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Adoption: January 23, 2013


Danika is a beautiful four year-old female GSD that had been with her original owners from the time she was a young puppy. However, a change in the family’s situation made it so they were no longer about to keep their beloved GSD.  Saddened at the prospect of giving up Danika and wanting to find a good match for her, the family called GSRNE to see if we could help find her a new loving home.07_danika

Danika has many individual characteristics that make her unique. One of her most notable characteristics is what her family refers to as her “tracker nose.”  She loves to play a game of “find it” and will retrieve treats from shoes, atop bookshelves, behind lamps, and many other hiding spots. Wherever you hide it, Danika is determined to find it.

Really, though, Danika loves to engage in any type of play. She is enthusiastic about Frisbees and Kongs and will gladly sit and wait on command until you throw the ball to her. She loves opportunities to run and play and has a puppyish quality to her when she is running around the yard with her recently retrieved toy.

Danika-299Danika is also a true water dog.  She absolutely loves to swim and is happy to take a dip in fresh water or ride the waves at the beach.  And if a daytrip to a local water spot isn’t in the plans, Danika is just as happy to stay home and chase the hose or leap into the path of the garden sprinkler.

Danika has previously been crate trained. While likes to have her crate available as a place of refuge and comfort, she most often has spent nights curled up on her blanket at the foot of her owner’s bed.  The use of a crate in her adoptive home will help her transition into her new space by providing her a familiar space and a place of her own.

Danika is not an overly affectionate dog that lavishes her person with kisses and nose nudges. She is, however, a very loyal dog that is appreciative of attention.  She wants to be with her person at all times, but is not overly demanding of her owners.  Despite her tendency to develop such strong human bonds, Danika has shown no problems with separation anxiety. She does well when left alone in the home or in a vehicle and patiently awaits the return of her human counterparts.

Danika does have some food allergies, but has done very well on foods that do not have wheat or grain.  Her food allergies have been easily managed in the past and potential adopters will need to maintain a consistent diet for her.  She has lived previously with a dog-savvy feline without problems but may be best in a home without cats.  Danika would be happy being the only dog in a household, but would likely do well as a companion for a sociable male.


The ideal home for Danika would be one where she can quickly become part of the everyday household activity. She loves the attention of her people and enjoys regular interaction and activity.  She need not be the center of attention at all times; she is just as happy to join you while you work at your desk or do some gardening in the yard. As long as she can be with you, Danika is a happy dog.

Danika filled the heart of her owners for over four years and was a wonderful pet and companion to them. If you think you have space in your home and your heart for this wonderful girl, please give us a call.

Adopted: December 7, 2013


Meet Kyra!  Kyra came from a situation that she needed to be removed from and was put into our program.  She lives in a foster home with one adult and no other animals.  Krya is an absolute love bug with a lot of spunk and a dog that has quite the personality.  She wants nothing more than to be your companion, but fully understands you need to make a living to give her the finer things in life!Kyra

Whatever your activity, Kyra is up for it:  walks, rides in the car, running errands with you, playing fetch, or sitting and enjoying laying at your feet while watching TV.  She loves to be outside and play, but wants to do so with companionship.  On hot days, her favorite thing is to submerge in the cool-water-filled kiddie pool.  One of her favorite toys is a Jolly Ball.  If you are not careful, she may bang it into your leg to get your attention to play with her.

Kyra has been nothing but a perfect angel in her foster home.  She is completely house and crate trained, has never been destructive, would never dream of climbing on the furniture, and prefers her dog bed for napping.  Kyra also enjoys having her crate and is most comfortable going to bed at night there.  If it is time for bed, and her foster parent is still up, she will put herself to bed (just walks into the crate and goes to sleep).  She can be extremely affectionate with giving you kisses.  She loves nothing more than to be patted and touched.  Although when she first arrived in her foster home, she had some reservations about being touched, but has overcome this issue.Kyra-655

When meeting new people outside the home, Kyra is very friendly, especially when they are giving her treats.  When meeting people in the home, she is more cautious, but will warm up to them once introduced to them properly.  Once Kyra knows you, she wags her tail and is happy to see you.  She will go to you, let you pat her, will run to the foster parent and run back to the known visitor for more pats.

