Sport’s story

sport1We were able to evaluate dogs and collaborate with other rescues to save dogs we weren’t able to take in. We worked with New England vets and shelters to help out numerous dogs. Sport was one of those dogs we evaluated and another rescue placed.

I wanted to send you a story about Sport. I believe you originally had him in Wayland before he was sent to the Blue Dog Shelter in Brockton. His picture is still on your website. I adopted Sport Christmas week of 2003. He was such a great companion not only to me but to my other dog Mittens. Sadly he was diagnosed with lymphoma in November 2004. He went through 4 months of chemo at NEVOG in Waltham under the care of a wonderful vet, Dr. Kim Cronin. Just when he was finished with chemo treatments in April he become weak and was diagnosed with hermangiosarcoma, a cancer of the pericardium of the heart.

I don’t want this to be a sad tale about Sport but rather a tale of how he was loved to the end. I had the joy of making him part of my family and in that short time I had him he was awesome. I am including a picture of Sport and his sister Mittens on the deck in happier times. Keep up the good work.Mitts and Sport

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