Wayde’s Story

Wayde’s story is one of heartbreak for all this dog has had to endure in his short 5 years of life.  His past hardships were finally coming to an end and now he is not going to be able to live that wonderful life that he loves so much.  For all his health issues Wayde continually surprises us with his will to live life to the fullest.  Wayde still attends daycare, because he loves it, and we want to continue to make him happy for whatever time he has left with his foster family, who love him and want to do what is right by him. But he’s been in daycare for 2 months already and it’s time to renew for the 3rd. Each month costs us $300, which is adding up. We’d really like him to continue going instead of having him upset because of his separation anxiety (which we would be working on if he were healthy).

GSRNE is looking for those special people who want to become Wayde’s buddy for the time he has left with us.  He still needs to attend daycare which is expensive.  He needs special enzymes to help digest his food, which are also costly and his vet bills will continue. If you can find it in your heart to help this wonderful dog who has shown us the capacity for appreciation, warmth and enjoyment, please let us know.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Wayde is slowly filling out!

We’ll continue to update you on how Wayde is doing. If we’re lucky, he’ll have a few more good months with us. His story is not what we thought it would be when we first took him in. It’s been a roller coaster ride of joy and sorrow, and more is sure to come.

  • Nov. 14 — 54.3 lbs
  • Nov. 18 — 55.7 lbs
  • Nov. 21 — 56.6 lbs
  • Nov. 25 — 57.6 lbs (He had big wags for everyone at the vet’s)
  • Dec. 26 — 60.5lbs
  • Jan. 7–64.4 pounds!  He’s gained 10 pounds total while he’s been with his foster parents ( we had a little drop at one point)! He’s currently wearing out his foster dad playing ball.
  • Feb. 3 – 67.1 lbs



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