Running Total of Rescued GSDs

A reminder that it’s not about the quantity, but the quality. And that is where we excel. German Shepherd Rescue of New England networks with many shelters, ACO’s and other groups already helping dogs. 0ften these shelters have a German Shepherd who is not doing well in a large facility. They contact us!

Dogs Placed-1We have placed over #370 and counting, German Shepherd Dogs with loving families. We place the dog in a home according to the environment, leadership and activity levels that GSRNE feels will be best for each dog. We don’t rush… but wait till the right owner clicks. Our rate of success is very high.  We continue to stay in touch with each dog thru our reunion picnic, and requested updates. We offer support and training tips along with informational groups to help each adopter be successful. Once a dog becomes part of our GSRNE family, we want to know the dog will always be loved and in a home.  We respect our adopters privacy, of course, but we’ve found our homes are very proud of the accomplishments of their GSRNE rescue dog!

Our average cost per dog…. including food, basic veterinary care, advanced veterinary care,(where needed), and any behavioral work may exceed $1000.  Many dogs require life saving surgery to restore their health. Our foster homes work with each dog until we feel we have a good grasp on what type of adopter is needed.  We try to provide excellent food, care, leadership, and time to know each dog. Our foster homes provide endless love and patience to help their dog. That is why we need every donation possible so we can provide excellent care for each dog.

Last dog adopted was Ebony, GSRNE#377

See a gallery with many of our adopted dogs by clicking here.

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