#319 Kurt

GSRNE #319
2011 – 3/15/2019   

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Password: Kurt   

With heavy hearts we had to say goodbye to our sweet goofy boy Kurt. He had started to lose function of his back legs which quickly led to his bowels and bladder no longer working. Kurt joined our family as a foster needing special treatment, and who eventually earned the nickname “Moose” due to his large size. Before being dropped off at the original shelter, he had suffered from a poorly healed fracture of his leg, which caused some immobility issues. He had unfortunately contracted MRSA from his stay at the Humane Society and needed heavy treatment. Unfortunately the infection plagued him throughout his life, going away for some time then coming back when his allergies would flare, requiring intense treatment each time. He was a fighter though, he pushed through everything he faced, even with his legs were giving up on him. He never missed a chance to wash your face or yell at the TV when an animal was on it. Upon arriving to our home he met and took immediately to his sister Nela #305. When they first met, he loved to try to get her attention, much to Nela’s frustration. Eventually his best buddy Rookie (an Old English lab) moved in, which delighted him to no end, since he now had a friend who loved to play with him and who Kurt could “torment.” We didn’t know what to expect from our clumsy moose upon the arrival of our son, but Kurt fell in love with him, watching over him as he slept and keeping an eye on him when he played. Two years later he went on to do the same for our daughter, who became Kurt’s favorite person, since she loved to share her food with him (even when she had to go find where he was sleeping!). Kurt was a cherished member of our family and he will be greatly missed.

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