When Kyra is meeting new dogs, she has no problem, but has not been permitted to engage in play with any dogs, just walks with them, and meets them at different places like the vet’s office, groomer, etc.  Her play can be rough and she likes to chase, especially after the bunnies and birds in her yard.

During Kyra’s time in her foster home, she started to show an irritation with one of her eyes.  After having it checked by a regular vet and then an eye specialist, we learned that she had an ulcer on the cornea that needed to be surgically removed.  Kyra is now on steroid therapy and has a recheck, so once approved by the eye specialist, she will only need her eye to be examined annually by a regular vet.  UPDATE 10/04/13 – Kyra had her recheck by the eye specialist and has received a clean bill of health.  Her eye is healed and in great condition.  Her eye will only need to be checked during her annual exams with a regular vet.Kyra

Are you looking for a companion to take short walks, hang out and watch TV, or go on errands with you?  By meeting her, you will see how much more she has to offer!

Adopted: December 22, 2014


This handsome young male, about 3 years old, was seen being dumped out of a pick-up truck. The local Animal Control Officer was called, and it took 9 hours before she could get him into her care. Needless to say, he was scared and confused and looking for someone or something familiar.Nova_1511
He was given a name and moved to a GSRNE foster home to start a new life, and he gradually began to relax. He didn’t eat much for the first 5 days in spite of needing to gain weight; but once he began to eat normally, he definitely became an eager eater. Nova didn’t play with toys at first, but he learned what to do with them as time went on; and he became very excited about playing “fetch” and now gives the ball or toy back willingly so it can be thrown again. He enjoyed playing with the female dog in the home right from the start, and he is tolerant of the dogs they pass when out for walks.Nova_6543
Once Nova felt settled in his foster home, though, he became reactive to visitors and would bark and growl if they approached him. We decided to board him with a trainer who specializes in modifying this kind of behavior, and that has made all the difference for Nova. Instead of being nervous and reactive, he has learned to go to his “place” when someone new comes to the home. He will be adopted by an experienced German Shepherd person who is committed to continue the training while giving Nova the love, attention and exercise that will help him to thrive.

Adopted: November 29, 2014


Sophie is a very pretty, small-medium sized, 2 year old spayed female GSD who is looking for her forever home. She is doing well in her foster home living with a male GSD and a cat along with her foster dad.Sophie-1

Sophie came to us from a home that also had another dog and three cats. The home owner had rescued Sophie from a neglect situation. Sophie was approximately one year old at the time and was emaciated, had little fur, and she had not experienced a lot of human interaction. This kind person cared for Sophie for approximately one year, helping her to gain some weight and recover her coat. She then reached out to GSRNE to help find Sophie a family of her own.

Sophie has developed into a sweet GSD who loves to please. She is a typical Shepherd, aloof at first, then warming up and bringing you her favorite tennis ball to throw again and again, dropping it at your feet. She loves walks in the woods and simply being with you. She also likes car rides and looking out of the window. She will bark at dogs as they pass by, but otherwise rides along nicely. On longer trips she settles in and enjoys a nice snooze.Sophie-2

This girl needs help learning her commands as she has not had much formal training. Her family will need to take her to obedience training to help her learn and bond with them. She will learn quickly as she likes to please her person. She is food and praise motivated. She is ok in a crate but usually doesn’t require one. Sophie is a little reactive when seeing strange dogs and will bluster until directed that she is safe. With good leadership Sophie will continue to gain confidence and trust.Sophie-4

Sophie has allergies and will need to be on high quality food for life. When her owner switched her to a less expensive food, she suffered hair loss again. Her coat is growing back and regular baths also help. With vigilance and proper care she should do very well. We also found that she is Lyme positive. She is being treated for that and is expected to fully recover.

