#209 Zeus

GSRNE #209
Adopted on June 9, 2007

Dec. 2007 – Here’s a picture of Zeus waiting for Santa. He knows there will be something under the tree for him.

I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason in life. So it was, on June the 9th, 2007, we made the decision to adopt the newest member of our family, ZEUS. He was a perfect match from the beginning. He came at the right time in our lives. We had recently lost our beloved TIFFANI, another German Shepherd, that was in our family for 14 years. Zeus arrived in our family and fit in right away. It was like he lived here all his life. His eyes showed his approval of being here and you could tell he somehow sensed that my wife and I were grieving a bigger loss less than two years ago. If anyone ever guessed animals have a spirit, I am here to tell you they do I believe they are like humans and have souls as well. I further believe in eternal life with our pets. I honestly hope to see them all. I know Zeus won’t let me down and will be there.

So, what makes our spoiled German Shepherd so special? Besides, being an inspiration in our life, so full of energy and loyalty, he is our loyal companion and child. Is he a bit spoiled? Um, ahem, yes, indeed he is, but he knows who’s in charge and behaves himself. He’s the star of the neighborhood, never missing his walks during any day. If the weather is bad, we dress appropriately. He loves other animals and children and when he sees children playing, he wants to run with them and play ball as well. He meets other animals on his walks throughout the neighborhood and although he’s always on a lead, he pounces his feet with his rear high up the air, showing he wants to play. He is well behaved on a lead and in our house. He loves to be close to us and snuggle. He’s a very affectionate boy and most times, you can see him smile. His teeth get brushed and his coat gets groomed and he enjoys the attention. He believes he should sleep on the end of the bed and sometimes we allow it and other times we won’t. When we say “DOWN,” he will immediately get down. He loves his Kong Balls and all of his toys. Recently, I walked him up to the local Pet Store and let him choose his own non-destructive toy. He made a good choice and walked in and out like he owned the joint. He loves to sit by the window, looking out with his nose on the window ledge, waiting for me or my wife to get home from work. He just loves the family being together. He also loves company coming over. He gets along well with my grandchildren and is always a gentleman. He loves riding in the car and does an inspection of my car, as we go out the door for our walk, to make sure I haven’t cheated on him.

Zeus is probably our 10th dog since we have been married. He has already won a special place in our hearts as one of the top animals of all times. Being familiar with German Shepherds, Zeus showed us immediately what he was made of. He solidified our decision to choose another German Shepherd. Yes, we thought of a Goldie, even a Lab, but how do you not go back to the most wonderful, loyal, noble breed of dogs? He won our hearts quickly and does things daily to impress us.

Thank you GSRNE for allowing us the opportunity to have this wonderful animal as part of our family. As you can see, he has put on a few pounds but he does not get table scraps and just a few small cookies a day. He exercises regularly and is extremely agile and fit. He gets a teaspoon of safflower oil with his dinner to keep his coat nice and soft.

To all of you that trusted us with this wonderful soul, we thank you from the very bottom of our hearts and wish everyone a very special Holiday.

Our love to you all,

Glenn & Patricia Catania

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