#223 Kaizur

Kaizur (was Niklas)
GSRNE #223
Adopted on January 26, 2008

We were devastated after the death of our six month old Shepard Sheba. We were a bit apprehensive about getting another dog as our hearts were broken and we were not sure if we should perhaps wait. Our daughter Becca came across GSRNE while searching the internet. We spoke about it as a family and decided we were ready to try again. We soon heard from Laurie Keating and she started the process. We were very excited to learn about what a great organization GSRNE was and how much they really cared about the kind of home the dogs went to. A search was done to find us a dog that would be friendly with our three cats (this must have been quite a task). We were then notified that a potential dog was identified, the email included a few photos. As soon as we opened the pictures we knew this was the dog for us – we instantly fell in love and soon he was part of our family.

Kaizur is doing just great! He is a dog that loves routine. We take him for several walks each morning and evening with our other dog Sampson. He always has to have a stick to carry during our walks so part of the fun of the walk is Kaizur choosing the very best stick. We keep a stack of them at the beginning of a rail road trail that is behind our house for him to pick from. There are many trails adjacent to our property so he is never board and loves to explore. Just yesterday during our walk we met up with a pack of turkeys.

Kaizur is a very friendly dog and loving dog. His best kitty buddy is Symba. Symba was just a year old when Kaizur joined our family so they are growing up together. Every night after dinner they play, running through the house and “wrestling”. Kaizur is very gentle with him, it’s really cute to watch them together. The two of them like to cuddle up every now and then for naps
on Kaizur’s dog bed. They also like to watch the birds come to our feeder. The two of them will sit together by the window and watch the bird action.

Kaizur is very smart. Our daughter Becca is now teaching him how to bring slippers to her at night. I’m sure he’ll have this mastered very soon. He seems to really like learning new things as he is very curious and always thinking. Becca likes to watch shows like “It’s me or the Dog” or “Dog Whisperer” to find out new little tricks we can teach him.

Kaizur has been with us a little over a year now and we could not imagine life without him. He adds a bright spot to every day. Kaizur has brought a great deal of happiness to us and has made our home complete. We are so very grateful to GSRNE for finding us the perfect dog. We love him very much. Thank you to everyone!

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