Sophie had a horrible start in life but is still a sweet, loving girl. She’s beautiful with medium energy and wants to be with you. She would do well in a home with an older male GSD who can serve as a role model for her but will also do fine as an only dog. If you are committed to giving her the training, care and guidance she deserves you will have a wonderful, loving companion.

adopted: November 1, 2014


9/8/2014 Update: Happy news for Winston! He is now heartworm free and the surgery to remove his damaged eye went very well. Winston was neutered at the same time. He is recovered and ready for adoption. Winston is a loving boy who is looking for his forever home.Winston-2

Winston is a large, handsome, 4-5 year old (maybe younger) male GSD. He came into our program from another rescue that works with a different breed of dog and knew that GSRNE was the perfect rescue to help Winston find his forever home.

You have to meet Winston to fully appreciate how very special he is. He has a wonderful disposition and loves everyone – adults, children and other dogs. Winston didn’t have a great start in life. One eye was damaged and he lost part of an ear. We don’t know how that happened but we do know that he doesn’t let it bother him a bit. He is a very social and affectionate boy and always seems to be truly happy – the kind of dog that makes you feel good just to be with him! He is also an energetic boy that loves to run, fetch, play and explore new things. Winston has to take it easy right now because he is being treated for heartworm but that hasn’t dampened his spirit. He is as happy being relaxed by your side as he is racing after his ball. His heartworm treatment is being covered by GSRNE (about $1,700).

Winston_7230Winston is being fostered in a home with a female GSD, one human adult, and two male children. He is very social and affectionate. Winston loves to be by your side, will come lay at your feet and wants to be with you at all times. He still acts like an adolescent Shepherd and seems to still be growing and learning as a young dog would. With all that Winston has gone and is going through, this pup still has an excellent temperament. Nothing fazes this boy. Winston should be finished his heartworm treatment by the end of July and if all is clear, he will then have surgery to remove the damaged eye.Winston_7280

We are hoping that at the end of August when Winston is recovered from his surgery, he will be ready to go to an adoptive home. Winston will make a truly great family dog —in a home with children—with or without another dog. Since he is currently on limited activity, the foster home has been unable to work on his obedience training. While that means you and Winston will have some work to do, training can be a great bonding and rewarding experience. If you are committed to going to dog training and can handle a large, active loving pup, this is the dog for you!

UPDATE 02/21/2016

Titan and Greta are best friends and love to snuggle together !! Titan & Greta

Adopted on 10/02/2015

UPDATE 8/30/2015:  

Titan has been checked from stem to stern.  Tests showed that he may need enzymes and a special diet in the future.  He’s holding his own in all other areas.  We are grateful to our supporters for donating the means to take care of him. Also thank you to his foster family for giving him the opportunity to grow and shine!   He beams with personality and loves to meet new people and dogs.  Everything new is an adventure.

UPDATE 6/4/2015: 

Our sweet boy Titan just celebrated his first birthday. He is having a great time in his foster home but has had some recurring urinary tract infections. He is having some tests done that will cover a three month period. We need to keep Titan with us until the testing cycle is complete. We know you are all sending good thoughts his way.

Titan_5717 (1)Titan is a handsome young boy who came into our program from a shelter. His original owner adored Titan but was not able to provide the care he needed and knew the shelter would contact us for help. Titan is currently living in a foster home with an adult male GSD, a female Jack Russell Terrier, and a 12 year old child.

Titan is a gentle, kind, loving pup and has a shy, sweet innocence about him. He is extremely calm. He enjoys playing ball (soccer balls are his favorite). His sweet face and the way he looks at you, steals your heart away. He likes to be cuddled and loves snuggling but is not big on kissing. He is not pushy with other dogs at all and waits patiently for his turn, treat or love. When the water bowl is empty, he carries it around so someone will fill it. He sleeps upside down in his crate. Even though he is a big boy, he will wear hats and clothes because it makes his foster mom happy. When Titan first meets you, he can be a little aloof but once he warms up, he is your friend for life.

