#179 Miya

GSRNE #179
2004 – 9/14/2019

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Password: Miya

“She was my girl… I will keep her in my heart forever…”

It is with tremendous sadness that we share that Miya (GSRNE #179) peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge, just a few weeks shy of her 15th birthday. This sweet girl came to us when she was just 3 months old with her 4 litter mates from a very bad neglect situation in Maine.

A favorite of so many GSRNE volunteers, we all had a special relationship with Miya. We all knew her well because her mom, Jeannie, had hosted most GSRNE get-togethers and meetings at her home over the years. This bold and confident girl loved people, and would always happily greet us with her tail wagging and a tennis ball in her mouth, persuading all of us to play catch with her. She was always willing to chase the ball for any one of us.

If you happened to put your purse or bag down where she could get at it, this sassy girl would help herself to whatever was inside it. Often walking into the room with someone’s phone or wallet in her mouth, nothing was off limits with Miya. She was a real prankster and loved to steal anything she could–never destroying it, just carrying it about and moving it around. Now it just won’t seem the same when we visit, not to see Miya happily greeting us at the door.

Thank you Jeannie for sharing your wonderful girl with us all these years. She was a much-loved member of the GSRNE family and we will miss her. May fond memories of your beloved Miya warm your heart always.

Rest In Peace sweet, beautiful Miya. Your GSRNE family loves you!


Adopted: April 27, 2005


Miya was born in a shelter as her mother was part of a GSD confiscation in a neglect case. She lived in the shelter for her first 3 months, then was transferred to another shelter who contacted GSRNE for help with her and her 4 siblings. Miya has found her forever home with Bruschi (also 2 yrs old) and me! Miya is still very active. Her nose is into every package or bag brought into the house. She’s a prankster and loves to steal anything she can. She takes “her people’s” objects, like the phone, the computer mouse, shoes, nail polish, make-up etc. She usually doesn’t destroy it, just moves it! Last spring she and brother Bruschi were enrolled in a tracking class. She had fun eating the hot dogs! She has become a seasoned traveler. Last year she made 5 trips to Pennsylvania. We stayed overnight at the Holiday Inn each way of the trip. It’s a long ride, but both dogs stretch out in the back of my SUV. I often hear “snoring” during the ride. She’s very affectionate and wags her tail at any person she sees. She is great with my 91 yr old Dad also! She’s doing much better on leash walks. She was very reactive to every noise, squirrel, and dog she saw or heard. Mostly, she will ignore them now.

She and Bruschi got a “doggie door” for Christmas! I can see the opening and I watch them use it when the weather is nice. (I keep it closed in rain as they want to bring all the mud into the house.) They love being able to go into my backyard at will. She is always willing to go out and chase the ball. She can catch, but prefers running along with Bruschi. Then she steals the ball from him so he will chase her!!

I’m looking forward to spending many more great years with Miya (and Bruschi) as they grow from the now” terrible two’s) into the stunning adults they will be! She is a wonderful little pipsqueak!

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