#450 Chloe

Update on 1/28/2017

Chloe’s mom says “Chloe is doing much better.  We are still trying to adjust her diet, and find what she can and cannot tolerate… not an easy thing as one day she is perfect another not so much.  However, the Pepcid a day which the doctor suggested seems to help a lot. “






Update on 07/21/2016

Chloe’s parents LOVE HER, and she is loving her new home.  As a matter of fact, she is in New Hampshire right now.  Her parents thought she could use a little vacation, and sent GSRNE a photo of her on our pontoon boat.
Chloe’s parents introduced her to the boat which she seems to love, and then they will try the life preserver and a boat ride eventually.

Adopted: July 7, 2016


Life was good for Chloe for most of her first five years; she lived with four other dogs and was part of a loving family.  Then, on the day before Thanksgiving 2015, their home was destroyed by a fire.  Her owners could not find any place to rent that would allow five dogs, so Chloe’s owner paid to board them all while continuing to look for housing.  Eventually, he had to place three of the dogs and Chloe and Crystal, both about to turn 6 years old, came into GSRNE; another breed rescue took the other dog, so all are safe.Chloe_DMJ_ 078

Chloe is in a foster home with a senior male GSD and gets along well with him.  They have a morning routine of going to a local dog park about an hour after breakfast, and the other dogs and people are “regulars” there; the other dogs are older than Chloe and mostly her size.  When a small dog arrived and tried to run right up to her, we quickly learned that she needs a slow and gradual introduction to a small dog.  Once that had been accomplished, Chloe became comfortable with that dog, too.  She has a lot of energy and loves chasing her squeaky tennis ball.  At first, she would give up the ball on command so it could be thrown again; but after watching another dog play keep-away, Chloe decided that could be a fun game.  Her foster Dad is working with her to remind her she’s supposed to drop the ball when she brings it back.

After the exercise outing, Chloe is content to hang out at home while her foster Dad goes to the gym or does errands.  She had to stay in a crate when he wasn’t home, while she was healing from her spay surgery; but she’s fine staying out of the crate now that she’s healed.  He said she and his dog do get on the couch when he’s not home, but they know they’re not supposed to and stay on the floor or their dog beds when he’s there.Chloe_DMJ_ 071

In the evenings, after playtime in the yard, Chloe will lie on the floor close enough to be touching her foster Dad’s foot; she’s very affectionate, wants to please and loves being with her person.  While she gets along with another dog in the home, she would be perfectly happy as an only dog.  She walks well on leash and recently did 5 miles with her current family, a friend and another dog.  Chloe is ready to move on to her forever home and would love it if her adopter does not have to be away from home for long work days.

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