Titan_5667Titan loves going for car rides, going to the dog park, meeting new dogs and his favorite is shopping at the local pet store. Although he loves his outdoor trips, Titan is just as happy staying home with you watching TV. His squeaky toys are his favorite and he seems to enjoy all kinds of music, especially when he is in his crate.

Titan has a few physical challenges, but his disposition and sweet personality seem to make the obstacles less important. Titan’s jaw was damaged, likely by his canine mother shortly after his birth. It’s not really noticeable except that he chews his food a little differently. He also has a joint problem so he wouldn’t enjoy doing jumping or agility sports, but he definitely loves playing in the yard with you. We thought that Titan may need eye surgery to correct a cataract but his veterinary opthamologist recommends that we don’t do surgery now but to continue to have his eye checked periodically.

Titan_5726Although Titan does well with most other dogs, he has had no experience with cats. He would love to have a GSD sibling or two, especially if they are not too bossy. He will do well with most families, but he will thrive in a home that wants to include him in daily activities like going to the bank, going to the store, and running errands. Because of his physical challenges, Titan will never enjoy hiking or highly physical activities like agility. He is a sweet, happy, well-behaved dog with medium energy that is definitely food motivated. He will be shy at first but once he knows he is home, he will love to be a part of your family. He wants to please his handler and is a happiest when you are happy with him.

If Titan sounds like the perfect GSD for your lifestyle, please click the link below for more information about adopting.

Update on 02/16/2016

Greta (GSRNE #408) and Titan (GSRNE# 434) have become best buddies

and they love to snuggle with each other. Titan & Greta

Adopted on 2/12/2015


Greta is a smart, spunky, sassy, super playful and active puppy who loves exploring new things with her family. She came into our program when she was only 10 weeks old and had been left at a shelter.

GretaJ-X2 Greta-B-XL Greta5-XL (1)She is currently living in a foster home that has an adult male and an adult female German Shepherd who are helping her learn the ropes. She is learning some puppy manners and commands and has become a real star at “sit” and “come when called.” She will bark at other dogs while on leash, but that’s from being enthusiastic and wanting to meet them. If allowed to get close, Greta is submissive and will lick the other dog’s face. She goes to doggie daycare while her foster Mom is working and loves playing with the other dogs. She also loves meeting people while she’s out for a walk and when visitors come to the home and is a very affectionate girl.

If you are committed to going to dog training and can handle an energetic, inquisitive German Shepherd pup, Greta might be the new family member you’ve been looking for!



adopted: October 5, 2014


Diesel is a gentle giant whose greatest joy is being with his person and doing everything that he can to please you.Diesel-6837

Diesel came to GSRNE through an Animal Control Officer (ACO). This handsome boy had been brought to a town pound, dragging a chain. When the local ACO contacted the owner, he learned that the owner tried leaving Diesel in a crate in the house. Diesel broke out and did some damage so he put him outside on the chain that day. Clearly, Diesel did not think that was a good idea!

The owner had not had Diesel for long and it appears that he was Diesel’s third owner in his short life. Diesel is about two years old and currently resides with a foster family that includes three adults, one teenager, two cats and another dog.  Although the family dog is only about 30 pounds and Diesel is over 80 pounds, they love to play together. His foster dad describes him as a big kid who sometimes doesn’t remember how big he is.Diesel-0905

Diesel loves everything! He loves toys, play, belly rubs and being with his family.  He loves long walks and gets along very well with other dogs at the dog park. He enjoys exploring the world with you and is friend to almost all the humans and canines he meets along the way. Diesel has a natural curiosity towards cats.  He tries to play with them but the cats he lives with reject all attempts to make friends.

Diesel is very social and curious with people he is introduced to. He loves to be petted and when people he does not know approach him, he will submit and enjoys the attention he is given. He is protective while inside the home or out in his yard. He does alert when he does not recognize people. He stands his ground until corrected and he will stop.

