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We are sometimes called to help a GSD that we just can’t bring into the program. It could be that GSRNE is full and has no foster homes available or we have not been able to see the dog yet to evaluate it. We try to help the shelters and the dogs by telling people like you about them. If a dog is at a shelter and you want more information about it, please call the appropriate shelter.

We have not temperament tested or evaluated the dogs on this page. Some of these dogs have a very short time to live, due to overcrowding at shelters or the dog falling apart mentally/emotionally. If you are interested in one, please call about these dogs right away, and please mention that you saw info about the dog on the GSRNE web site. Thanks!

Note: ALWAYS call first and ask if a shelter dog is still available. Shelters often do not update us when dogs are adopted or euthanized so listings here can be out of date until we find out. Please let the shelter know that you saw the dog on GSRNE’s website.

And if you adopt a dog that you saw here, we’d love to hear from you! These are dogs we wish we could help and it would be wonderful to know how they are doing. Let us know if it’s okay to put your story of adopting the dog here on the site and on our Facebook page as everyone loves a happy ending! Email to share your story with us!






Hello, my name is Grayson and I’m looking for a forever person who knows about dogs like me! I’m a 4-year old, 85-pound neutered German Shepherd living at Hanscom AFB, MA. I’m current on all boosters, heartworm, and flea & tick treatment. My friends at ARK say I can live only with GSD savvy people.

About Me! I love lots of things, like toys, playtime, and belly rubs! I am a fantastic traveler. Car rides are awesome, but I love truck rides best! I’m always ready for going on runs and hiking in the great outdoors. I love early morning walks when there’s little foot-traffic. I’m also well-behaved, completely house-trained, and non-destructive to the home. I don’t counter surf or guard food and toys, either. I even know verbal cues and hand signals.

Though I’ll be your only dog, I do well with cats, birds, squirrels and the like. I’m okay with some dogs after a proper introduction. I love my regular people, but not trusting of others. I have nipped when the house gets busy with strangers. I prefer my inner circle, so just leave me in another room should visitors come by.

So why is a nice guy like me looking for a new home? Well, people know that GSDs are smart, loving, and loyal, but a lesser known fact is that we need a very particular type of owner. Without proper upbringing, stimulation, and a confident human, we don’t learn how to handle certain situations properly. Our energy is misdirected. That’s what happened to me. Now I need someone with a lot of patience and understanding to work with me. I’m only looking for positive reinforcement because in my previous home I was pushed around, yelled at, and fed Maltese-sized servings. At age one, I was attacked by a mean dog which still haunts me. Right now I’m with a nice family, but it’s only temporary. They are moving soon and can’t take me along.

I’m going to need your help to gain confidence. I want to be a great dog, but also accepted for me, Grayson. My goals are to be (1) less nervous, (2) learn how to distinguish the good guys from the bad so I won’t growl, lunge or bark without reason, and (3) have good manners when walking past another canine. I’m told people in baseball hats are not to be feared, but I don’t believe that for a minute. I’ve been handled by trainers and get raving reports when my people aren’t around for me to “protect.”

My ideal family is active outdoors and very familiar with my breed. I’m young and athletic and need LOTS of active play and exercise time. A fenced yard is a huge plus. Kids 12+ are ok too because I live with three young humans and love them to pieces. (Visiting kids threaten me though so just keep me in a safe, comfy spot.) I am being spoiled by my short-term family, so I come with many treasures! From two beds, a raincoat, harness, and treats, to poop bags, food, toys, and heartworm treatment!

I’m such a good boy who will be your best friend. Prepare for love & slobbery kisses, free of charge. Thank you for reading all about ME! My adoption application: Serious questions for my caseworker may be sent to ARKforGrayson #JustSaveThem



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