRNE Foster Program!  We need foster homes as we can [more]
GSRNE Buddy Program
Everybody Needs a Buddy Sometime!So many people love our dogs and would like to fost [more]
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