Diesel is also an escape artist – which is how his journey to GSRNE began. He needs a crate with a strong enclosure as he is anxious when left alone. He has also been successful at digging under a fence and getting over a fence so he does need to be watched closely until he knows he is at his forever home.Diesel-0976

Because Diesel has separation anxiety, a home where the owner is not gone for long periods of time would be the best fit for him. We think he would be happiest in a home with another dog in it.  He needs someone who is willing to walk, exercise and socialize him.  He knows his basic commands but will require additional training since he is a big boy who has no idea how strong he is.

Diesel is a lovable GSD who just wants to have fun! If you can give him the time, training, and attention he thrives on, you will be rewarded 1,000 times over with the best friend a person could ever hope to have.

Adopted: October 7, 2014


UPDATE 07/10/14 – Daisy gets more beautiful every day and is a very sweet and gentle girl. She has been going to obedience training each week which helps her become more confident. She also goes on three-mile walks, sometime with her foster brothers or with other visitors and their dogs. She has even gone on hikes and is enjoying the outdoors. Daisy has been with us for several months while her EPI, Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, was being confirmed and brought under control. It is now time for this sweet girl to find her forever home.

If you are concerned about caring for a dog with EPI, we want to share some important facts with you.  She plays and enjoys all the things that GSDs love to do like going on walks and fetching her tennis ball. To keep her healthy and happy, her forever home does need to take one extra step at mealtime. She gets a 1/4 teaspoon of crushed enzymes mixed with her kibble and water twice a day. After her food sits for 20 minutes to activate the enzymes, she is given her meal. She has gained weight and is keeping the weight on. She is on a regular potty schedule and does not have “accidents” in the home. Her enzymes can be purchased online and Daisy is on a generic form which costs about $20 per month.

Daisy is an amazing girl who has made the transformation from an undernourished, absolutely terrified dog into a beautiful, loving and happy German Shepherd who will steal your heart away. If you want to learn more about this great girl, contact us today at 978-443-2202.

Daisy is a gorgeous, large, white, 1 year, 9 months old, spayed, female GSD.  She is being fostered in a home with one human adult and three male GSDs.

She came into our program from an owner-surrender situation.  Although they took great care of her, they could no longer financially afford to keep her.  They were also concerned about her health as she continued to lose weight while in their home and they were not sure what was going on.  She was being treated for EPI, Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, but did not have a test to confirm this condition.Daisy

She is super sweet, super gentle, and a little lady.  She is also a very smart and loveable dog with a medium energy level.  When she first arrived in the foster home, she was terrified.  The only place she felt safe was in her crate.  She would crawl through doorways into the house.  If you went to grab her collar, she would yelp.  Riding in an SUV, she would scrunch her body to the very back of the tailgate door and hunker down.  She would not go up or down stairs, but eventually started to go up, but not down.  By the end of the the second week in her foster home, she was going in and out of doorways, running up and down the stairs, playing with her foster brothers by chasing them around the yard, and riding in the SUV like a pro.  She comes out of her shell more and more during her time in her foster home.  We believe that she would be best in a home with another dog that will help her gain the confidence she needs.

We took Daisy to the vet’s to be seen and to confirm that she has EPI.  She weighed in at 47 lbs.  After confirming she had EPI (This is the inability of the acinar cells of the exocrine pancreas to produce and secrete the necessary enzymes needed to digest food.), we continued to treat her with the Pancreazyme tabs she was being given from her previous owners. Those should have been crushed and allowed to soak on her food for 20 minutes before feeding. That is important because in order for the enzymes to work, you must crush them up, add warm water and mix in with kibble and let sit for 20 to 30 minutes before feeding.  She started to gain weight and once we used all her pills, we changed her over to a generic, powdered enzyme (Enzyme Diane) and followed the same preparation for her meals.  If she is not given the enzymes properly she will lose weight and have very loose stools. She will be on the enzymes for the rest of her life, but this does not impede her activity level or personality. Since being in her foster home and given the enzymes properly and consistently, she is now up to 59 lbs. She can use some more weight and will fill out as she is still growing.

This is how Daisy looked when she first came to GSRNE:

Daisy photo 4

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