#116 Nyla-Jean

GSRNE #116
Adopted in October, 2001 


When we met Nyla, we were looking for a white Shepherd to fill a huge void, left when we lost our beloved Cain, a White GSD my husband had found in a pound. When we adopted him, 2 year old Cain was only hours away from being euthanized. He was with us for 9 years, and we lost him when he was 11.

Nyla had spent most of her life in a backyard, suffering from constant ear infections and flea allergies, and she was pathetically underweight. She was so ignored by her previous owners that she didn’t even respond to her name, Dakota, when she was called.

GSRNE’s angels took her in, vetted her and set her up in a nice foster home with two GREAT kids. They renamed her, after much thought about who she was and what name would fit her. Nyla now had a new name and responded to TLC given by her foster family.

We met Nyla in October of 2001; and although she wasn’t the White we were looking for, we fell in love on the spot. Nyla is a gorgeous Sable girl. She has high prey drive, so our cats now live upstairs and Nyla rules downstairs. She enjoys her BARF diet and no longer gets ear infections. She weighed about 55 pounds when she came home with us and now maintains a sleek 85-90 pounds and is in constant motion.

Nyla now has an adopted big brother, Max, who was on his last day in a pound, after two time extensions. She took to him right away, and it seems like they’ve always been a pair.

One day, Nyla was being a total brat and not listening to her commands; out of frustration, I said to her “Now Nyla-Jean, NO!” From that day on, she’s kept the second part to her name; it also happens to be my sister-in-law’s name, and they are both incredibly stubborn, mind-of- their-own gals!

Thank you GSRNE for the best girl ever, my beautiful Nyla-Jean, formerly Dakota, # 116, adopted in October 2001.

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