GSRNE #179


Miya was born in a shelter as her mother was part of a GSD confiscation in a neglect case. She lived in the shelter for her first 3 months, then was transferred to another shelter who contacted GSRNE for help with her and her 4 siblings. Miya has found her forever home with Bruschi (also 2 yrs old) and me! Miya is still very active. Her nose is into every package or bag brought into the house. She’s a prankster and loves to steal anything she can. She takes “her people’s” objects, like the phone, the computer mouse, shoes, nail polish, make-up etc. She usually doesn’t destroy it, just moves it! Last spring she and brother Bruschi were enrolled in a tracking class. She had fun eating the hot dogs! She has become a seasoned traveler. Last year she made 5 trips to Pennsylvania. We stayed overnight at the Holiday Inn each way of the trip. It’s a long ride, but both dogs stretch out in the back of my SUV. I often hear “snoring” during the ride. She’s very affectionate and wags her tail at any person she sees. She is great with my 91 yr old Dad also! She’s doing much better on leash walks. She was very reactive to every noise, squirrel, and dog she saw or heard. Mostly, she will ignore them now.

She and Bruschi got a “doggie door” for Christmas! I can see the opening and I watch them use it when the weather is nice. (I keep it closed in rain as they want to bring all the mud into the house.) They love being able to go into my backyard at will. She is always willing to go out and chase the ball. She can catch, but prefers running along with Bruschi. Then she steals the ball from him so he will chase her!!

I’m looking forward to spending many more great years with Miya (and Bruschi) as they grow from the now” terrible two’s) into the stunning adults they will be! She is a wonderful little pipsqueak!

GSRNE #145

GSRNE #166

January 2007

Koa and his family were being held after being confiscated for an abuse/neglect case and had spent most of his first 7 months in a shelter while awaiting judgment. Shortly after the shelter was awarded custody, they called GSRNE for help.

Koa and I met for the first time when I picked him up in Connecticut for German Shepherd Rescue of New England. He was a very insecure boy that did not ride well in the car as he had little if any experience with cars.

When Koa first came into GSRNE he hated being touched. He had never lived in a house. He suffered from separation anxiety and had panic attacks when you tried to touch his legs and paws. He had a lot to learn. I was lucky to visit him often his first three weeks with GSRNE as he adjusted to being a dog that lived indoors and was cared for with love and tenderness.

My beautiful Christy, GSRNE #115 (see Rainbow Bridge), had passed away a few months before I picked up Koa and I had no intention of fostering or adopting for a very long time. Fate had other plans. A foster home was desperately needed for Koa and there were none available. I was reluctant at first, because of my recent loss, but then I agreed to foster Koa and he came to live with me. We took things very slowly and he responded well, becoming a happy confident boy that loves people, dogs, and cats. Actually he loves everything! During this process I fell in love with this very special boy and asked to adopt him.

It has been almost three years now and Koa is a very different dog. As I write this I realize just how far he has come. He loves hugs, kisses, belly rubs and leaning on his mom. He can now stay at home alone with no panic or anxiety. He loves riding in the car, swimming at the beach, and playing in his pool. We walk almost every day and the best part for Koa is when we meet up with other people. He is thoroughly convinced that everyone loves him. I love watching how people respond to him. His enthusiasm is infectious and people just melt around him. He is a goofy, happy boy that loves to play.

Thanks GSRNE!

Koa and Laurie

GSRNE #159


We are so grateful that we have had this opportunity to rescue Ina. We walk her 6 miles a day in beautiful woods, cook her three fresh organic meals a day, give her birthday parties, wonderful vacations, and sit on the couch with her snuggled up to us with her head on our lap. Thank you so much for your blessing; it is our blessing to have Ina in our lives.


Here are some more pics of our wonderful, sweet, happy girl, Tai and Michael

Jada (was Grace)
GSRNE #165
Adopted in July, 2004 


We adopted Jada (formerly Grace) in July 2004. We already had two male German Shepherds (Bosco & Kaz) that we had gotten when they were 7 weeks old. I had been a regular visitor of the GSRNE website and as soon as we saw her, my husband and I knew we wanted her. After reading her story, we knew that she had some issues, but were confident that ours was the right home for her. Since we had two well-behaved, loving and confident Shepherds already, we knew Jada could take positive cues from them.

