#247 Storm

Storm GSRNE #247
2002? – 3/11/2015  

She came to us when she was 7 years old from a home where she was expected to stay under the kitchen table and out of the way when her owner was angry. (Something we can never understand…) When she came out one too many times he threatened to shoot her. Afraid he may do her harm someday the woman called GSRNE… She asked us to take her and place her in a home where she would be both loved and safe.

The minute we met her we fell in love… She was so pretty and very affectionate. Storm loved her belly rubs and her toys; she was great with other dogs and good with cats. We thought she was perfect! She was adopted by a wonderful family with children and an 8 year old GSD sister named Lilly. It brings us much comfort knowing she certainly had a lot of love and attention during the rest of her days… Her owner told us:

“I had hoped and prayed I would not have to write this email for some time yet. Unfortunately, Storm’s schedule was different than mine and, as such, the news I must share is bittersweet. I apologize for the delay in writing but it’s taken a couple of days to get to the point where I could even do this. On March 11th we had the incredibly painful task of having to let Storm go. The first sign was Lilly’s constant attention to Storm–she stayed by her side and snuggled with her throughout the journey. I’ve come to recognize this as a sign something is very wrong and usually the end is near. Ultimately, the boys and I felt allowing her to pass in peace was best for her. Lots of tears were shed and I held her throughout the procedure–she was never alone and was constantly reassured of our love for her. She was so incredibly sweet, trusting, calm, and peaceful throughout her ordeal… I have no doubt she knew all that was happening to her and for her. And was at peace with it all. Her remains will be returned to us later this week.”

“Until we meet again… You were loved more than you will ever know… You’re forever in our hearts.”
Love GSRNE’s ‘Storm’

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