#202 Rocky

GSRNE #202
2000 – 11/2018   

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It is with tremendous sadness that we share that Rocky, GSRNE #202 crossed the rainbow bridge earlier this week.

We all know the worst part about owning a dog is having to say goodbye, and that goodbyes often feels far too soon. GSRNE’s Rocky was lucky; life gave him the gift of dying as an old man, at 17.5 years of age. This is a rare and extraordinarily ripe old age for the German Shepherd breed.

Adopted in 2002, Rocky was an owner-surrender and he had a great deal of separation anxiety. It took months for him to finally feel comfortable and bond with his foster Dad, who soon became his forever Dad.

We have so many memories of this remarkable dog. He shared his home and his Dad with many of our GSRNE foster dogs for the past 15 years–often hosting as many as four foster siblings per year. Rocky welcomed them all. This handsome boy was so easy going and also accompanied his Dad, Danny, on many in-take evaluations at shelters and homes for dogs coming in to our Rescue. They shared a special bond and were inseparable. Rocky loved riding “shotgun” in the front seat of the pickup truck, and even when his hips were too weak to stand he still got up to head to the dog park every morning with Danny.

Our dogs are members of our family in every way that matters, which makes losing them all the more devastating. We can’t imagine how lonely our friend Danny is now without his Rocky. For so many years Rocky was a huge part of Danny’s everyday life, and it has to be heartbreaking now–no more trips to the dog park, no more making that special home made “doggie meatloaf,” no more best buddy riding in the pickup truck on everyday errands. Now just an empty dish and leash and a lifetime of memories to comfort him and fill his heart until they meet again for a joyful reunion at the Bridge.

We love you and we will miss you, Rocky. With your sweet kisses and unconditional love, you brought much joy into our hearts at so many of our events. Run free, handsome boy, and catch those squirrels with your buddy Nitro.

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