#372 Kelsa

Kelsa celebrated her first birthday on 2/12/2014 at at Hanover, MA Petco

Adopted on 06/13/2013


The first thing most people notice about Kelsa are her eyes; she looks right at you with a direct and confident gaze. Kelsa She’s a happy dog and wants to investigate and explore everything in her surroundings.  This  could get her into trouble, though, so you have to be vigilant and quick to remove anything from her mouth that could be harmful if she were to swallow it.  Kelsa will pick up a rock or a mouthful of debris and try to run off with it, so she’s always on a leash or longline unless she’s in the 30’ dog pen with someone.  In the house, she pulls the stuffing out of toys once she’s made an opening, so those toys have to be removed once that happens.  She loves squeak toys and has a rubber ball that is a special favorite of hers.  She’ll bring it to you and tease until you grab it and throw it for her; she scampers after it and brings it back to do it over and over.

Kelsa loves meeting people and will run right up and put her paws on a leg or will try to jump up; we’re working onKelsa teaching her to sit instead, but her enthusiasm still gets the best of her.  She’s just beginning to learn that there are some rules and limits, and she does very well with a consistent schedule.  Her house training was delayed because of the diarrhea she had as a result of the Parvo, but she now has normal stools and is whining to let us know she has to go outside.  She doesn’t yet stay dry overnight, but she does well during the day as long as we take her outside as soon as she wakes up from a nap.  When she’s been up and active for an hour and a half or a bit longer, she gets very mouthy and will pull on clothing and grab skin.  At that point, she needs some quiet time in her crate and falls asleep within a few minutes.  She’ll nap for an hour or more and then whines to let you know she needs to go out and is then ready for another play session.  Her mouthiness at this age would be painful and frustrating for children, so she would need close supervision with them, even at this age.

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