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We are sometimes called to help a GSD that we just can’t bring into the program. It could be that GSRNE is full and has no foster homes available or we have not been able to see the dog yet to evaluate it. We try to help the shelters and the dogs by telling people like you about them. If a dog is at a shelter and you want more information about it, please call the appropriate shelter.

We have not temperament tested or evaluated the dogs on this page. Some of these dogs have a very short time to live, due to overcrowding at shelters or the dog falling apart mentally/emotionally. If you are interested in one, please call about these dogs right away, and please mention that you saw info about the dog on the GSRNE web site. Thanks!

Note: ALWAYS call first and ask if a shelter dog is still available. Shelters often do not update us when dogs are adopted or euthanized so listings here can be out of date until we find out. Please let the shelter know that you saw the dog on GSRNE’s website.

And if you adopt a dog that you saw here, we’d love to hear from you! These are dogs we wish we could help and it would be wonderful to know how they are doing. Let us know if it’s okay to put your story of adopting the dog here on the site and on our Facebook page as everyone loves a happy ending! Email to share your story with us!




Some dogs simply have a special something about them. Casey is one of those dogs.

This stunning 2-year-old German Shepherd’s life was turned upside down when his owner passed away after only having him for 4 months. Casey came back to us at the shelter and got adopted twice but was returned. Through all of these changes, Casey started to eat his paw. It became so bad he had a hard time walking. After a lot of vet care, different medications and a structured daily routine, Casey is “back on his paws” again! He is thriving and is ready for new adventures with a forever family. We’d like to find him an adopter who will give him opportunities to use his intelligence as well as giving him physical exercise on a daily basis. He’s willing and able to learn, but you need to go slow with him and build trust–you can’t rush him. Casey has had too many changes this year.

Casey is housebroken and walks nicely on a leash. He is a quick learner and eager to please, so it’s easy to get this boy’s tail wagging. He is happy to sleep at your feet or take a long stroll through your neighborhood, where his good looks will definitely turn a lot of heads.
Casey would do best as an only dog. He can get along with other dogs and enjoys playing, but at home he does not like to share attention and toys. Casey loves people (especially women) and would do great as the only dog in the home as long as his exercise and intellectual needs are met. Casey tends to play a lot with his mouth (he is quite gentle though), thus we are looking for a home with either older children or no children. With someone willing to give him a patient, loving, and consistent home, he’ll be a FAVORITE dog!

You can find Casey at the Newtown Animal Control Shelter: (203) 426-6900





Meet this dapper gentleman, George.

Some of you may remember that George was found in the woods of Merrimack, NH, emaciated and torn to shreds. He has finally fully recovered from that ordeal and is ready for a home.

We are just going to tell it to you straight: George does not like all people. George hates other animals, so living with them is just not an option. He is picky about his friends and how he meets them. He is the type of dog that has bonded so hard to one person that he wants to protect them, so making new friends isn’t always so easy for him. He needs people who are calm and easygoing, and he’d really love someone willing to spend a lot of time tossing tennis balls for him.

George is a diehard fan of tennis balls and toys that squeak. He enjoys mulching sticks and eating ice cream, and he is appreciative of a fun car ride, even if it is just to get a coffee (for you) and a munchkin (for him).

George needs a GSD-savvy person. He needs to be the only pet–really your only child; he can’t live with children. If allowed, he would play fetch until he couldn’t move any longer, so a fenced-in yard is at the top of his wishlist.

George’s current person (an Animal Rescue League staffer) is more than happy to introduce you to him if it seems like a potential match. He may not make the best first impression, but once you’ve bonded, you will have no better friend than George.

(Check out that ridiculously endearing, goofy smile of his, in the bowtie photo below!)

Contact Naomi Stevens, Director of Operations
Animal Rescue League of NH
(603) 472-3647 x123





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For All the Dogs in
Shelters Everywhere

by Shelly Guidotti

Old Friends

Old Friends

“Did you hear that?” the old dog shouted. They all ran to the front of their kennel doors to see if someone was coming to “pick them.”

“Sorry,” he said to the other dogs as his ears fell down from their perked position. “I could have sworn I heard voices saying, ‘Isn’t he cute? Can’t we take him home with us?'”

“You must have been dreaming again old man,” said the dog in the cage next to him. “Anyway, what’s the big deal about getting picked ? We’ve all been through that routine and look where it got us.” The word “home” meant little to these shelter dogs.

“Just once, I’d like to feel the warmth of a hand stroking my head,” said the old dog. “I’d like to be the one who kisses the tears off a sad face. I’d like to curl up next to a fire instead of this cold concrete. It hurts my bones.” He curled up and sighed as the others said, “The only place you’re going to find that is in your dreams old man.”


Hank’s wife had only been gone a year but the pain was as fresh as if time had stood still. He was an old man now, alone and longed for the comfort that he knew no other person would ever be able to give to him again. What would his life become without her by his side? Hank’s cupboards were close to bare now and, although he didn’t want to go out, he knew he should at least pick up the basics.

He drove slowly down the side streets for freeway driving had become too challenging. Suddenly, the car started chugging and sputtering until finally the engine quit altogether. One of the basic needs he forgot was fuel for the car! So he coasted over next to the curb, spotting a building within walking distance. Hopefully, they’d let him use their phone.

He walked into an office area and rang the bell for service but no one came. He spotted another door going outside, failing to notice the sign posted “Employees Only”. As Hank walked out, he was over- whelmed by yaps, barks and insane jumping from dogs all sizes and shapes.

He then realized he had unintentionally gone to the dog shelter. Slowly he walked down the concrete aisle looking for an attendant.

Three kennels down on the right, the old dog calmly sat there. Why should the old dog get excited? No one would want him. But, he sensed a need and couldn’t resist offering a kind look and a gentle wag of the tail. As Hank neared the old dog’s cage, he laced his fingers through the chain link to steady his gait and the first feeling of comfort he’d remembered in over a year came from a wet nose and lick across his arthritic fingers.

Just then a voice of authority sounded, and Hank jumped. “I’m sorry sir, you aren’t supposed to be in this area!” she said. Luckily Hank didn’t know he had walked into the “final area” where unclaimed dogs were scheduled to be put down. There went the nudge and lick thing again. Hank looked down to the most pleading eyes he’d ever seen.

Ignoring the attendants order to leave, Hank asked if could he see the dog closer? Her demeanor changed completely and her sternness melted away. She had forced herself to be this way so she could do the part of her job she despised. She brought the old dog out and instantly the two souls – once so lost – found reason to hope.

Hank’s cupboards were now filled, a warm fire crackled and the old dog smiled inside as he remembered “only in your dreams.” Closing his eyes he felt Hank’s hand stroking his head whispering “sleep in heavenly peace”.

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