German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc. (GSRNE) is looking for new foster homes.  The number of dogs that we can save depends on the number of foster homes we have.


Becoming a foster home for a rescue German Shepherd dog can be one of the most rewarding activities you will ever engage in.  Helping out a dog in its hour of greatest need is also a caring, wonderful way to contribute something meaningful to the German Shepherd breed.  If you enjoy working and living with German Shepherds, and  love to love them, fostering a rescue dog for GSRNE may be for you!

GSRNE representatives evaluate dogs before they are accepted into our program, and we exclude dogs that have been known to show aggression to humans or that show aggression toward the evaluators. Since this is a snap shot of what we can see about the dog and that the dogs are very stressed out, we do not always get an accurate assessment of the dog.  This is why we need foster homes to get a better idea, in a home environment, of what the dog’s personality is like.

Many dogs needing rescue need a better situation or an emergency home right away before euthanasia becomes a reality.  Once a rescue dog is evaluated and approved by GSRNE to come into our foster program, the dog goes on a waiting list for the next appropriate foster home that opens up.  For shelter dogs especially, this can be a dangerous time.  We cannot stress how important foster homes are for these dogs!

Rescue dogs generally range in age from six months to ten years, in colors from black and tan, sable, bi-color, pure black or white.  The dogs are usually neutered or spayed before they go to a foster home; if not before, it happens soon after placement in a foster home.

Rescue dogs come from all walks of life! Most come from shelters and pounds, as owner turn ins or strays.  Shelter dogs are usually living on borrowed time, and we often need to place them in foster care quickly to help them in time before they are put down.

We work with you to determine what general type of dog will adapt to your household for a successful fostering experience for you and the rescue dog.  We provide strong support for you after you take in a dog to foster.  In some cases, you may need to work with us often, and in other cases, things may be easier.  This all depends on the dog and its needs.

We usually try to give new dogs a bath before they come to you.  Sometimes this isn’t possible, but we try to schedule that in for you, especially for dogs that have been kenneled at shelters.  We always inspect the dogs for ticks/fleas in their vet exams, and treat for that if it’s an issue, as well.

If you would like to apply to foster a Rescue German Shepherd Dog for GSRNE, please review our Foster Home Requirements.  If you meet our requirements, please fill out and submit the Foster Home Application. Once we receive your submitted application, we will review it and contact you with any questions.  If all looks good on your application, and your references are checked, we will then schedule a home visit with you and your family members.

If you are unable to foster, or it is not for you, there are many other ways you can help one of our GSDs in need.  We are always in need of supplies: see our GSRNE Wish List of Items on Amazon.  Check out our Buddy Program where you can help any, all or a specific foster dog in need.  Become a Member or Volunteer.

Please remember, we are all volunteers, most of whom work full-time day jobs, have our own dogs and families, and are volunteering out of a desire to make a difference in the lives of needy German Shepherds. We appreciate your patience while we work through the Foster Process.

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