#080 Abby



GSRNE #080
8/08/1996 – 9/05/2008  

Sadly, my parents’ beloved white German Shepherd Abby passed away on Friday afternoon. Her 12th birthday would have been this coming October 8th. All of the Steins miss her very much. Thank you to German Shepard Rescue New England for all of the wonderful years we had with her.

Abby was a very special dog, she was always ready with a tail wag and a greeting. An ambassador for the household, always greeting people and wanting pats (as well as barking to say goodbye). She refused to walk in the rain unless she was wearing her yellow raincoat and you could always see her wagging her tail when passing people who admired it. Even the grumpiest of strangers at Fresh Pond and in the neighborhood couldn’t help but smile at the tail wagging white dog in the bright yellow rain-coat. She loved to play with toys and knew all of her toys by name including her “kosher” bone, her bear, her lamb and many others.

As a younger dog, Abby was always wanting more, however in her last years her inner sweetness shone very brightly.  She had a special sparkle in her eyes – which you could see most clearly when she was engaging in her favorite activities such as chasing snow balls, playing in the snow or in the ocean.  When her “dad” Maury was bedridden for six months, she spent hours every day on the bed with him, bringing comfort.

Abby had joined the Steins when she was 3 years young and was the longest lived GSD we have had, spending 9 years with us. Always a white dog- dirt just didn’t stick to her coat- in her last weeks Abby somehow became more white even luminous, perhaps her angel nature showing through.Abby2

When Abby received her companion dog title, Phyllis brought this cake with Abby’s picture on it to dog class. Apparently Abby’s brother Saber thought the cake was tasty too.  The writing on the cake reads “Abby-GS Rescue and CD” (companion dog). Saber was German Shepard Rescue New England dog number 08, Abby was GSRNE dog number 80 and Sammy is GSRNE 160.

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