As her story stated, she was definitely shy-fearful. After bringing her home we made a conscious effort to introduce her to new people. We also brought her to obedience class where she did very well. She was already very smart and knew her commands well, but the socialization did her a world of good. She still continues to attend class on a regular basis. While she may never completely overcome her shy-fearfulness, she is much improved and has gained much more confidence. She has become so much more relaxed when we meet other people. Jada also was not a fan of other dogs that she would encounter. While she still isn’t a big fan of small dogs, she is doing much better with larger ones, even letting a neighbor’s dog play in the yard with her, Bosco & Kaz.

She certainly does love to play! She enjoys fetching balls in the yard and chasing squirrels that will occasionally come through. She also enjoys playing tug-of-war with Kaz with whatever toy they may have. Of course since Kaz has about 23lbs on her, he can usually slide her across the kitchen floor quite easily. She also loves to “hang out” with Bosco when it’s bedtime and we usually awaken to the two of them sprawled out on the bed in the morning. She also loves to follow us around wherever we go, whether it be into the kitchen for a snack or to the basement to do laundry. Sometimes I think we should have called her “shadow”. We love her tremendously and she has been a wonderful addition to our family.

Kizzy (was Inca)
GSRNE #108


This is the story of one of our placements, Inca (renamed Kizzy), with her handler/owner Cil!

Inca was found at a local pound. As a dark-colored dog, many people who might have adopted Kizzy were intimated by her and therefore weren’t interested. It’s kind of funny, because she’s incredibly friendly and playful, but this happens sometimes. The shelter manager knows a good dog when she sees one, and we were thrilled to take this dog in. Sarah S. fostered this girl and did a great job with her. We were quite happy to place Kizzy with Cil, knowing that Cil would be doing SAR training with this dog who needed a job. Thanks to Sarah’s volunteering to foster Kizzy, Kizzy is *alive* and is doing quite well in her job training.

Update on 12/02:

I just had to brag about my little Kizzy. She is now a Certified Therapy Dog. We did our first visit at a local nursing home today and she is such a sweet dog!!!!! She really related to the people, giving kisses and getting hugs. I am sooo proud of her. She is one super dog!!!

Thank you GSRNE for finding her for me!


Sierra (was Yetta)
GSRNE #060
Adopted in 1999


Sierra was found on the streets of Boston when she was only a few months old. After using up her time at the shelter, GSRNE stepped in and saved her. She came to live with us and sister-dogs Parlay, Cindi and Jasmine in 1999 when she was about 6 months old. She was “adopted” by Cindi when we brought her home, who thought we’d gotten her specifically to be “her puppy”. She is best friends with Jasmine, and they love to do things together even sleeping together in the same bed. Sadly, both Parlay and Cindi have now gone to the Bridge, and are missed by all of us.

Sierra was a Delta Society Pet Partner when young, but as she grew older she became more aloof and wasn’t enjoying it anymore, so we retired her. She has done some obedience work in the past and has earned her CGC. She is now doing agility. She loves it and can’t wait to get to work.

Sierra has turned into an excellent agility dog. She loves racing over/ through each obstacle, and then looks at me as if to say: “That was fun, Mom, which one do we do next?” She hates the neighbor’s cat, who teases her unmercifully, and adores chasing squirrels and chipmunks in the back yard. She is full of life and is interested in everything! She is an absolute joy.

Six years have passed, and she is very much a loved and loving member of the family.

GSRNE #116
Adopted in October, 2001 


When we met Nyla, we were looking for a white Shepherd to fill a huge void, left when we lost our beloved Cain, a White GSD my husband had found in a pound. When we adopted him, 2 year old Cain was only hours away from being euthanized. He was with us for 9 years, and we lost him when he was 11.

Nyla had spent most of her life in a backyard, suffering from constant ear infections and flea allergies, and she was pathetically underweight. She was so ignored by her previous owners that she didn’t even respond to her name, Dakota, when she was called.

GSRNE’s angels took her in, vetted her and set her up in a nice foster home with two GREAT kids. They renamed her, after much thought about who she was and what name would fit her. Nyla now had a new name and responded to TLC given by her foster family.

