#91 Haley

HaleyWe adopted Haley about two years ago. She is absolutely one of the best gifts we have ever received. From the night she arrived in our home, she has brought nothing but joy to us. Sometimes we look at her and wonder how we got so lucky. Everywhere we go, people will stop us and tell us how beautiful she is. Recently we were walking with her in the Blue Hill woods and two Park Rangers came along. We immediately thought, oh no they are going to tell us we can not have a dog in this area. Instead they just came over to tell us what a beautiful dog she was.

Haley has a basket of toys in the living room. Every night I go and put her toys away in the basket and every morning Haley takes them out and puts them around her bed. She then just gives me a look to say this is where I want them. She also has a big huge crock pot in the yard filled with tennis balls. She manages to empty that crock pot in about five minutes and you just have to be careful where you walk, because there are tennis balls all over the yard.

When our daughter tells our two year old granddaughter we are going to grandpa’s house, she gets all excited and starts saying “Haley” and upon arriving Haley gets the first kiss. The other day the doorbell rang and when I answered it, there were the two little ones from next door, wanting to know if Haley would come out to play.

We will be eternally grateful to the GSRNE group for giving us the opportunity to adopt this exceptional dog. She came fully obedience trained and housebroken. All we had to do was to love her and that’s been the easiest thing to do because who could not love her. Thanks to all who had a hand in rescuing her, because we have been blessed in adopting this wonderful girl.

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