#234 Kess

Kess Evans-Maynor
GSRNE #234
2/5/1998 – 9/30/2010  

Kess, our beautiful white shepherd was put to rest on Thursday, September 30 after her fight with cancer. Kess was diagnosed on Memorial Day with lung cancer after a routine veterinary checkup.

Kess was diagnosed on Memorial Day with lung cancer after a routine veterinary checkup. The vet was not optimistic, but we began chemotherapy immediately with our long time oncologist. Kess gathered her strength and rallied to the point that she seemed cured, but it was clear that she was beginning to tire more easily. We received another blow when her sister, Xena was also diagnosed with cancer after many attempts to uncover the problem at the end of June. After she had fought and won against cancer three years previously we had hoped she would be free of that illness again. We began her treatment and for a month had simultaneous chemotherapy appointments.

When Xena passed away on August 4th, she left Kess without her beloved friend and sister. The loss was terribly painful for all of us, but Kess employed her happy personality every day to
keep all of our spirits up.

We were fortunate to be able to spend 100% of our time with Kess and Xena this summer and even before this neither spent even an hour alone away from Mommy or Daddy. The girls were able to enjoy almost all of this last of their three summers together and went every day to our 100 acre dog park or the beach and then on special trips each weekend. During our time with Kess, she went from being a shy girl unsure of what to do, to one with supreme confidence. She overcame her long time “pee pee” problems after we switched her over to a fully home-cooked and grain-free diet. Her short fur grew longer and she became even more gorgeous than when we first met her.

She was the favorite dog of every neighbor. Every person who met her at dog parks or in her many travels seemed to fall immediately in love and asked us where they too could find such a gentle, beautiful girl. She was absolutely the best ambassador for white shepherds and pet rescue anyone could have wanted.

Kess was the last of our four dogs to join us as well as the last to pass on. From the first day, she integrated into our lives and bonded as completely as if she had been with us since a puppy. “Big Girl” Kess was a devoted sister and protector to Xena, and playmate and companion to her Mommy and Daddy. She stayed upbeat, happy, and loving to the very end and although we are shattered by her loss, we feel privileged to have been her parents for the last two years of her life.

As we reflect on this too brief time with Kess, and recount our years with our four dogs, we find ourselves for the first time in eighteen years, alone, but with all of those years full of beautiful memories.








To see more wonderful pictures of Kess, click here.

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