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We are sometimes called to help a GSD that we just can’t bring into the program. It could be that GSRNE is full and has no foster homes available or we have not been able to see the dog yet to evaluate it. We try to help the shelters and the dogs by telling people like you about them. If a dog is at a shelter and you want more information about it, please call the appropriate shelter.

We have not temperament tested or evaluated the dogs on this page. Some of these dogs have a very short time to live, due to overcrowding at shelters or the dog falling apart mentally/emotionally. If you are interested in one, please call about these dogs right away, and please mention that you saw info about the dog on the GSRNE web site. Thanks!

Note: ALWAYS call first and ask if a shelter dog is still available. Shelters often do not update us when dogs are adopted or euthanized so listings here can be out of date until we find out. Please let the shelter know that you saw the dog on GSRNE’s website.

And if you adopt a dog that you saw here, we’d love to hear from you! These are dogs we wish we could help and it would be wonderful to know how they are doing. Let us know if it’s okay to put your story of adopting the dog here on the site and on our Facebook page as everyone loves a happy ending! Email to share your story with us!







Adopt Sarge! Sarge is an 8-year-old German Shepherd, and we are looking for a savvy adopter who is familiar with the breed and who is willing to give him the mental simulation he needs.

Sarge is great in the car and enjoys going for rides. He walks well on a leash and loves spending time with people he’s comfortable with. He loves playing with balls and spending time outside, too. He does react to passing cars, so he will need some work on this. Sarge will need a child-free and cat-free home, and preferably one where he is the only dog.

Potential adopters will need to meet with him a few times before the adoption is finalized as he can be a little shy around strangers.

Fiona Richert
Salem Animal Rescue League
4 SARL Drive, Salem NH 03079
(603) 893-3210 ext. 200





Meet Bebe. This lovely girl is all prepped for a good home. She successfully lived in one for quite a while, but one of the things we learned from her foster stay is that Bebe is sometimes too energetic for cats. She has been fine with other dogs in the home, however. Bebe has a lot of great qualities! She’s house-trained and crate-trained. She has a mellow temperament. And she loves going on walks. She’s been going on long hikes in the woods of late, and that makes Bebe a happy camper. Bebe is reactive to strangers, but she is working on redirecting that reactivity with verbal and clicker training. It would be helpful for her to continue such training in her new home. She does need a home without children. Bebe is a smart girl and to those she knows and trusts, she’s a peach of a dog! Her ideal home would be low-traffic, understanding of her needs, and able to tell when she is uncomfortable.

Bebe does have some special needs, so please inquire at the front desk for information: (603) 772-2921 ext. 110

Kelly Marinel
Manager of Animal Care
P.O Box 196
Stratham, NH 03885
(603) 773-5724







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