We met Nyla in October of 2001; and although she wasn’t the White we were looking for, we fell in love on the spot. Nyla is a gorgeous Sable girl. She has high prey drive, so our cats now live upstairs and Nyla rules downstairs. She enjoys her BARF diet and no longer gets ear infections. She weighed about 55 pounds when she came home with us and now maintains a sleek 85-90 pounds and is in constant motion.

Nyla now has an adopted big brother, Max, who was on his last day in a pound, after two time extensions. She took to him right away, and it seems like they’ve always been a pair.

One day, Nyla was being a total brat and not listening to her commands; out of frustration, I said to her “Now Nyla-Jean, NO!” From that day on, she’s kept the second part to her name; it also happens to be my sister-in-law’s name, and they are both incredibly stubborn, mind-of- their-own gals!

Thank you GSRNE for the best girl ever, my beautiful Nyla-Jean, formerly Dakota, # 116, adopted in October 2001.

GSRNE #156
Adopted in November, 2003 


We’ve all heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but what do you call a Labrador retriever in German shepherd’s clothing? We call her Sugar! That’s the name she came with and it fits her so very well. She is as sweet as sugar and has never met anyone that she didn’t like.

Sugar came to live with us when she was 15 months old, a few days before Thanksgiving in 2003, which was very appropriate. With Sugar at our house, we had much to be thankful for. She was totally accepting of us from the start, embracing our home and extended family as well as all the grandchildren. She also came with a few infirmities.

At 8 months of age, while running loose in her neighborhood, she was hit by a car and suffered a broken left hip and cracked pelvis. The only saving grace was that she was turned over to the Animal Control Officer by her owners as an alternative to euthanasia. She received much-needed surgery and was left to recuperate in a local kennel. After spending several months in different kennels, she eventually came to the attention of GSRNE who evaluated her and found her to be a happy-go-lucky, eager to please adolescent who loved life and everything in it! She went to live in Penny & Stephen Cooper’s wonderful foster home and thrived on their devoted attention and care. At 15 months of age, it was now our turn to welcome her into her forever home.

Sugar has lived up to her name in many ways. Even though a year later, she had to endure another surgery and long months of physical therapy and chiropractic care, the ordeal has never quenched her sweet nature or her indomitable and loving spirit.

At home Sugar is crazy about her large plastic ball that she maneuvers with the dexterity of a soccer player. One of our sons enjoys coming over with his son to have a brisk game of soccer with her, much to her everlasting delight! In the morning, if she is outside by herself, she will scratch at the door, but not to come in. She will stand and wait, with a quizzical look on her face, asking for her big red ball. Unfortunately we have lost a few wooden picket fences and lattice work to her eager play drive. If the ball rolls up against them, and we’re not there to stop her, she dismantles the lattice into pieces or takes off the pickets one by one in her excitement.

She also enjoys trying to launch a surprise attack on squirrels. Every morning, as she is let out onto the deck and yard, she sprints out the door just in time to see a wily squirrel disappearing up a tree. Sometimes I will find her sitting on the deck in the rain, patiently waiting for that squirrel to reappear.

Sugar has brought so much to our lives; she is our fourth shepherd out of six dogs. Each one has been a love affair and has stolen our hearts. We would like to thank GSRNE so very much for taking the time and expertise to find us our forever match.

Gail & Ken Van Hoesen

GSRNE #157


Sterling, pictured on the right, is just a wonderful puppy and we love having him and his big sister Luna. They get along great and are always together. Sterling is now almost done with basic obedience with just one day left and then he will graduate and we will go on to Intermediate classes . We have been working with him along with working with Luna, who is all done with the obedience classes. Because of this, Sterling is ahead of his class and the instructor sometimes has Sterling and I demonstrate a command. He is very smart and catches on to things very quickly! He is very good when company comes, he will greet them then lay down beside his Daddy or me for the remainder of their visit. He loves to go for rides, and he and Luna will get into the back seat and lay down or sit. We would like to thank his foster parents, Joe and Deb for the great job they did with him during time that they had Sterling. He is just a great little boy 62 lbs now. We can’t wait to show him off at one of the GSRNE upcoming events!

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