#115 Christy



GSRNE #115
? – 01/2004

I truly believe that Christy chose me as much as I chose her.  She was a very gentle soul.  Extremely shy but very proud and dignified.  She loved to play, loved going to work with me, and never said no to a walk.  In the short time we were together she was a wonderful surrogate mom to an eight week old foster pup, a loving companion to a very sick older visiting dog, and joyful playmate to a young male foster dog.  Instinctively she became a kind patient teacher, a quiet gentle companion offering comfort, and an exuberant co-conspirator as needed.  She took on all of these roles as if they were her choice and mastered them beautifully.  As usual with rescue dogs, she had a very rough start.  She was found starving in a park in Connecticut where she had been abandoned as a puppy.  Janice at GSRNE saw her potential and accepted her.  She spent almost a year in foster care and then we became a family.  A very short year and half after that my vet found that she was in kidney failure and two months later Christy told me it was time to let her go.  I will never understand why she had such a short, hard life. My beautiful sweet girl, she was deeply loved and is missed so much I can’t even express it.

Read a lovely tribute to Christy written by Victoria Abrams, GSRNE’s previous Foster & Adoption Coordinator, and Board member.




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