Step 1: REVIEW OUR REQUIREMENTS – Review our Foster Home Requirements to ensure your lifestyle and place of residence meets our guidelines. You must meet these requirements to proceed with the Foster Home Application. Unfortunately, some good homes may be passed up because of these requirements, because GSRNE feels like these requirements are what’s best for everybody involved . 

Step 2: FILL OUT OUR FOSTER HOME APPLICATION – Once you’ve reviewed our Foster Home Requirements, fill out our Foster Home Application! GSRNE will review it and follow up with you, if we have any questions. If we don’t have any questions and we feel like you’d be a good fit to foster one of our rescue dogs, we will send you our Orientation Packet for you to review.

Step 3: REVIEW OUR ORIENTATION PACKET – Once you receive our Orientation Packet, read it thoroughly. It will outline what GSRNE’s guidelines are and provide helpful hints when fostering one of our rescue dogs. This packet will help prepare you for what we need from our foster homes, and to make sure that you understand and agree with our guidelines and policies.

Step 4: REFERENCES – We will contact the references that you provided on your Foster Home Application. If we have any follow up questions, we will contact you.

Step 5: SCHEDULE A HOME VISIT – If there are no follow up questions and all the references are checked, we will contact you to set up a Foster Home Visit.  For the home visit, we will view the yard, visit the home, and meet your pets. We will also sit down with everyone living in the home to ask some questions, and go over our Fostering Program. Once the process is complete our foster home coordinator will contact you.

If you are unable to foster, or it is not for you, there are many other ways you can help one of our GSDs in need.  We are always in need of supplies:  see our Wish List of items on Amazon.  Check out our Buddy Program where you can help any, all or a specific foster dog in need.  Become a Member or Volunteer.

Please remember, we are all volunteers, most of whom work full-time day jobs, have our own dogs and families, and are volunteering out of a desire to make a difference in the lives of needy German Shepherds. We appreciate your patience while we work through the Foster Process.

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