#286 Maggie Moo

Maggie Moo
GSRNE #286
2009 – 2/21/2019   

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Password: Maggie Moo


Maggie Moo (originally known as Ferri) was one of GSRNE’s “F Litter” puppies. When we took her mom, Freida, into GSRNE, we did not know Freida was expecting pups!

Maggie joined her loving family in February 2010. She loved to antagonize the cats, chew things (not always the items she she was supposed to chew), go for walks, ride in the car, and hike in the woods and down by the river. She even went for a ride in a kayak! Maggie loved her playtime at the dog park and she would gravitate to the other German Shepherds! Her favorite toy was the flexible Frisbee she was given as a “new baby” gift. Her family tells us that Maggie was a wonderful friend, confidant, workout partner, protector, and a kind of a workout instructor for the cats. Sadly, sweet Maggie Moo was only 9 years old when she crossed the Bridge due to cancer. Rest in peace, dear girl.

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