#313 Lady

GSRNE #313
2007 – 8/21/14

   It is with very heavy hearts that Patty and I must inform you and the GSRNE family that Lady, GSRNE #313, passed away peacefully Thursday 8/21/14. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a far to short 4.5 years with us, but she filled those years with joy. Her transformation from a timid and shy girl to a confident, social “unofficial” ambassador for all the great work the GSRNE volunteers do for our beloved dogs was remarkable. Lady’s gentleness and “Old Soul” presence gave great joy to us, family, neighbors and numerous elderly residents at a local nursing home on “unofficial” service visits.

Lady was well known around town while riding “Shotgun” in either the big Jeep or the little-Jeep Wrangler with the top down (She owned that car). She had to have a ride every day, often sitting in the Jeep awaiting her chauffeur. Although it took six months after her adoption for her to find her voice, once found she expressed herself and her joy and excitement in anticipation of car rides, going to the store or just getting the mail at the foot of the driveway. She could be heard barking her excitement while driving down the road were neighbors and local merchants would come out to wave to her. She became a true celebrity.

She bonded with Patty, and Lady was Patty’s baby. Where ever Patty was Lady was at her knee, attentive and inquisitive. Lady was always a lady but if she did not wish to do something she would just sit down as an immoveable 85 pound German Shepherd. She never objected, she just sat down.

In the heat of mid-July Lady was less interested in her morning walks so we awaited cooler weather. At the beginning of August she was not interested in her breakfast yet devoured her dinner and any treats. A pre-existing left knee injury with arthritis became more stiff. Two weeks later with labored breathing and tiredness we got her to her Vet. The knee had swollen, it was extremely aggressive bone cancer that spread to her lungs. We had to let her go.

Our tears and pain of mourning will pass with time and thoughts will turn to smiles of remembrance.

We loved Lady so much.

–Greg & Patty

Her story from happier times:

Greg & Patty, who are parents of Lady #313, tell us that Lady is very loved, has acclimated nicely, has free run of the house and does fine (she no longer uses her crate at all), loves rides in the car, bonded to Patty like glue and also does great with Greg. She is no longer hand-shy and welcomes strangers, does long walks every morning, and she does well with other dogs. She is very healthy, had allergy meds when they got her, but they have subsided and she no longer takes meds. Runs off lead on the beach with her mom and loves it. And she is a walking advertisement for GSRNE, as Patty & Greg tell everyone about GSRNE.


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