#386 Hank

Adopted on 12/30/2013


Hank is a handsome, 5-year, 7-month old, black and tan, male GSD.  HankHank came into our program as an owner surrender and came in with Chloe.  Unfortunately, his owner could no longer keep him or Chloe due to the time both dogs need from someone and an allergy of one of the humans in the home.  He is currently living in a home with two adults, no children and no other animals.  He is a very happy dog who loves affection.

Hank has quickly fallen into his routine with his foster family.  He easily goes into his crate at night and when his foster mom and dad go off to work during the day.

He gets very excited when the door which contains his leash is opened.  HankHe knows that a walk is in his very near future!  Hank falls into a stride once off of the busy road that leads to a side street and playground.  He does not get distracted by other dogs or people passing by.  He just enjoys his walk and cannot decide whether to walk with his foster mom or foster dad, so eventually ends up between the two of them.

Hank enjoys keeping his foster mom company while dinner is being prepared and munching on his carrot treat before his meal is served!  He does not beg, but will sit quickly for you if he knows that a treat is going to be given to him.

Currently, one of the two toys he enjoys is his hedgehog stuffed toy.  He will carry it around or squeak it, but does not tear it up.  Although he also enjoys his Kong rubber ball, he really doesn’t like or know how to play fetch.  Hank is a dog that wants to be with you and spend time with you.  He also enjoys going on car rides and running errands with his foster family.

He is a sweet, loving and happy dog that enjoys being with his people!

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