GSRNE Rescue Angels

Our Volunteers are Rescue Angels!


  • Desktop Publishing
  • Editing newsletter, researching or writing newsletter articles
  • Making a short “What We’re Doing” monthly newsletter
  • Staffing Hotline Calls; Returning Phone Calls
  • Correspondence/Thank you notes
  • Office: secretarial, supplies management, database management, website (please specify):


  • Work with other members staffing Informational/Educational Booths at Public Places (events, pet stores, dog shows, etc.)
  • GSRNE Event Planning (Committee work)
  • GSRNE Event Staffing (Day of event only work)
  • Greeting new GSRNE members/Welcome Waggin’ follow-up
  • Soliciting and orienting new volunteers
  • Help with Christmas gift wrapping events
  • Help out at our Dog Walk or Auction
  • Inventory Management (Keep track of inventory)

Dog or Adoption Related:

  • Working with local Shelters and Animal Control Officers to identify GSDs in need
  • Coordinating evaluation and intake of new foster dogs

– requires good organizational and interviewing skills
– requires good knowledge of GSD breed

  • Evaluating Dogs in regional Shelters (needs specialized training)
  • Transportation – Specify locale, type of vehicle, general distance you’d travel: FILL IN
  • Be a Foster home for GSRNE rescue dog
  • Be a Buddy (pay for food, toys, supplies, microchip, etc.)
  • Coordinate the Buddy Program (arranging for foster dog care, food and supplies)
  • Adoption Applicant Home Visits/Follow-up Visits
  • Checking References (New Foster Homes or Adoption Applicants)
  • Matching rescue dogs with Adoption Applicants and arranging adoptions

– requires good people and interview skills
– requires general dog training knowledge in house manners, etc
–familiarity with GSDs as pet dogs

  • Photographing Dogs available for Adoption or at events
  • Grooming help if you are a professional groomer


  • Fundraising Director
  • Chair Dog walk
  • Chair Auction
  • Auction Database Manager (this job is a key piece in the auction)
  • Online Fundraising Coordinator (Café Press, eBay)


  • Crafts or Artwork for Fundraising
  • Woodworking
  • Have other ideas? Let us know what you would like to do.

There are many other jobs that we can use help with. Many of these don’t take a lot of time, just someone dependable that can give some time as needed. Please drop us a line if you can help us! We always need more help.



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