#396 Angus

Status: Adopted
Age: 12 Years Old
Size: Large
Color: Black and Tan
Sex: Male
Spay/Neuter: Yes
Activity level: Low
Good with other dogs: Calm Females
Good with cats: No
Foster parents: Peggy S.
Sponsor Buddies: Pat Manning and Sarah Nightingale
Yard Fencing: Exception considered

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Password: Angus
Photos by: Loueen LaVallee & Chris H

Adopted: 8/28/2014

UPDATE 12/31/13:  Angus has been with GSRNE for a very long time (October 31, 2010) and has had many medical issues.  His medical prescriptions alone are about $400 a month not including needed vet visits.  Since the cost to keep Angus is too much for many of our adopters and his age being a factor, it was decided that Angus will reside in his foster home under GSRNE as we continue to financially support his care with donations we receive.  We appreciate foster homes like Angus’ as they put so much time and care into their foster dogs to get them adopted, but of course in Angus’ case, his foster home has agreed to continue giving love and care to Angus until it is his time.  Thank you to Peggy S. for her dedication, love and care for Angus!


Angus – the Celtic God of love and beauty! Angus is aptly named! Despite a difficult past as a pet that was kept in a garage or back yard without much opportunity for love and attention, Angus is a love-bug and has no trouble bonding with his people. His foster family describes him as a boy with a sweet personality who will bark when the doorbell rings, but once the door has been opened he’s the perfect host. He’s a quiet and well-mannered fellow in the house and just wants to be with you.

GSRNE was fortunate to be able to meet this deserving boy
and start tending to his physical and mental needs. At age ten, Angus had spent much of his life isolated from his family because they didn’t have time for him and didn’t want him in the house. Over the years of neglect Angus has developed some arthritis, nails overgrown to the point where it was painful for him to walk, an eye infection and Anaplasmosis, which untreated could be very serious and life threatening. GSRNE met Angus just in time! Walking is no longer painful for him. His arthritis and Anaplasmosis are being treated and he now has a daily regimen of drops for his eyes. He will require eye drops for the remainder of his life, but they’re easy to administer along with a treat.
It is important for Angus to have his daily walks to exercise him and keep him limber, plus give him opportunities for socialization. As he is a large and strong boy who pulls when he sees another dog or cat, so it would be best for him to be with someone able to hold him and willing to work on redirecting this behavior.

A fenced-in yard is a must because Angus loves his ball and will play fetch. He has also discovered how much fun car rides are and has settled into a regular routine as a well-behaved back-seat passenger.

As Angus alarm barks when people go by a house on a busy street, a quiet location or someone that is willing to keep the shades drawn on the street side and a radio or TV on when they are not home, could help to keep him from barking.

Children and calm female dogs would suit Angus just fine! He’s unsure when meeting new dogs though, so needs time to be properly introduced. In Angus’ perfect home his family would include him in their daily activities and maintain his eye medications for the remainder of his life along with arthritis medication when needed.

Angus is a big guy with a big heart and a lot of love to give and is looking to fill someone’s heart. Could it be yours?

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